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febrero 17, 2007

Venezuela to Al-Qaeda: Do not menace us, we are anti-imperialists!! (Updated)

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He, he, he, this is very good. Some days ago I wrote that one of the preferred place of Al-Qaeda in South America was Venezuela. To explode Venezuelan oil rigs, that is.

Bolivarians are very surprised:

Rear admiral Luis Cabrera, one of the members of President Hugo Chávez’ Joint Chiefs of Staff, Thursday asked for verification of the “illogical” threat Al Qaeda allegedly launched against Venezuela, as this country is fighting US imperialism too, but using other methods.

“We should confirm the authenticity of these reports. It seems illogical that Al-Qaeda, which is against the US imperialism, is going after a State that is precisely fighting this hegemony, this imperialism, yet using other methods,” Cabrera told official TV channel VTV. [HT: Jihad Watch. ]

The Devil’s Excrement asks:

I wonder why Admiral Cabrera is so quick to react to this news from a wire sevice, joining the fray with Al Qaeda and stupidly blaming the US for our problems. What does the Admiral think of the way his fellow military officers are getting rich or are already rich under Chavez’ watch? Or about the wild spending spree in weapons that take food out of the mouths of poor Venezuelans? Or the gift of oil to Cuba? Or the many unauthorized gifts by the Autocrat/Dictator to other countries? Has he ever complained about any of them? I certainly haven’t heard him.

But Admiral Cabrera continues speaking:

There are serious doubts about the September 11 attack and it appears that it was a self-inflicted attack by the US government, so this may be part of the same kind of plan.”

Venezuelan crisis continues:

his statement is unbelievable. Imagine that. Military officials from a nation that frequently issues statements that it is “friendly” to our country also publicly promotes the theory that the US government mounted the September 11 attacks as an excuse to attack Afghanistan and Iraq, and now is behind the al Qaeda threat against Venezuela, as a way to cover for US military planned attacks on Venezuelan oil production!

Read all his comments. Especially important is the end:

either way, Chavez is the winner. Why?

If al Qaeda attacks Venezuela, oil prices go up, and Chavez can declare that he is the victim of an unprovoked US military attack, not an al Qaeda attack, and that the US is trying to frame those poor Arabs again.

If al Qaeda threatens but doesn’t attack, the oil prices can still go up, enabling Chavez to buy weapons, consciences, and time.

One more benefit to Chavez: if al Qaeda publicly states that Venezuela should be attacked, it is difficult for the US to accuse Venezuela of being complicit with al Qaeda and helping that group.

So this threat may also give Chavez diplomatic cover. Let’s take a wild speculation here: what if Chavez actually helped triangulate a plot for his pals in Iran or North Korea to hand a nuke to al Qaeda, and then slip it into the US. Sound wild? Well, don’t forget, Venezuela and Iran just announced they are going to start a DIRECT flight from Iran to Caracas, the only stop over being in -surprise- Syria.

If that bomb goes off in the US, and the US military suspects his involvement, it will be so easy now to throw up his hands and say, “who…ME? I’m a victim here too! I’d NEVER be involved in anything like that—even if we ARE allies!

Also read Caracas Chronicles’ Al Qaeda scrambles chavismo’s idiological circuit. He also remarks:

Only Defense Minister Raúl Baduel had a relatively reasonable reaction, saying Venezuela would step up security around its oil instalations. On the upside, his shtick wasn’t as batty as his colleagues’. On the downside, his reaction implicitly accepts that the threat is real…with all the implications such an acknowledgment carries. “Yes,” Baduel implicitly admits, “the real enemies of the United States could well target us, just as they target all countries that help prop up American power.” Undoubtedly, a true thing to say – undoubtedly, a dangerous thing to think.

Traducción: Hace unos días escribí que los pozos de petróleo de Venezuela eran uno de los objetivos de Al-Qaeda en su nueva campaña. Los partidarios de la revolución bolivariana no se lo creen: “tenemos que confirmar la autenticidad de estos informes. Parece ilógico que Al-Qaeda que está en contra del imperialismo americano, esté yendo en contra de un Estado que está precisamente luchando contra esa hegemonía, contra ese imperialismo, aunque usando otros métodos“, en palabras de Luis Cabrera, uno de los miembros del Estado Mayor de Chávez.

Los bloggers venezolanos están sorprendidos de lo poco que ha tardado este Almirante en hablar sobre esta cuestión. Además subrayan el hecho de que se haya referido al 11/S como un ataque auto-inflingido y a esta amenaza como una parte más del complot.

Sin embargo, VCrisis comenta la posibilidad de que Chávez gana tanto si Al Qaeda les ataca -en cuyo caso los precios del petróleo subirían y siempre podría quejarse de que esto es una contestación a un ataque americano- como si no -en cuyo caso, los precios también pueden subir por la amenaza-. Afirman que este comportamiento daría una protección diplomática a Chávez en caso de que hubiera dado cobertura a Al Qaeda en su territorio, sabiendo que si le acusan siempre podrá decir “¿Quién yo? Pero si yo soy la víctima, a mí me han amenazado!!!….”

Quico de Caracas Chronicles, apunta a que el único razonable ha sido el Ministro de Defensa Raúl Baduel que ha afirmado que se iba a reforzar la seguridad alrededor de las instalaciones petroleras. Y considera que es una declaración implícita de reconocimiento de que la amenaza es cierta.

Also blogging about this subject: Prevost.


UPDATE: El Cerrajero (Thanks!) has pointed me in the comments section a cartoon about this. A very good one.


Chavez tells the Al-Qaeda Terrorist: “But my friend, if we are from the same gang!”

The terrorist answers: “Shalá!”, while holding a knife that he hides from Chávez.

And a mouse tells the other: “Dog eats dog?

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Don’t smoke or eat fat, sugar or salt or the police will fine you!!!

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I’m not joking. Vice police People are being trained in UK to make sure you understand the fat, sugar or salt that meals you have bought have (HT An Englishman’s Castle) and that you do not smoke out of reserved areas (HT An Englishman’s Castle).

In the first case:

Marks & Spencer, one of Britain’s largest grocery store chains, announced its plan to hire 1,500 food police to patrol supermarket aisles and lecture shoppers on the contents of their carts. Reminiscent of grade-school Hall Pass Monitors, these health food patrols will donofficial Healthy Eating Adviser badges while harassing customers about the fat, sugar, and salt levels of their purchases.

Not to be outdone, retail competitor Sainsbury’s has launched its own set of gastro guards to walk the beat. And the store donated 3 million pounds ($5.9 million) to MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition and Do It!), a government sponsored program that trains “food advisors” and deploys them at stores and classrooms. With more patrols, police, and monitors filtering into every aspect of life, the United Kingdom’s big brother looks increasingly like a vice squad.

In the second,

Thousands of council staff are being trained to police the smoking ban in bars, restaurants and shops in England. Ministers have given councils 29.5m pounds to pay for staff, who will be able to give on-the-spot 50 pounds fines to individuals and take court action against premises.

So what about fining the EU Parliamentaries?

No, seriously now. I ask again: what is happening in Europe? There are Britons who have been fighting for Somali Islamists, set loose in the streets, but then normal people are harrassed not to smoke or to buy food that could have bad effects on their health????? What age are we?? 2? 3? months, I mean. I am not a smoker, and I get very sick with smoking people around, but this is just intolerable.

As I said some days ago, in Spain, some months ago, the Health Minister denounced Burger King because of an ad in which an XXL burger was announced, and asked them to stop the campaign, considering that it was breaking a previous agreement that tried to prevent youths and teenagers’ obesity. BK has accused the Government of breaking the agreement unilaterally after the Health Minister has considered it void. Could not imagine the publicity this has given the XXL Burger….

Also the wine will be removed from the list of the healthy drinks and, as a result, it could not be pictured as that in publicity from July 1st. The Government is not considering that Spain is the country that has more extensions dedicated to wine: 15% of all Spain (1.198 hectares in 2004, while France has 895 and Italy 856) is dedicated to this business, and in production, we are the third country in the world, after France and Italy, generating €4.800 millions. From neolithic times, the wine has been known in Spain.

At the same time, Catalan Interior Autonomous Government Councilman Joan Saura (ICV-els Verts, that is from the Green party, governing in coalition with the Socialists and the Independent Communists) has stated he is in favour of legalising all drugs.

So are they going to forbid wine, pastry and fried potatoes, and to legalise cocaine?

Traducción: Marks and Spencer y Sainsbury, dos de las mayores cadenas de supermercados, han introducido una “policía” para acosar informar a los señores clientes sobre la grasa, el azúcar o los niveles de azúcar de sus compras.

Asimismo, personal de los ayuntamientos está siendo entrenado para vigilar que se cumpla la prohibición de fumar en bares, restaurantes y tiendas, pudiendo poner multas de includo 50 libras a los que lo incumplan e iniciar acciones contra ellos en los tribunales.

De modo que se van a gastar una pasta en esta Policía Contra Vicios y luego dejan sueltos a 4 británicos -de nacionalidad- que habían estado luchando en Somalia con los talibanes, a los que había detenido la policía de Kenia acusados de terrorismo.

[€#@€¬€€@] = sustituir por la palabra más malsonante que podais encontrar….

En España, Elena Salgado, Ministra de Sanidad y Consumo,ha considerado nulo el acuerdo con Burger King y lo ha roto. La empresa de hamburguesas ha acusado al Gobierno de actuar de forma unilateral. Asimismo, la Ministra también ha anunciado que el vino no va a poder ser anunciado como una bebida saludable.

Todo después de que Joan Saura dijera que estaba a favor de legalizar las drogas… Entonces, qué? ¿van a prohibir el vino, la bollería industrial y las patatas fritas y van a legalizar la cocaína?

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Little Red Star

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This is the name that the Spanish Socialist Youths have given to their new association whose objectives are the children:

Spanish Socialist Youth Association [Juventudes Socialistas de España (JSE)] has announced the birth of the “Little Red Star” a children association that is born to take into account the children needs and to promote the realization of policies aimed to boys and girls.

As JSE and Little Red Star have informed in a press note, this organization is born as “an instrument of the children and the youths to achieve a complete education in civil rights and in free, democratic and effective participation in the political, social, economical and cultural building of Spain”.

The objectives of this children association will be, according to his president, Susana González, to make their democratic participation grow, to easy their approach to the associative and political activities, to spread the values of antimilitarism “in all levels” and to begin a project of social transformation to “return to welfare state“.

In another press note, the general secretary of JSE, Herick Campos, has defined Little Red Star as “an association to give services to children, with political and organic independence, which is open to boys, girls, teenagers and youths, and is structured in associations based on Autonomous Communities, Islands, Provinces or local or regional ones”.

The meaning of Red Star makes me shiver (information from Wikipedia):

The five-pointed red star, a pentagram without the inner pentagon, is a symbol of communism as well as broader socialism in general. It represents the five fingers of the worker’s hand, as well as the five continents. A lesser known suggestion is that the five points on the star were intended to represent the five social groups that would lead Russia to communism: the youth, the military to protect and defend socialism, the industrial labourers, the agricultural workers or peasantry, and the intelligentsia. In general, it was one of the emblems, symbols, and signals representing the Soviet Union under the rule and guidance of the Communist Party, along with the hammer and sickle. The star has since become a symbol representing socialism of all varieties.

Today, for example, is the symbol of moderate groups like, among others:

the Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (or the Zapatista Army of National Liberation) […] and of the Brazilian Worker’s Party , a group with strong affinities with Cuba’s Fidel Castro and Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez.

Coat of arms of North Korea.

Also treating this issue: Elentir, who is also shivering by the stalinist feeling… and anghara.

The worst thing is that this has not been published in major Spanish MSM. I bet their behaviour would not be the same if there would be a similar association built by right-wingers…

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