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marzo 2, 2007

Government sends the police to out the peaceful demonstrators

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People were yesterday demonstrating against De Juana in front of the Interior Ministry (HT: Elentir). Some images:

The police changed their helmets and hard vests for baseballs caps and normal attire and everyone clapped at them.

But someone grew up nervous of this people and sent the police to out them -they wanted to sleep there protesting the measure, some even stay days outside the Ministry-: video:

So thanks for calling him a terrorist to LGF (HT: Patria Libertad), something BBC or the Times did not do: he is just a “hunger-striker“.

Results: some other prisoners (10) are also on hunger-strike asking the Government for his release: why De Juana and not them?

In the end, the life of PP councilman Miguel Ángel Blanco -who was killed by ETA terrorists, because Aznar Government did not accept their blackmail- is worth less (from Kantor, HT: Kasulibes) than that of De Juana. A faithful servant and good citizen is worth less than a serial killer and a terrorist.

Someone is surprised?


A mis lectores españoles: leed por favor el artículo de Kantor. Es muy bueno.

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