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marzo 8, 2007

Cuba Archive: the Castro’s murders

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Ya No Mas: Castro’s regime has killed more than 8.000 victims (in Spanish):

The chief executive of the project “Cuba Archive“, María Werlau,presented in Madrid the first data from a registry that documents the deaths that have been produced during the process whose head has been the dictator Fidel Castro.

The partial results of this investigation show that between Jan 1st 1959 and Oct 31st 2006 there has been 5.775 documented cases of executions, 1.231 unlawful murders, 200 cases of disappeared dissidents and y 984 deaths in prison, which sum up to a total of 8.190 deaths. Deaths in prison are up to a total of: 159 murders, 209 deaths because of medical negligence, 264 suicides, 21 accidents and 331 by “supposed natural causes“, about which Werlau said that “the death rate in prisons is higher that the rate shown by the rest of the population”.

The especialist added that the rate of deaths is higher but that the process is slow and difficult as the registry has not only the Castro’s dictaatorship -1959-, but also the Bastista’s dictatorship -since 1952-, to consider all of them as victims.

Thanks to El blog de Martha Colmenares.

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Related with this, Babalu Blog has reported the beatings Guillermo Fariñas, Reporters without Borders Prize 2006, has suffered (link in Spanish) in the city of Santa Clara last March 2nd. He was beaten in the face with evident results: haematomas and inflammation in the face, bruises in the head and injuries in the skin. The independent journalist was handcuffed and driven in the patrol car from the Revolutionary National Police (PNR) to the 3rd unit of the PNR where he was detained for 1 hour, till he was freed by orders from La Habana.

He had been invited by the artist Miriam Fernández and other members of the emergent Cuban civil society in Villa Clara, who had been invited to a show of alternative art to realise in La Habana.

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