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marzo 15, 2007

Riots in China

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Because the bus had moved the routes and doubled the fares:

Security is tight in a town in central China following riots that involved as many as 20,000 people.

A BBC correspondent in the town, in Hunan province, has seen riot police and soldiers protecting government buildings and patrolling the streets.

He says it appears the protests began after a local firm took over the town’s bus routes and doubled the fares.

Vehicles were burned and several people were injured in clashes with police as the protests climaxed on Monday.

Reports said one person had been killed, although this was denied on Wednesday by the official Xinhua news agency, which played down the incident.

[…] The firm’s decision to raise the bus fare from around 50 cents to $1 during the recent Chinese New Year brought complaints initially from the parents of secondary school children, our correspondent has learned.

Gateway Pundit writes that 10 cars had been torched during the riot and that they were also rioting to protest about official corruption.

Pajamas Media links to Pub Philosopher where Steve writes that there has been 23,000 other similar incidents only this year.


Según parece, este año ha habido 23.000 disturbios en aislados en China. El último se ha producido en la provincia de Hunan, después de que la compañía de autobuses cambiara las rutas y aumentara las tarifas entre medio y un dólar. Los padres de los alumnos que cogen las líneas iniciaron una protesta a la que se fueron sumando más personas.

Ahora bien, los ánimos estaban tan caldeados que la protesta evolucionó en disturbios, habiendo informado fuentes independientes que ha muerto un hombre aunque luego la agencia estatal de información china lo haya negado.

Pero parece ser que han conseguido lo que querían porque la empresa ha bajado las tarifas al precio anterior.

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France-Spain-Morocco-Algeria update

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Some days ago I wrote about Argelia raises the gas as Zapatero supports Morocco about Western Sahara. Those news were already very worrying: to leave Saharuis alone when they most need Spanish support, in their need to be free and decide freely upon their future, is #€€|[]{}_@ (I really do not have sufficient strong words for that). But today I discovered a new bad news -as if those weren’t already bad-:

From The Australian [it’s curious: these news appear in Australia and are under-reported here]:

MOROCCO and Spain vowed overnight to work together to bore a tunnel under the Strait of Gibraltar to link Africa and Europe. Moroccan experts say the long-mooted 39km rail tunnel would be among the world’s most sophisticated engineering works and rival the Channel Tunnel linking England and France.

“We will deploy the necessary effort to achieve this project or at least put it on the right track,” Moroccan Prime Minister Driss Jettou said.

Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, who completed a two-day official visit to Rabat overnight, shared Mr Jettou’s optimism and called the plan an “historic project”.

Mr Zapatero pledged to drum up European Union support for a project he said “would change Africa and Europe”.

“The fixed link would bind the African continent to Europe.

Support for the project reflected how warm ties between Rabat and Madrid have become under Mr Zapatero’s Socialist government. Four cooperation accords were also signed, including one on cracking down on illegal migration of children.

h/t A Western Heart.

So, if Spain did not have problems with (i) illegal immigration and (ii) drugs illegal imports (mainly hachisch) from Morocco, now they are building a train line!!!!

Anyway, just after the raise of natural gas prices Argelia is going to apply Spain -please read the above link-, I found at Instict de Survie (link on French) that Sarkozy has priviledged a partnership between GDF (Gaz de France, the most important natural gas firm from France) and the Algerian natural gas producer Sonatrach in a merger with Suez, to “reinsure the French supply of gas”, according to the ex-minister for Industry, Patrick Devedjian.

Someone asked the other day what was our main targets in foreign policy: just destroy everything that has been created before March 14th, 2004. A very thing to do on the 3rd anniversary of Zapatero’s coming to power.


Si lo de traicionar a los saharauis no era suficientemente malo, encima Zapatero se ha comprometido a construir un túnel de ferrocarril que una Marruecos y España. Y encima lo ha celebrado diciendo que “es un proyecto histórico” y “que cambiará África y Europa”.

Y ha terminado añadiendo que “pedirá que la UE dé su aprobación”. La UE estará encantada de que España tenga otro coladero de inimgrantes ilegales y de importación de drogas… salvo si Francia, aliado muack, muack, de Marruecos da su consentimiento…

El caso es que aprovechando que nosotros estamos peleados con Argelia, Sarkozy ha viajado a Argelia para firmar un acuerdo estratégico entre Gaz de France [la compañía gasística francesa más importante Y estatal] y Sonatrach, la productora de gas argelino.

Vamos de mal en peor…. 😦

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Stupid Quote of the Day

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I have found it at Right Truth:

Global Warming Caused by Lack of Faith in Allah.

A LEADING Muslim cleric has blamed the devastating drought, climate change and pollution on Australians’ lack of faith in Allah.

Radical sheik Mohammed Omran told followers at his Brunswick mosque that out-of-control secular scientific values had caused environmental disaster.

“The fear of Allah is not there. So we have now a polluted earth, a polluted water, a wasteland,” he told a meeting this year.

“What are the people now crying for? The prophet told you hundreds of years ago, ‘Look after the water’.”

A Sunday Herald Sun investigation also found clerics railing against “evil” democracy, vilifying Jews and Christians and encouraging jihad and polygamy.

And in a popular DVD selling locally, a foreign sheik exhorts Muslims to take control of Australia by out-breeding non-believers.

Related posts: More hypocrites.


Lo traduzco porque parece de risa pero no lo es tanto…

Un importante clérigo musulmán considera que la causa del “calentamiento global, el cambio del clima y la polución de los australianos” está en la falta de fe en Alá.

El clérigo radical Mohammed Omram dijo a sus seguidores en una mezquita e Brunswick que los valores científicos sin control habían causado el desastre medioambiental.

El miedo a Alá no está ahí. Así que tenemos una tierra polucionada, un agua polucionada, una tierra echada a perder“, dijo en un meeting este año.

“¿Por qué la gente está llorando? El profeta os lo dijo hace muchos cientos de años: “Mirad por el agua” “.

Y luego continúa con las expresiones a las que ya nos tienen acostumbrados:

Una investigación del periódico Sunday Herald Sun también descubrió que los clérigos se manifestaban contra la democracia “del demonio”, vilifican a judíos y cristianos y estaban animando a [participar en la] jihad y en la poligamia.

En un popular DVD que se vende localmente, un jeque extranjero exhorta a los musulmanes a tomar control de Australia reproduciéndose más que los no-creyentes.

A mí este clérigo me suena a los que mucho llamar a la destrucción de Occidente pero luego no paran de decir que no quieren ni atados que los deporten/seguir viviendo en sus “países de origen“.

Me gustaría que Al Gore diera su opinión sobre este nuevo apoyo ;D.

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Online Jihad

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Yesterday, I blogged about the Moroccan suicide Jihadi who killed himself because he was not allowed to view Islamist webpages at the cybercafe where he exploded himself (sroll down for it). Today, reading the Counterterrorism blog, I found that:

According to news services, the attack was not aimed at the cybercafe. But two terrorists carrying explosive belts entered the cybercafe to surf the web. They were connected to a terrorism-linked site and the manager wanted to prevent them to do so.
When he approached one of the two terrorists, the suicide bomber decided to activate his bomb. Its accomplice fled but was stopped by Moroccan police. The most credible explanation for what happened last night is that the two terrorists wanted to consult Internet to receive their orders for an attack against another target.

So, are the Governments taking Online Jihad seriously? It’s possible that they haven’t because as MyPetJawa writes they have not been much more worried about this:

They are willing to view the cyber jihadis (occasionally, at least) as criminals. What they have not been willing to concede, to this point, is that they are armed illegal combatants.

While it may seem minor, it is an important distinction. Why? Because if the internet is 1) a field of battle and 2) propaganda on the internet is a weapon of war, then the strategy for confronting it must be military. The first rules of war are to 1) possess better weapons than the enemy and 2) control the battlespace.

As to point 1: is there really any doubt as to whether our geeks possess better internet skillz than the Islamists?

As to point 2: there has been no serious attempt to control the battlespace.

From CBS News:

“Without a doubt, the Internet is the single most important venue for the radicalization of Islamic youth,” says Army Brigadier General John Custer, who is the is head of intelligence at central command, responsible for Iraq and Afghanistan.

Custer says he knows where the enemy finds an inexhaustible supply of suicide warriors. “I see 16, 17-year-olds who have been indoctrinated on the Internet turn up on the battlefield. We capture ‘em, we kill ‘em every day in Iraq, in Afghanistan,” he says. …..

More about Jihad Online here. h/t MNM.

More on Jihad Propaganda and terrorism on Internet.

There is an special report about Spain: “New indirect menace for Spain” (document in Spain, pdf) In it they are referring to the menace to Spain (about which I blogged here) and comment about how they work:

The Global Islamic Media Front is a virtual Jihadi platform whose characteristics are:

1.- It is a secondary source. It is not used by any group as a transmission channel for their contents. Normally, it uses material that has already been used by other sources, specially by As-Sahab, the authentic communication channel of Al-Qaida.

2.- It distributes its contents through some websites, especially [http: // cvc-online dot blogspot dot com] and [http: // gimlf dot wordpress dot com].

3.- It is not the first time the GIMF mentions Spain. They menaced Spain about Irak and later the Voice of the Caliphate again mentioned it when the journalist Taisyr Alouni was imprisoned on terrorism charges.

Also has blogged about this: Jeremayakovka, who comments about the Yahoo Page mentioned above about the Jihadis online.

In “Terrorspeak”, General Custer warns: As this process matures you’ll start to see the jihadist internet in English … so that more and more Westerners can participate.

One jihadist recruiter preaches, in English: Our words are dead until we give them life with our blood.


Yahoo ha puesto online una serie de videos sobre la llamada Jihad Online o Jihad en la web. La web define un nuevo campo de batalla en la que cada vez chicos más jóvenes, son reclutados para los atentados terroristas.

De hecho, el marroquí que hizo explotar su cinturón de explosivos, lo hizo porque el dueño del café no le permitió visitar páginas islamistas. EL cibercafé no era su objetivo: prueba de ello es que ni él ni su compañero explotaron antes su cinturón. Los expertos piensan que la razón del enfado fue que estaban intentando conectarse a la página en la que les iban a decir cuál era su objetivo.

El compañero, después de escaparse, fue detenido por la policía. Esperemos que Marruecos no lo suelte en otro perdón real como ya hizo con el suicida.

De modo que la pregunta es ¿están los gobiernos dedicando los recursos necesarios para contrarrestar este tipo de amenazas? Parece que no: hasta el momento, están más interesados en pillar a los culpables -es decir, después de cometido el delito- que en prevenir los posibles ataques, impidiendo la difusión de sus mensajes a través de los blogs y webs islamistas.

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