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marzo 17, 2007

Spanish demonstrations: update

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Today there have been several demonstrations, but two of them have been more important than the rest.

Flag of Navarra

In Navarra, demonstrators were protesting against the lack of clarity the Government has shown regarding Batasuna’s proposition of merging Navarra into a mega-Basque Country Autonomous Community. According to the Government Delegate, there has been 73,000 people and according to the Autonomous Police, 103,000. The demonstration had a clearly happy character, of celebration, which was boosted by the songs which the speakers uncesantly played.

Demonstration in Navarra

The slogan was “Fuero -traditional Navarra’s Laws- and Freedom: Navarra is not negotiable”:

Of course, the central Government has said this demonstration was an idiot thing, “Because Navarra is not negotiable”. The problem is, Zapatero did not clearly said that at a radio interview last week.

(, El Mundo, LD)

Otegi has stated today that the “proposal of the “abertzale” left does not sell Navarra“.

Others blogging: Elentir, Batiburrillo.

By the way, ETA has begun again the extorsion to firms and businessmen in Basque Country. The reason? They do not have money. The quantities are between 60,000 and 70,000 €.

Then there has been a demonstration in Madrid to protest for the Iraqi war. The organization has said 400,000 people have gone.

Elentir also blogs this demonstration:

In the demonstration held today in Madrid PSOE (socialists) made, they have asked for the ilegalization of the Popular Party (center-right), as Radio COPE has reported a while ago. The radio has also remarked the presence of some portraits of the Russian dictator and genocide Lenin. Moreover, a lot of unconstitutional II Republic flags has been seen, as even the pro-Government newspaper El País has reported.

No to Iraqi war, yes to Lenin?

Photo from Díaz Villanueva blog.

They have also called for the closure of Guantanamo.

Cinema Director Almodóvar in anti-war demonstration

(, El Mundo)

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