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marzo 17, 2007

Spanish Policeman comdemned for shoooting a robber

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Yesterday I blogged about the Ondiep riots and how the people had claimed to be unprotected from gangs and criminals. Several days ago, I read this [link in Spain] but I forgot to post it. I think this is the cause of the people’s lack of protection:

In the night of the late January 15th, 2002, the Policeman Isidro Andrés Merino -with more than 25 years of service in the National Police (CNP)- shot one of the suspected roobers of a videoclub in Sabadell. Though he gave “halt!” several times, the robbers tried to go away in their car and nearly kill the policeman with the car. Of the 2 shots fired by Mr Merino, one of them went through the driver’s window and hurt him mortally in the breast.

For these facts, on Nov 22nd 2005, the Barcelona’s Audience Tribunal condemned firmly the policeman to a year in jail -though he won’t go to prison as he has not committed previous crimes- and 3 years of inhabilitation to the policeman, as author of a crime of imprudent homicide.

The Security Secretary of State has announced some days ago the execution of the sentence dictated by the Barcelona’s Audience Tribunal. The policeman, who was serving at the Local Police Station of Sabadell has been inhabilitated for the exercise of his profession for 3 years. He also loses his condition of agent as a civil servant.

He has been also condemned to pay 163,042€ for the family of the dead robber.

Of course, policemen are normal people. If they see that doing their job, they are going to earn a marvellous conviction for defending citizens, they are not going to do it and normal peaceful citizens are going to pay for this.

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