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marzo 22, 2007

Muslims, threats and niqab

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From Deustche Welle:

A group of former Muslims in Germany who formed a non-religious society have been sent threatening letters, pronouncing them “fit for death.”

Mina Ahadi, an Iranian-born woman, founded the society in Cologne with 10 sympathizers several weeks ago and called it the National Council of Ex-Muslims. At the end of February she called a news conference in Berlin to publicly pronounce herself non-Islamic.

The police have assigned plainclothes bodyguards to protect her ever since.

“I’m a target,” said Ahadi, 50. She said members of her society had received letters telling them they would be shot in the back. When she went online with a fierce attack on Islamic organizations, somebody circulated a statement suggesting she was fit to be killed, she said.

[…] Referring to practices many Germans believe are typical of Islam, she said, “We’ll stop honor killings, stop people being stoned to death… We want to make clear that the three million to three and a half million people from Islamic nations who live in Germany are people first and foremost, and should not be branded primarily as ‘Muslim,’” she said.

Ahadi — whose husband was executed by the Islamic rulers of Iran —is demanding that Germany do more to help women and girls, who she claims are oppressed, even in Germany, by “political Islam.”

“The girls are not allowed to have boyfriends,” she said. “They are forced to marry. They have to wear headscarves. If they get pregnant and are not married, people call them sluts,” she said.

Nur Gabbari, 40, a former Muslim and refugee from Iran who is on the society’s committee, said he knew it was dangerous to form such a group.

But we cannot just stand on the sidelines and watch what religion is doing to people,” he said.

And this is the real problem: is the West doing what is necessary to stop “political Islam“? The answer is NO. And why? That is the real question.

At least the German police is helping them…

It is very curious that after some politicians and people have denounced the use of niqab in Spain (h/t: Chesk), the leftists have run to point out that “nuns wear a veil” -without considering even that no security problems arise from that fact- and that “people who oppose both niqab and burqa were meddling in another religion“, without even considering that, if you come to the West, you have to know that there are some requisites, including security ones, who must be fulfilled by all, even immigrants. They have even protested about schools who oblige their pupils to wear skirt!! Of course, if you were a skirt, people are going to have difficulty in identifying you and a terrorist can be dressed as that to escape policemen in controls ;D….

Muslim women using niqad in Alcobendas, Madrid. According to the paper edition of ElMundo newspaper, they go to check at a counter where they do not have to speak to anyone and, when asked who were they coming from, they rushed away, although afterwards, they murmured “Saudi Arabia”. They don’t know Spanish at all. Conclusion: what a marvellous integration!!

Muslim women, one using hijab and other using niqab, in Vic (Barcelona).

So, I insist: why are there so many Westerners who hate so much Western values and do not defend them at all?

Los fundadores de una asociación de ex-musulmanes en Alemania han sido amenazados de muerte. La presidenta llamada Ahari, cuyo marido fue asesinado/condenado a muerte por la dictadura iraní, ha exigido al Gobierno alemán mayor protección para las mujeres y las niñas, oprimidas por “el Islam político”. También ha señalado que quieren hacer ver que, antes que musulmanes, son personas.

Así que aquí volvemos al problema: ¿está haciendo Occidente lo necesario para defender sus valores? NO.Y ese es el problema: si los valores de libertad, de igualdad, de razonamiento, etc. no son defendidos por quienes deben hacerlo, ¿cómo vamos a exigir a los que vienen que deben respetarlos?

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