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marzo 22, 2007

Problems for Prodi after Afghan Taliban freed

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Romano Prodi, Italian prime minister, came under attack again on Wednesday over his government’s stance on the Afghan conflict, four weeks after his centre-left coalition nearly collapsed when it lost a parliamentary vote on foreign policy.

Opposition deputies criticised the government for arranging with the Afghan government to free five Taliban prisoners in exchange for an Italian journalist who was kidnapped in southern Afghanistan on March 5.

Mr Prodi faces a difficult vote in the Senate, parliament’s upper house, next Tuesday when he will try to win approval to renew funding for military operations in Afghanistan.

You can also read about the increasing gap between Italy and US, deepened by this move.

Right after the story was known, sources very close to the Bush administration, the british Foreign Office and also to the German Cancellor and the Dutch Prime Minister, stressed their strong disappointment regarding the way the italian government is dealing with its efforts in Afghanistan.

The italian government is accused to dealing with the terrorists, giving the Taliban an international reliability they had not got before, and also is not doing any efforts to fight the terrorists due to the several “caveat” put to the italian military troops standing in Kabul, and doing so is accused to discuss its NATO allies’ decisions putting in jeopardy the force and the unity of the Organization itself.

As Charlton Heston said in “Battle of Pacific” -I think it is its title but as the original is in Italian… I do not know what the English-American/original title was-: “You do not win a war by kissing the ennemy“. There are two opitions here: “Or we sent the Italian soldiers to Afghanistan to do everything which is necessary to combat and win this [war] against the Taliban or we better ask them to return“.

A similar idea by Neocon Italiani.

Paolo reports that the Afghan Ambassador in Italy is angry about this decision.

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Resumen: Los aliados han criticado la decisión del Gobierno Prodi sobre la liberación del periodista Mastroiacomo. Pero también ha sido criticado dentro de Italia.

Los aliados de Prodi en el Gobierno pueden hacer que pierda la votación sobre los fondos que se deben destinar a mantener las tropas italianas en Afganistán.

Los italianos creen que o se permite a las tropas italianas luchar y ganar esta guerra contra los talibanes -lo que implica reconocer que se está efectivamente luchando en una guerra– o que las tropas regresen….

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