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abril 12, 2007

The new Internet law

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Spanish Socialist Government is going to modify the Internet law. But the web surfers and the writers in the web were surprised (in a bad sense) when it was known that they had  introduced a new article, the 17bis, by which the General Society of Authors and Writers (SGAE, in Spanish) and other gestors of author’s rights could ask the internet providers to block some content, among others the transfers of archives between users (P2P).

But as a result of the unanimous reaction, which was totally opposed to this measure as a result as it is a frontal attack to freedom in the web* (which comes just at the same time as the “canon”, a new tax to make you pay more for the digital hard disks, just in case you copy material which is protected), a new law project has erased that article.

Anyway the Web Surfers Association has asked for an urgent meeting of the CATSI to make the Government inform them about the next modifications. They also want to study the lack of agreement surrounding the canon and other matters about the private copy.

*State Council critisized the project hardly saying that it was a special petition made by SGAE, in a late move and without giving any information to the consumers or to the tecnical consultive council for the information society (CATSI).

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Others writing about this:

  1. Tecnoliberal: SGAE: the worst enemy of the development and the society of information.And SGAE is unsuccesful (for the moment): the article 17 bis retired.
  2. Nobody expects the Spanish… SGAE.

By the way, we have known today that the Interior German Minister has proposed that the Police is given access to the PC’s, without knowing it the user. Wolfrang Shaeble sustains that “the terrorists do not use birds to communicate” and assures that the people are considering this just the sameway.

Big Brother, a little closer…

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