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abril 13, 2007

Two councilmen of PP in Basque Country abandon politics

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Both Councilmen had been followed by the ETA commando “Donosti”, recently caught, which wanted to kill them in case ETA Terrorist De Juana died in his hunger strike. Ramón Gómez and Teresa Vélez, had announced three months ago their intention of leaving political life to began working in the private sector and dedicate their time to their new born child, aged 10 months. Now police has discovered ETA had precise information -they have been followed and their personal data being controlled- to assassinate them.

This is not the first time they had appeared in the ETA lists of assassination objectives.

ETA also had information about a policeman of San Sebastián and of Pedro Miguéliz, Txofo, a protected witness of the National Court in the case of Lasa and Zabala’s torture and death by Gal squads -paradoxically both Lasa and Zabala were ETA terrorists and they were killed by Gal, an organisation built by some Socialist members in Government and the own police to eliminate ETA terrorists-. Txofo’s protection had been retired by National Court two months ago.

ETA plan was to kill the policeman by shots in a bar in San Sebastian. They were ordered to kill him automatically after the death of De Juana. ETA members discovered that this police agent used to go to a bar in the quarter of Amara and had been following him since June 22nd 2006. They had even planned it,  marking the chair in which the police agent used to sit. The commando terrorist would enter the “w.c.” to put a mask on and to charge the gun and when going out, he would shoot the agent.

The same people had also followed the Basque philosopher and member of the platform Basta Ya Fernando Savater. Also there was information about some other police agents and a military man, whose car had been controlled and knew where he used to park it in the night.

LD, El

Eeh, they are very peaceful, aren’t they?

This comes as EUROPOL has announced terrorist group ETA has reorganised itself during the truce and now it is capable enough to attack great objectives and had organised and coordinated itself against high-level objetives. The report also defines the responsible criminals of kale borroka (street fight) as “organised and independent groups formed by young sympathisers of ETA who, following the gang’s instructions, attack objectives using technics of urban guerilla“. They have counted 144 acts of this nature both in Spain and France.

They also point out the rise in the activity of “the groups of nationalist-separatist Galizian [thugs]” in Portugal and in the Spanish frontier and points out that the independentist organizations were the ones who made the majority of the terrorist actions in European territory last year, making a total of 424.

The French anti-globalisation candidate José Bové has announced he supports the creation of a département of the French Basque Country, a long cherised dream by ETA terrorists&Co.

reports that two parties among the ones who founded Herri Batasuna

-ETA’s political party- figure in the Navarra’s Electoral council. The

parties are Eusko Abertzale Ekintza y LAIA Elkarlanean.

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Luis, in Desde El Exilio, mentions the death threats PP council-woman Nerea Alzola is suffering.

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