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mayo 10, 2007

Spanish Elections 2007 Watch

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As you probably know Spanish Elections, both for Local Councils and for Autonomous Communities, will be held on May 27th.

And as ever, international MSM has, not to deceive us, not told the truth about what really is going on.One of the main characteristics of Spanish political parties’ system is that they are not funded, in in the main part of their budget, by donations -that, if there are, they remain anonymous-, but from the State Budget. Each political party has a funding proportionate to their voting results.

As ETA had what we call here “a political arm” named Batasuna, party which even had MPs in Spanish Parliament, that meant that Batasuna was funded from the Spanish Budget. So, the same people to whom they killing, kidnapping and obliging to escape due to constant and grave menaces, were paying the people who were supporting those deeds -and some times, the same people who had done them, for example, ETA terrorist Josu Ternera is now, even if he is in an unknown location, one of the key negotiators between the ETA terrorists and Spanish Government-.

The fact that, the terrorists normally declare -even to this day- unable to pay any kind of compensations to the victims, did not make the people be more comfortable.The victims and some people concerned about the terrorist phenomenon in Spain, began considering, at first, very shyly, the possibility of making ETA representative not being at the Parliament and other institutions as they were advocating terrorism, something utterly opposite to democratic and peceful values.

In other constitutions, such as French one, there are Parties which are totally forbidden: the ones who go against the State being of a Republican kind. In Spain, this does not happen, the only limits the Article 6 of the Constitution of 1978 states is 1) that they should respect the Constitution and the law and 2) that their structures and inside functioning should be democratic. It’s clear that if you advocate violence you are not respecting the law.

There was already a law which permitted to end a party if it served as a meaning to commit crimes. In this case, anyway, this was completely different, as Batasuna was not an instrument to commit the crimes, but rather to get legal funding from the State, that, joined with the means coming from the “donations” (that is the revolutionary tax: if you do not give me money for funding me, I am going to kill you), made ETA a very profitable “corporation”.

Then, in 1996, Aznar is elected President of the Government and the situation of the victims begins to improve. At last in his second term as President, he issued a law by which, not criminally, just administratively, a party which supported the violence could be directly declared illegal by the Supreme Tribunal. The intention was not to let them mainly get funds from the State.Batasuna was illegalised, after claiming that it was unconstitutional.The Constitutional Tribunal considered that the law was totally constitutional and Batasuna ended having funds from the State.

As a result of a harrasment to Batasuna, both finacially, policially and “judicially”, soon Batasuna lost the possibility to kill people. With nearly all the important figures in jail, they were not a threat anymore, as they did not have perspectives of getting their jobs back.But then, here comes Zapatero, and, considering that Aznar was really a warmonger and that he is a pacifist… announces he is going to begin negotiations with ETA’s world.

But no, they keep on reportig that Basques separatists are barred from elections. NO, Mr/Ms. If not, Basque Nationalist Party, would never be allowed to present itself. The banned ones are the terrorist ones and their supporters.

Today the Constitutional Tribunal is deliberating about the matter.

Last news are that one of the ETA terrorists detained in March had some documents of the Batasuna’s legalization:

Uno de los pistoleros del «comando Donosti»desarticulado en marzo, Arkaitz Agote Cillero, tenía en su poderdocumentación sobre las negociaciones entre el Gobierno y ETA, lasdiferentes fórmulas barajadas por los terroristas para que Batasuna sepudiera colar en las próximas elecciones, así como informaciónreferente a casi 450 personas, según señala un auto del magistradoIsmael Moreno, en el que procesa a quince terroristas. Unadocumentación, la incautada, que recoge la tradicional simbiosis de labanda: mientras habla de paz, planea más terror.
Las investigaciones realizadas por la Guardia Civil, queahora refleja el juez de la Audiencia Nacional, confirman que ETA estádetrás de la estrategia electoral de Batasuna y que mientras diseña«hojas de ruta» para imponérselas al Ejecutivo prepara «comandos» yengrosa su lista de objetivos para ejercer la máxima presión.

The detained Arkaitz Argote Cillero, had documents that pointed outBatasuna’s strategy in front of the next elections and informationreferring to 450 people.

The National Court Judge, Ismael Moreno, has also declared that in the same documents the terrorist gang has ordered its members not to murder -in general- PSOE politicians but PP ones and member of the Armed Forces:

Así lo revela el juez de la Audiencia Nacional Ismael Moreno en el autode procesamiento de los 15 miembros de este gran complejo terroristadenominado ‘Urederra’. Moreno sostiene que la cúpula de la banda habíaordenado a sus activistas que no atentaran contra el PSOE, pero quecontinuaran con los seguimientos a políticos del PP y miembros de lasfuerzas de seguridad y de las Fuerzas Armadas.

“In general”, because Batasuna was going to attack PSOE rebels, that is the PSOE politicans who have declared themselves against the process.

The Judge also has informed that the plans were made jointly by ETA and its political party Batasuna.

Coincidentally with these events, a Judge has detained Isabel Pantoja, for alleged corruption charges. While foreigners have not consider that the facts have happened in the same timeline, here there are very few people who doubt they have a connection. The Government is not going well in the polls -though not as bad as their policies, should make them go-, so Zapatero can’t afford that this is talked once and again in the MSM.

Besides, she is not the one whose alleged crime is the most gave of all -while being of course grave-. Isabel Pantoja -even if I do not like her at all because of being one figure of the papier cuché- does not merit to be wakened in the middle of the night, driven to the police station and held there for her statement on the next morning, while the bloody ETA terrorist De Juana Chaos is walking along the streets (h/t Foro Liberal):

As a result, the Terrorism Victims’ Asssociation is handling another day of protests this Saturday, with the slogan “The victims do not forget the caving in [of the Government]. De Juana, back to jail“.

La Asociación Víctimas del Terrorismo censuró estelunes que el número dos del PSOE, José Blanco, hayacalificado sus actos contra la excarcelación de De Juana comoparte de la “campaña electoral del PP” cuando “el Gobierno socialista ha contribuido, de manera indiscutible, a que Batasuna-ETA pueda estar en las elecciones del 27 de mayo”. Las víctimas de ETA se movilizarán este sábado 12 de mayo para exigir alEjecutivo Zapatero que el sanguinario De Juana vuelva a lacárcel. Por su parte, Plataforma Libertad podría convocarel 22 de mayo actos en toda España contra el regreso de ETA alas instituciones.

ETA is by now the first worry of the Spanish people. Situation that is not going to change after the news

As I have written prevously, the example of these bastards is making others follow it. The Civil Guard has deactivated a bomb by the independentist group Resistencia Galega that is, Galician Resistance. Side by side with the bomb, there was a note, revindicating the independence of Galicia and the bomb itself. One worker from the surrounding saw the bomb and called the police.

Of course, the King Juan Carlos I’s words, when he was at the headquarters of the Civil Guard, in which he claimed that, while there was no similarities between the two contexts, “the Ulster agreement is an example for all situations” have not made a very good effect in the Victims who have pointed out the important number of Civil Guards killed by ETA. I guess that this is not going to make the King’s appreciation grow, in moments when there is a growing pressure about the legitimacy of the Monarchy.

The situation is very tense, and it will grow harder as the days elapse. There are Autonomous Communities like Extremadura, where the Socialists have been governing through ages that now are living a change that could lead to a swap in next May elections. So the Socialists are beginning to grow nervous. And their attacks to the Popular Party candicates seem a little bit off hand. FOr example, the Minister for Public Constructions, Mrs Magdalena Álvarez, said to the President of the Madrid’ Autonomous Community, Mrs Aguirre:

la presidenta de la Comunidad “en el único sitio en la estación de laT4 en el que podía haber estado porque es de la Comunidad de Madrid eso tumbada en la vía o colgada de la catenaria”.

The President of the Community in the only place that she could have been is hanging from the cables [of the Tube, that everybody knows are electrified] or lying in the railway. So peaceful, ehh??, these leftists…

Aguirre (PP) who has very good prospects for the elections, has said she does not need that type of statements to win the elections and she wasn’t wishing the same things for the Minister.

Also the videos of promotion of the different political parties have been distributed by now. And to our surprise -ehh, well, no, every Spanish was considereing that it will appear-, the videos from PSOE and United Left are about “PP, bad, was in the Iraqi war”. Of course, other subjects are not considered, such as terrorism, immigration or economy… [you can see the videos in the link].

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