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mayo 14, 2007

Spanish Elections Watch 2007 (part 2): agressions on PP members

One of the things that were more shocking about the leftist opposition to Aznar in the 2 years before the 2004 elections was precisely the systematic agressions on PP members. But, as Aznar and PP considered that the possibility of punishing them criminally was possibly going to surge the conflict, no one was punished nor even criminally prosecuted nor any process was begun because of these attacks.
There has been 4 days of campaign in these elections and yet there had been 8 agressions on PP members:

13.05.07. Burgos. Unknown people attack the campaign office of the PP in the Burgos’ quarter of Gamonal. Some painting balls were shot in the exterior walls of the office.
13.05.07. San Agustín de Guadalix (Madrid). Unknown people destroyed the scenery for a meeting and the exterior cristals of the party offices in this peaceful -normally- village in the north mountains in the Autonomous Community of Madrid.
13.05.07. Alcorcón (Madrid). Radicals beat and insult two militants of PP who were giving electoral propaganda after a football game between Alcorcón and Orense. 15 people got near the PP’s van and “insulted, threw stones at them and had baseball sticks”, according to the popular candidat in this other Madrid’s village, Fernando Díaz Robles.
12.05.07. Pinto (Madrid). The PP members of this locality -also from Madrid- denounces that they have been called “fascists” by some paintings in the exterior walls of their offices.
12.05.07. Móstoles (Madrid). Some menacing paintings appear in the offices of PP in this other Madrid’s village.
12.05.07. Valencia. A home-made artifact explodes in the lateral side of the office of PP in Valencia, st. Beato Gaspar Bono. The explosion caused damages in a window.
12.05.07. Bilbao. Pro-ETA terrorists beat and throw stones to the PP speaker in Sondica, Nerea Alzola, and the PP candidate to councilor of the village of Ermua, Virginia Arroyo, when they were sticking electoral propaganda in the square Sagrado Corazón in Bilbao. These are these two brave women: Virginia Arroyo,first -who was punched in the face and has a broken tooth- and Nerea Alzola, who has been threatened by ETA terrorists repeatedly.

11.05.07. Morales del Vino (Zamora). The PP candidate to the city’s Major, José María Barrios, that is the actual Major and temporal vice-president of the Zamora’s province Diputation, denounced the United Left Candidate before the Civil Guard after insulting, menacing and scratching and breaking his shirt. The United Left candidate also menaced his son, a minor.

Today, the Madrid’s Major Alberto Ruiz Gallardón, Ana Botella y Pedro Calvo were insulted fueron in a meeting held in Villa de Vallecas (11.30 this morning).
One of the insulting bodies, who received the PP candidates calling them “killers“, was identified by PP members as the district’s PSOE speaker, Amalia Rodríguez Alonso. The socialist shouted several times “killers” and then she shouted Ana Botella, Aznar’s wife and one of Madrid’s councilors, shouting her: “tell your husband about the dead of Santa Eugenia”, in reference to the March 11 bombings.

The PSOE candidates and, especially, the President of the Government, Zapatero, have said nothing about this. What is more, the Minister of Justice, Mr. Bermejo, has asked to vote PSOE to “give PP a good laxative” because PP “has a partial mind constipation”.

At the same time, Alfonso Alonso, PP candidate to be Vitoria’s Major, has said that “no PP member will give a stride back in the today’s climate of pressure“.

Rajoy has also called on Zapatero to guarantee the Basque PP candidates’ freedom when campaigning.

Others blogging about this subject:

Batiburrillo: We are living in a totally anormal country regarding democratic values. No one can be deceived on this. When an ex-President of the Government, Felipe González Márquez, calls “MSM rubbish” to the most popular journalists in Spain, when a Minister -even if she is a women’s share Minister, she is a Minister- expresses publicly her wish of killing the President of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, or when the main opposition party goes from agression to agression (we wrote before LD about this here), and at the same time, is labeled as a “far-right-extremist”, something is not working in this country.

Desde el Exilio: writes about the reaction in Menéame, a web similar to Digg but in Spanish, in which some people are laughing about Virginia Arroyo and Nerea Alzola.

Elentir points out the total contradiction in PSOE’s arguments: the PSOE speaker in Parliament -I think he is…- Mr López Garrido, has said today that PP members are the speakers of ETA!!!

Espacio Liberal congratulates PP members for their behaviour regarding the agressions.

Anghara links Spanish leftist writer Elvira Lindo in a very good article: “Spain is full of fascists”. She ironically, describes the situation like this “oh, thank God there were those guardian angels, knowing about the riot-like deed these two young women were doing -referring to Nerea Alzola and Virginia Arroyo-, left their pintxito and arrived there to give them both a lesson”.

La Verdad os Hará Libres considers that it is inevitable to link these events with the agressions to PP offices before the 2004 elections.

Prevost titles his post “The violent left: Alcorcón and Guadalix”. He also links to Criterio in which they report about the violence against Catalan party Ciutadans. The independentists, calling the Ciutadans “españolistas”, have arrived at the entry of the Civic Center Fort Pienc of Barcelona where Ciutadans’ MP in Catalan Parliament, Alfonso Robles, was giving a conference. The Police had to arrive to protect the people who were attending the conference.

El Cerrajero, Caballero ZP and Cambiemos el Mundo also write about this.

Hazte, the Spanish citizen platform, has launched the “Operation PP propaganda” to go to Bilbao on May 20th, to help Alzola and Arroyo in their quest with PP propaganda. I have known it thanks to Adosinda.

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