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septiembre 21, 2007

“I’m innocent,” says Khmer Rouge Brother No. 2

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This man is a total sinvergüenza: He is going to blame others for the horrors which were made in Cambodia. Oh, no we didn’t know. The culprits were the militants. Bahhhh!!!

And he promised to tell all at trial!!Angry

“I’m innocent,” says Khmer Rouge Brother No. 2 – Yahoo! News

Khmer Rouge Brother Number Two Nuon Chea proclaimed his innocence when he appeared before Cambodia’s U.N.-backed “Killing Fields” tribunal on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity, the court said on Friday.

According to a summary released two days after his indictment, Pol Pot’s right-hand man said he bore no responsibility for the 1.7 million people thought to have died. Many were tortured and executed. Others died of starvation, overwork or disease.

During the Khmer Rouge’s four years in charge from 1975 to 1979, real power lay in the hands of the ultra-Maoist movement’s Military Committee of which he was not a member, Nuon Chea was quoted as saying.

“We did not have any direct contact with the bases and we were not aware of what was happening there,” he told the court. He said he had lost 40 relatives during the upheaval.

Nuon Chea’s official rank within the Beijing-backed regime was Deputy Secretary of the Communist Party of Kampuchea, as the Khmer Rouge called Cambodia, a role scholars say put him in charge of party and state security.

This included Phnom Penh’s notorious S-21 interrogation and torture centre at the Tuol Sleng high school. More than 14,000 prisoners are known to have entered Tuol Sleng’s barbed-wire gates. Around 10 lived to tell the tale.

These are the kind of things that really enrage me. How on earth in a Communist dictatorship so tight as was the Khmer’s the Chiefs of the country did not know what was happening there. And now, he would add he knew it thanks to the MSM…. What a jackass…

But the worst thing is that he was the ideologue of the system of tortures, political and religious persecutions, repression, …

So, of course, lying for him is pecatta minutaWaiting


Como ya escribí ayer, han detenido en Camboya al “hermano número dos“, el considerado ideólogo de la matanza de casi 2.000.000 de camboyanos, una cuarta parte del país. Y ¿qué hace el sinvergüenza de él? “Los militantes, fueron ellos, nosotros no sabíamos nada“. Vamos, como se dice vulgarmente, Whistling, silbando el puente sobre el río Kwai. Que nadie se cree que un grado tal de represión, torturas, persecución política y religiosa…, lo hicieron los militantes sin conocimiento de los hermanos.

Y eso que prometió contarlo todo… Se necesita tener caradura…

Aunque claro para él la mentira es algo menor, considerando los crímenes cometidos…

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