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septiembre 21, 2007

Tortured maid in serious condition after amputation of her limbs

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Gulfnews: Tortured maid in serious condition after amputation of her limbs h/t sandmonkey.

An Indonesian housemaid is in serious condition following amputation of both her hands and feet after a month-long torture by her employers, said a member of the Saudi National Society for Human Rights.

Dr Nora Al Jumaih, member of the monitoring and follow-up committee at the Saudi National Society for Human Rights (NSHR), said in press statements yesterday that she would meet the chairman of the monitoring committee at NSHR to brief him on the case of the Indonesian maid.

She added that a report on the condition of the Indonesian housemaid was prepared and will be handed over to NSHR.

The Indonesian housemaid, whose name was not given, was earlier admitted to the Riyadh Medical Complex, popularly known as Shimaisy Hospital, after being severely beaten for almost one month by her employers, a Saudi man and his wife. The doctors in hospital decided to amputate her hands and feet because of gangrene.

😯 What a pair of beasts! Now let’s see if they are condemned… 😡

Un saudí y su mujer han sometido a su criada a tortura durante un mes. Cuando fue liberada, le han tenido que cortar las manos y los pies porque padecía gangrena. A ver si les condenan…


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  1. We have heard many times that foreign workers in muslims countries are treated like slaves. Did you know that to leave the country, the foreign worker must get first the authorization of his/her employee?

    Comentario por José Javier — septiembre 21, 2007 @ 7:04 am | Responder

  2. AAAAA, el Vintage, muy bien.
    Y espantosa noticia. Ya lo agrego.

    Comentario por cruzcampo — septiembre 21, 2007 @ 8:20 am | Responder

  3. José Javier: Yes, I have heard both things. But I rarely have heard of such a treatment towards an employee.
    There was someone commenting on the news, though, who said that, as they consider this employees as slaves and not only as mere maids, that this bad treatment was justified from their point of view.
    cruzcampo: sí, me gusta este tema. Es amplio, diáfano, tiene la letra que a mí me gusta…
    Noticia espantosa, desde luego. Brutal.

    Comentario por vorzheva — septiembre 21, 2007 @ 11:03 am | Responder

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