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septiembre 23, 2007

Southern German Towns Become Hub of Jihadism

I have written about the German plot before. Here goes more information, thanks to the Transatlantic Intelligencer.
World Politics Review | Southern German Towns Become Hub of Jihadism

Fritz G. has been long known to Bavarian police authorities. The 28-year-old German converted to Islam several years ago and was a frequent visitor to the “Multi-Kultur-Haus” in Neu-Ulm, an Islamic cultural center that was shut down by the authorities in January 2006 on account of Islamist activism. According to investigators, radical “preachers of hate” frequented the Multi-Kultur-Haus, recruiting “holy warriors” for Jihad or collecting funds for the latter.Incendiary writings, inciting hatred against Christians and Jews, were found among the materials seized by investigators in the Multi-Kultur-Haus [see related blog post]. Simultaneous with the order to have the center shut down, the association that ran it was likewise banned. But the closing of the Multi-Kultur-Haus has hardly led to a diminution of Islamist activities in the region. The hardliners continue to meet in the so-called Islamic Information Center (IIZ) in Ulm. For the German domestic intelligence agency, the Verfassungsschutz, the IIZ remains the base of the Islamists.

It is hard to estimate just how large is the group of fanaticized and potentially violent militants, since new people are constantly turning up and others going into hiding. The German of Egyptian origins Khaled El-Masri [a.k.a. Khaled Al-Masri], who was abducted by the American intelligence services on account of his suspected terror ties, is also supposed to have been seen often at the Multi-Kultur-Haus. Masri lived in Senden, a suburb of Neu-Ulm.

As investigators reported earlier this month, an agreement had apparently been reached to ban the IIZ and the association that runs it at the same time as the Multi-Kultur-Haus was shut down. Why this failed to happen is a mystery for Bavarian authorities. [Note: Neu-Ulm is in Bavaria and Ulm is in the neighboring German state of Baden-Württemberg.]

As investigators likewise reported, Fritz G. had often met with the Egyptian Dr. Y. [Yehia Yousif] in his townhouse in the Neu-Ulm neighborhood of Ludwigsfeld. During a raid on the house, the police discovered materials that could be used for making bombs. Shortly before the Multi-Kultur-Haus was shut down, Dr. Y. went into hiding. The police suspect that he is currently in Saudi Arabia.

His son, Omar, was found to be in possession of handwritten instructions on how to ambush a military convoy. He claimed to have copied them from the Internet. Investigators, however, believe otherwise and are convinced that Omar Y. received training in armed combat in Pakistan.

Just recently, the mayor of Neu-Ulm, Gerold Noerenberg, invited representatives of police agencies from both sides of the Danube to a closed conference on Islamism to discuss the situation. Participants in the conference report that appeals were made for greater vigilance in the face of Islamist activism.

In the related blog post, the author reports more about what was found at the Kultur Haus:

– For example, in a paper back edition in the MKH library titled “The Beliefs of the Sunni Community,” Christian and Jews are presented as enemies who must be executed if they do not show remorse and convert to Islam. A citation: “It is our belief that if anyone claims that any other currently existing religion — any other religion than Islam, that is: for example, Christianity, Judaism, etc. — is acceptable to Allah, then this person is an unbeliever. He should be encouraged to show remorse and if he does not do so, he must be put to death as an apostate (murtad), since he has denied the Quran.”

– A textbook titled “Jihad in God’s Cause” that was seized on August 23, 2005, in the so-called “Women’s Prayer Room” of the MKH contains the following passage: “The special meaning of Jihad runs as follows: Kill the unbelievers, once they have received the call to convert to Islam and have been made familiar with its true meaning. . . .” Another passage of this book asserts: “. . . if non-Muslims should refuse to follow the example of the believers, there is an obligation to kill them.”

– The audiocassettes “No to the Jews / The Thousand-Appeals of the Khalidin” and “El Rawabi El Jihadi”, seized on August 23, 2005, in the MKH library, openly call for the killing of Jews. A citation: “Oh, Most Worthy One, . . . send us bombs to kill the Jews. No to the Jews! No to the Jews!” . . . The CD “Iraq”, which was seized in the kitchenette of the MKH on August 23 2005, contains, for instance, the following: “To triumph does not only mean killing the unbelievers, but also killing oneself in order to strike back at the unbelievers! . . . Whoever fights against the Christians, the Jews, and their allies is a martyr . . .

Yeah, just kill everyone, even those who tell you, you’re not peaceful, just to prove their point…. 😈


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