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octubre 11, 2007

El futuro en el Oriente Próximo: guerra civil en el Líbano y Olmert entregándose a los palestinos

(en español, al final)

Many Lebanese say another civil war — like the 15-year one that started in 1975 — is imminent and that the most dangerous flash points are within the divided Christian community.Christian youth are signing up for militant factions in the greatest numbers since the end of the civil war, spray painting nationalist symbols on walls and tattooing them on their skin, and proclaiming their willingness to fight in a new civil war — in particular, against fellow Christians.“When the war begins, I’ll be the first one in it,” said Fadil Abbas, 30, flexing his biceps in Shadow Tattoo as an artist etched a cross onto his shoulder. “I want everyone to know I am a Christian and I am ready to fight.”The struggle is over who gets to be the next president, a post reserved for a Christian under Lebanon’s Constitution, and which must be filled by the end of November.
But the larger question — one that is prompting rival Christian factions to threaten war — is whether Lebanese Christians must accept their minority status and get along with the Muslim majority (the choice of the popular Gen. Michel Aoun) or whether Christians should insist on special privileges (¡! oh, yeah and all the people who are Lebanese in exile, precisely because of the civil war, and the invasion of Hizbollah, those account for nothing right??) no matter what their share of the population (the position of veteran civil war factions like the Phalange and the Lebanese Forces).The government dedicated an extraordinary cabinet session in September to reports that Christian factions had opened militia training camps in the mountains. The police have arrested two groups of Christians allegedly linked to General Aoun’s party — the most recent on Thursday — and accused them of illegal weapons training. One group said that they were on a picnic and the other that they were “playing.” General Aoun said his followers keep only “personal weapons,” like most Lebanese.

Christian Split in Lebanon Raises Specter of Civil War – New York Times
As you can see, the NYT is just confirming once again its partiality against Christians and for Muslims. How on earth it can write an entire article about the re-arming of Christian groups which would act in case of an hypothetical civil war, when they have Hizbollah that it’s armed now?

Hezbollah possesses the Katyusha-122 rocket, which has a range of 29 kilometres (18 miles) and carries a 15 kilo (33 pound) warhead. Hezbollah also possesses about 100 long-range missiles. They include the Iranian-made Fajr-3 and Fajr-5, the latter with a range of 75 kilometres, enabling it to strike the Israeli port of Haifa, and the Zelzal-1 with an estimated 150-kilometre range, which can reach Tel Aviv. Fajr-3 missiles have a range of 40 kilometres, and a 45 kilo warhead, and Fajr-5 missiles, which extend to 72 kilometres, also hold 45 kilo warheads.[122]

According to various reports, Hezbollah is armed with some anti-tank guided missiles. Namely the Russian-made AT-3 Sagger, AT-4 Spigot, AT-5 Spandrel, AT-13 Saxhorn-2 ‘Metis-M’, ??-14 Spriggan ‘Kornet’; Iranian-made Ra’ad (version of AT-3 Sagger), Towsan (version of AT-5 Spandrel), Toophan (version of BGM-71 TOW); and European-made MILAN missiles. These weapons have been used against IDF soldiers, causing much of the deaths during the 2006 Lebanon War.[123]

For air defence, Hezbollah possesses some anti-aircraft weapons, including the ZU-23 artillery and man-portable shoulder-fired SA-7 and SA-18 surface-to-air missile (SAM).[124] One of the most effective weapons deployed by Hezbollah has been the C-802 anti-ship missile, a variant of the Chinese Silkworm missile.[125]

During the 2006 Lebanon War, Hezbollah fired 3,970 rockets into Northern Israel in the course of a month, killing 43 Israeli civilians.[126] Hezbollah officials have stated that the group has recovered fully from the previous war; during the Divine Victory rally, held shortly after the cease-fire, Hezbollah’s Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah declared that the group has “more than 20,000 rockets available”.[127] He also spoke in retrospect of the war, saying “Tel Aviv or elsewhere, we were certain that we could reach any corner or spot in occupied Palestine and now we are certain that we can reach them.”[128] Nasrallah has also implied that Hezbollah’s rocket force became stronger in the months following the 2006 Lebanon War than it had been during the war itself.[129]

More here: who are the suppliers?

According to the United States, Iran has provided weapons to Hezbollah as well as provided training and funding. In addition, Syria has permitted Iran to use Damascus as a transshipment point to supply Hezbollah.[21] There are also reports that Syria itself has supplied Hezbollah with BM-27 220mm rockets.[13]

In another report, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps has helped build Hezbollah’s underground storerooms in the Bekaa Valley to hold huge amounts of missiles and ammunition. Hezbollah’s missile force includes some 200 technicians and experts trained in Iran.[22] The Zelzal-2 rockets require expertise to aim and launch effectively, and Hezbollah may require direct support from Iranian Revolutionary Guards to operate the rockets.[12]

Russia has denied sending anti-tank weapons to Hizbollah.

Israel’s Haaretz daily quoted intelligence sources Sunday as saying that Israel’s ground troops casualties mostly resulted from special anti-tank units of Hizbollah using modern Russian-made RPG-29 that had been sold by Moscow to the Syrians and then transferred to the organization.

“Such insinuations are a source of bewilderment in Moscow, to say the least,” Mikhail Kamynin said. “If there are any questions raised, they can be addressed through normal diplomatic channels. So far we have had no such inquiries, and no proof has been presented.”

Hizbollah ship attack shows Iran weapons link. July 14th, 2006.

Hizbollah’s spectacular rocket attack on an Israeli warship is proof of what Hizbollah has claimed for several years — it has an array of weapons that could trouble the Middle East’s mightiest army.
And with it proof is emerging of what many widely suspected: Iran had stepped up its arms shipments to the Shi’ite Muslim group both in terms of quality and quantity.
An Israeli military source said on Saturday that an Iranian-made C802 radar-guided land-to-sea missile with a range of 60 miles (95 km) hit and badly damaged the ship. Two missiles were fired, the other sank an Egyptian merchant ship, the source said.
“This is sophisticated weaponry. This is advanced weaponry being supplied by one terrorist state (Iran) to another,” the source said.

Hizbollah: Iran’s battle Lab.
Oh, yeah, but the really interesting are… the Christians….

Related news: Crisis in Israel… Olmert to split Jerusalem! (even when 63% of the Israelis do not want)… Please sign the petition here to save Jerusalem from splitting.
The moment can’t be worse as:

The firing of a long-range Katyusha rocket into Israel from Gaza on Sunday has ratcheted up concerns here for the increased threat of missiles against the Jewish state.
The weapon of choice of Palestinian militants in Gaza has been the Kassam rocket, which has relatively poor aim and short range, but has nonetheless caused damage and killed 14 Israelis and injured hundreds more, according to an Israeli government tally.
The Katyusha rocket is the type of weapon that was used by Hizbullah in Lebanon to hit Israeli cities during last year’s war. Unguided but better constructed, it has twice the range – about 12 miles – and the potential to carry about twice the payload, missile experts here say.
The Katyusha was fired at the southern town of Netivot, about seven miles east of Gaza. It landed in an open space, doing minimal damage. The Popular Resistance Committee, a Palestinian militant group in Gaza that includes Hamas, claimed responsibility for the Katyusha attack.

So, what does this mean? Who is giving Hizbollah these missiles?

But EU is worried about the “humanitarian crisis” in Gaza, and blames Israel for it:

One British MEP, Chris Davies, said it should be Israel and not EU taxpayers who should foot the bill to solve the Palestinian humanitarian crisis.
“What does it have to do with the EU? Gaza is an Israeli prison camp. It is the Israelis who should be responsible. They are the ones that keep them in misery,” said Davis.

Hmm, yeah, and what about terrorism, Mr Davies? Do I have to remember you have kept for 38 years the British Army in Northern Ireland to prevent terrorist acts? Something wise to do, I must add. So you can do it, but others cannot defend themselves? If it’s British is OK, but if it’s an Israeli idea, then it’s bad? Or what?

NYT was very worried yesterday about the Israeli justification to bomb Syria a month ago. Today it says “Syria tells journalists Israeli raid did not occur“. But:

Israel has been unusually quiet about the attack on Sept. 6 and has effectively imposed a news blackout about it. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli opposition leader, on Sept. 19 became the first public figure in Israel to acknowledge that an attack had even taken place. Some Israeli officials have said, though not publicly, that the raid hit a nuclear-related facility that North Korea was helping to equip, but they have not specified where.

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EL NYT en su línea. Tenemos a los terroristas de Hizbolá, armados hasta los dientes con misiles anti-tanque, tierra-aire y tierra-mar (que dañaron gravemente un barco israelí en 2005)… y escribe un artículo entero diciendo que, como hay espectros de una nueva guerra civil en marcha, los cristianos están empezando a sumarse a facciones armadas para enfrentarse a ellos. Si la misión de la ONU hubiera cumplido con lo que prometió (desarmar a Hizbolá) no habría necesidad de guerra civil. Pero como la ONU no quiere reconocer que, eliminado/reducido Hizbolá, se habrían acabado muchos de los problemas de la región (quedarían Hamas y Al-Fatah), no se le dio a la misión ese objetivo como prioritario.
Al final, si se desata la guerra, tendrán la culpa los cristianos por no obedecer a Hizbolá.

El Katiusha: un arma rudimentaria y aterradora. (guerra del 2006)

Un problema clave es el arsenal en manos de Hezbollah. Al comienzo de la guerra, se estimaba que tenía por lo menos 12.000 cohetes de corto alcance -capaces de llegar a unos 20 kilómetros de distancia- que le fueron provistos por Siria e Irán. Si la cifra es cierta, todavía le quedan por lo menos 9000.
Pero lo que cuenta no es sólo su número, sino sus características. […] Estos cohetes pueden ser disparados rápidamente sin grandes preparativos. Basta con que un militante se esconda dentro de una casa, coloque un trípode y dispare. A veces, hasta por control remoto. “Puede disparar por un sistema de tiro retardado o por telecomando -dice el general Dayan-, mientras que las coordenadas para el blanco pueden ser transmitidas por teléfono o por mensaje de texto.”
No se requiere casi nada especial antes del disparo, a diferencia de lo que ocurre con los cohetes de mayor alcance -como los que llegan a Haifa-, que necesitan de otros elementos para ser lanzados.
Un tema clave en esta guerra es que Israel está lidiando con una organización que ataca desde concentraciones civiles, que ha construido búnkeres bajo viviendas de la población y que dispara desde escuelas, junto a posiciones de la ONU y aldeas habitadas.
Israel se impone limitaciones en sus ataques contra blancos de Hezbollah. A pesar de las duras críticas de las que ha sido objeto desde diferentes sectores de la comunidad internacional, si hubiera utilizado todo su poderío aéreo en territorio libanés, el número de bajas civiles se contaría por miles y la destrucción sería de dimensiones mucho mayores.

Noticias relacionadas: 63% de los israelíes no quieren entregar Jerusalén. Firma aquí la petición para salvar Jerusalén.
Posts relacionados: Siria, Corea del Norte y el programa atómico: China juega al escondite.

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Victim of gang rape, hunted – La víctima de una violación en grupo, perseguida

From Gallia Watch:

“Just before the arrests the police told me that I had to leave my home.” The wanderings begin. First the organization Ni Putes Ni Soumises gave her a studio apartment in Hauts-de-Seine. “Then, they told me to go to a small village near Grenoble.” She stayed there until September 2006. “Then I returned to my father’s house in Fontenay, in the project of les Larris. We had to leave very early in the morning. For weeks I didn’t go out. Someone tried to break into our home at night.” She then went to her mother-in-law’s, near Paris, then to a young workers hostel until January, when she was recognized by a former resident of les Larris. Another move. Today she lives somewhere in the Parisian suburbs, in a state of anxiety and bitterness. “I can’t stay here. We had let our guard down, but since the attack on my mother, I’m living again in fear. I have no news from anybody. I wrote to Sarkozy. The prefect of Val-de-Marne told me to apply for housing at city hall. This story has received much media attention, and then, they forgot about us, dropped us completely. We were promised an apartment, police and court protection, and I was even told I could change my name.”

According to Le Figaro, the gang rapes took place betweeen the end of 1999 and 2005. The raped girls have been accused of “having psyquiatric problems”, of “being easy women”, or even of “not having an stable life”. One of the girls has already psyquiatric problems but because of the gang rape.

As a result of the accusations, between 40 and 50 boys were detained. But most of the people considered that they were innocent and that they did not have had never any problem with women. The mistakes the raped girls made when describing them caused the freeing of some of them.

But the “youths” are now beginning to threaten them without any kind of restraint:

Last week her mother filed a complaint at the Fontenay police station after being attacked in the lobby of her building with a sharp object. “Now I know where you sleep, you and your w… daughter. Before the trial we’re going to f… both of you. And that’s just a sample of what you can expect,” the unknown assailant said to her.

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  1. Darfur update. “Another tactic used throughout this war that erupted in 2003, when rebels began attacking Sudanese military targets in Darfur, is rape – rape as a weapon of war. In Bredging refugee camp, I was able to meet a group of 30 women for an hour – and within that hour, five women described their own rapes, always gang rape. Rape to destroy not only the women, but their families and communities. One of the women was 35, the mother of eight children. When her husband learned that she had been raped repeatedly by Janjaweed fighters, he divorced her on the spot and she has been alone since. Another of the women – age 17 – was rejected by her fiance after her rape“.
  2. Campaign of rapes in the West Bank against Jewish women. In the West Bank there is a campaign of rapes against Jewish women, according to the police who has detained already 6 suspects. The rapes are a vengeance to the “deeds of the IDF in Palestinian territories“. The women -more teenagers- were raped at bus stops or in designated hitchhiking points.

Interpretation: “The Western goods, and the land on which we stand, belong to Allah and the best between the men – his believers. The Western women, too and essentially belong to us -they are our future loot”.

We are your loot? Go to hell, you bastards! … WaitingPhbbbtttCowboy

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  1. Banaz Mahmoud was raped before honor killing.
  2. Clichy-sur-Bois, two years later. 23% of young girls aged 18-21 had been object of physical violence (hits, menaces with weapons or violent robberies) sometime in their lives (not considering the last 12 months) and 14% of sexual agressiones (subjected to undesired touchings, rape or intent of rape).
  3. In the West Bank: campaign of rapes against Jewish women, according to the police who has detained already 6 suspects. The rapes are a vengeance to the “deeds of the IDF in Palestinian territories“. The women -more teenagers- were raped at bus stops or in designated hitchhiking points.

From other blogs:

  1. Muslim gang rape an epidemic @ VH. Harassment of females has therefore exploded throughout the West, most shockingly demonstrated in the recent phenomenon of gang rape for sport.
  2. But not only women suffer this: From My Flanders Fields: Muslims gang rape and beat a school boy and film it and attempt to blackmail him. A paediatrician at Derby Children’s Hospital who examined him described it as “the most serious case of multiple physical and sexual assault” she had ever seen. His attacker, Mohammed Naseem, now 21, of Byron Street, Derby, was put on the sex offenders’ register for life. Naseem pleaded guilty to two charges of rape and two of sexual assault by penetration.Dawn Pritchard, prosecuting, said the boy was first ordered to carry out a sex act on himself and was filmed as he did this. He was told he would have to pay £5,000 or his mother would be killed. He was forced to carry out sex acts on the others, who then abused him.
  3. I am a woman hear me roar or the Disgusting Underbelly of the Beast @VH: “THE nation’s most senior Muslim cleric (Al Hilali) has blamed immodestly dressed women who don’t wear Islamic headdress for being preyed on by men and likened them to abandoned “meat” that attracts voracious animals”. Of course, Al Hilali, you wouldn’t attrack a voracious animal, even if you pose nude. Uaghhhhhh!

In Oriental Timor, the UN (link in Spanish, below) said that rape was used as a weapon by Indonesian army (Muslim) against the Timorese women (Oriental Timor is overwhelmingly Christian-Catholic): “The rapes, the sexual slaveness and the sexual violence were tools used as a part of the campaign which had as objective to terrorize, give sensation of lack of power and hope to the independence supporters”.

Y Sarkozy ejem… pues bueno, silbando el puente del Río Quai Whistling:

“Justo después de los arrestos la policía me informó de que tenía que dejar mi casa”. Comenzó el vagabundeo. primero la organización “Ni putas ni sumisas” le dio un apartamento en Hauts-de-Seine. “Después, me dijeron que debía irme a una ciudad pequeña cerca de Grenoble”. Estuvo allí hasta Septiembre 2006. “Entonces, volví a la casa de mi padre en Fontenay, en el proyecto de los Larris. Tuvimos que irnos muy pronto por la mañana. Durante semanas no salí. Alguien intentó entrar en nuestra casa por la noche.” Después fue a la casa de su suegra, cera de París, después a un hostal de trabajadores jóvenes hasta enero, cuando fue reconocida por un residente antiguo de Les Harris. Otro cambio. Hoy vive en algún sitio de los suburbios de París, en un estado de ansiedad y amargura. “No puedo seguir aquí. Habíamos bajado la guardia, pero cuando mi madre fue atacada de nuevo, volví a sentir miedo. No tengo noticias de nadie. Escribí a Sarkozy. El prefecto de Val-de-Marne me dijo que pidiera una casa al ayuntamiento. Esta historia tuvo mucha repercusión en los medios pero después, se olvidaron de nosotros, nos abandonaron completamente. Nos prometieron un apartamento, policía y protección judicial y me dijeron que incluso podía cambiarme el nombre.”

Según Le Figaro, las violaciones en grupo tuvieron lugar entre el final de 1999 y 2005. Las chicas violadas han sido acusadas de “problemas psiquiátricos”, de “ser fáciles” o de “no tener una vida estable”. Una de las chicas es cierto que tiene problemas psicológicos pero como consecuencia de las violaciones.

Como resultado de las acusaciones entre 40 y 50 chicos fueron detenidos. Pero la mayoría de la gente consideró que eran inocentes y que no habían tenido nunca ningún problema con las mujeres. Los errores que las chicas cometieron al describir todo ello, dieron lugar a que a algunos los soltaran.

Pero, si antes se limitaron a espiar a las chicas, ahora, los “jóvenes” están pasando a las amenazas:

La pasada semana su madre denunció ante la comisaría de policía de Fontenay que había sido atacada en el portal de su edificio con un objeto afilado. “Ahora sé dónde dormís, tú y tu p*ta hija. Antes del juicio os vamos a j*der a ambas. Y eso es sólo un ejemplo de lo que podeis esperar,” le dijo el asaltante desconocido.

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  3. Noticias desde Australia.
  4. El informe de las Naciones Unidas sobre Indonesia (musulmán) y Timor Oriental (católico). “miles de mujeres fueron violadas durante la ocupación, por lo que el informe llega a la conclusión de que la violación fue también un arma de guerra del Ejército indonesio. “La violación, la esclavitud sexual y la violencia sexual fueron herramientas usadas como parte de la campaña diseñada para aterrorizar, dar sensación de falta de poder y desesperanzar a los partidarios de la independencia”, afirma la comisión, según recoge el diario australiano”.
  5. Más sobre las violaciones en grupo.
  6. Australia y el multiculturalismo.
  7. Las violaciones colectivas y el Islam: “Si se considera que muchos musulmanes se ven en Europa como un ejército conquistador y que las mujeres europeas sólo son botín de guerra, todo cobra su verdadero sentido de acuerdo con la Ley Musulmana: las mujeres occidentales no suscitan respeto para la mayorái de los musulmanes más que como “sus” mujeres, las mujeres que “pertencen” a los infieles hostiles. Son botín de guerra para ser cogido, como la tierra de los infieles que también algún día caerá, según creen, en manos musulmanas. No es en sí mismo un crimen el pensarlo hipotéticamente, sino que es simplemente, según los musulmanes un crimen justificado ideológicamente, lo mismo que los ataques a los musulmanes. Las mujeres occidentales son barates -fáciles- y ofensivas. Nosotros los musulmanes estamos aquí para quedarnos, y por tanto, tenemos derecho a aprovecharnos de la situación. Es nuestra visión la que debe prevalecer. Los bienes occidentales, como la tierra en la que vivimos, pertenecen a Allah y a los mejores de entre los hombres — sus Creyentes. Las mujeres occidentales, también y esencialmente, nos pertencen — nuestro futuro botín“. (¿Vuestro botín? Tú lo flipas, majete )
  8. la impunidad de los “lebs” en Australia.

Como dice VH en su post, señalado más arriba: “El acoso a las mujeres ha explotado en Occidente, sobre todo el fenómeno demostrado recientemente de las violaciones en grupo por deporte“.

Me gustaría saber las estadísticas en España. ¿A que no hay lo que hay que tener para sacarlas a la luz?

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Zapatero and the “historic memory” – Zapatero y la “memoria histórica” (+)

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Nacho Sierra:

30 years after this massive effort, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the utopic “Alice-in-wonderland-Mr-nothing” president decided that the box needed to be opened again to honor one of the sides of the civil war. Pushed by the Medieval Fascist, in line with his limited intellectual view of things and the simplification he’s tried to bring to all aspects of life, and what’s worse, on the back of a childhood dream about the suffering of a grandfather he didn’t even meet, he’s passed a law called “de la Memoria Historica” which will precisely try to divide again the Spaniards between the good and the bad.

Hadn’t we had enough of this bullshit already, Mr. Nothing? Let us look forward and not backwards. Life is not black and white Mr. Nada. Don’t you see where we are heading with this? Will people be able as well to claim a compensation for their suffering during the 1934 Coup in Asturias, (led by your party with active constitutional defense by your granfather…)? Why don’t we claim back to the 15th century?

But the Law could have been worse. Yesterday I saw in a TV program “El gato al agua” that another moonbat from Spanish politics, the oldie Labordeta wanted the Law to say that the Civil War never existed. So what was going to be the Historic Memory you’re defending about?

(+) One of the consequences of this law, is that all the things (statues, streets’ names, etc.) which refer to the Franco’s dictatorship are going to be erased or destroyed. And if you don’t accept that (imagine your house was built during the dictatorship and it has a sign saying so, nothing in favour or something), you’re going to lose any public benefit they are /could be giving to you. Vice-President De la Vega has said this afternoon that each Administration will decide. Considering that we have the central Government, the 17 Autonomous Communities and all the local entities, this is going to be ejem… rather unequal, disorganised…

De En Defensa de Occidente:

Habría que hacernos una pregunta Si se va a perseguir a todos aquellos que muestren emblemas de una dictadura de hace mas de treinta años, ¿Por que no se persigue con la misma motivación a todos aquellos que no coloquen los emblemas y símbolos de la democracia actual?

Ejem, correcto… Bueno, pero como la palabra España y sus emblemas da tannnnnnnnto miedo… mejor no la ponemos ¿no? pero hacemos como que sí, no vaya a ser que perdamos las elecciones que están en el alero del tejado. Porque la oposición lo está haciendo… y eso molesta…

Traigo aquí este chiste de Mingote encontrado en la web de Juan Pedro Quiñonero:


La razón es que la memoria siempre será subjetiva, porque es lo que cada uno recordamos, mientras que la Historia es una ciencia objetiva que está constituida por los hechos que han ido ocurriendo y cuya interpretación no se basa en lo que cada uno quiera, si no en la lógica y la objetividad. Y en la Guerra Civil todos cometieron barbaridades, todos mataron y todos se saltaron la legalidad con una represión muy importante. Así que lo de ahora de querer que unos fueron angelitos y los otros unos demonios ni es verdad ni por tanto es objetivo.

Pero la ley de la Memoria Histórica pudo ser peor aún: ayer dijeron en El Gato al Agua que Labordeta (juasssss!) había presentado una enmienda -que fue rechazada– por la que la Ley hubiera declarado que la Guerra Civil nunca había tenido lugar. Los que tenemos abuelos que la vivieron deberíamos decirles: “abuelo, tus memorias son ilegales“. Y ni os cuento la carcajada… por no llorar…
Lo dicho: cada vez las tonterías son más gordas. Algunos no duermen ya para entrenarse en ser aún más tonnnnnnnnnnnnnnntos. [la verdad, tiene poca gracia…].

(+) La VicePresidenta (hay que ver cómo la quieren en MSN-Noticias) ha dicho esta tarde:

La vicepresidenta primera del Gobierno y ministra de la Presidencia, María Teresa Fernández de Vega, precisó hoy que la aplicación de la conocida como Ley de la Memoria Histórica en lo que se refiere a símbolos del franquismo y retirada de subvenciones dependerá de lo que las administraciones públicas competentes decidan.

En la rueda de prensa posterior al Consejo de Ministros, la portavoz del Ejecutivo expuso que en lo relativo a los símbolos, la norma, en tramitación parlamentaria, contiene “un mandato a las Administraciones públicas” que es “plenamente respetuoso” con sus ámbitos competenciales. “Dice que serán éstas las que, dentro de sus competencias, puedan adoptar las medidas que consideren oportunas –indicó–. Tienen que decidir las propias administraciones sobre esas medidas”.

Resumiendo: vamos a pasale el muerto a otro… y de paso esto va a ser un desorden en el que la igualdad no va a existir. O se quitan todos o ninguno. Pero esto de que cada Administración haga lo que quiera, me parece fatal…

Lo actualizo porque se me olvidó poner esta importante reflexión:

¿Qué sentido tiene la Ley de Memoria Histórica en la situación presente? Esta ley lleva a una involución indeseable en su pretensión de ordenar los hechos y de dominar el curso de lo que nunca debiera volver a ocurrir, a una manera subjetiva y a un interés partidista de acercarse a lo sucedido. El presente no es ya el reflejo de un odio histórico, en los que una parte quiere arrogarse la verdad. Ya no pensamos como si fuésemos dos facciones siempre amenazadas por la historia. Esta ley no es una necesidad. El hombre necesita saber la verdad. Pero una ley verdadera no crea confusión ni desorientación, no amenaza con remover para crear mayor división, como si todavía existiese una asignatura pendiente cuya aprobación significara salvarse de una casi segura condenación. Lástima que no se crea en Aristóteles. Existen hechos en la historia de los pueblos cuyo aprendizaje consiste precisamente en no mudarlos para desvelar su verdad.

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Actualización birmana: detenidos por no disparar a los monjes – Burmese update: detained for not shooting monks

La Junta Militar birmana detuvo a cinco generales y a más de 400 soldados por negarse a disparar y golpear a los monjes budistas y a otros participantes en las protestas de las últimas semanas en Rangún, informo el miércoles el rotativo indonesio ‘The Jakarta Post’, tras entrevistar a un alto cargo birmano que pidió el anonimato.”Cinco generales expresaron su negativa a destacar sus tropas abiertamente contra los monjes y fueron rápidamente detenidos por la Junta”, dijo el oficial birmano que rechazó dar los nombres de los militares arrestados.Añadió que además fueron castigados “alrededor de 400 soldados de la División Sikai, cerca de la ciudad de Mandalay, que también bajaron sus armas frente a los monjes y les pidieron perdón al darse cuenta de que habían cometido el peor de los pecados”.La fuente opinó que se trata de una clara señal de la existencia de fisuras en el interior del régimen, puesto que, a su juicio, la mayoría de los funcionarios y cargos públicos no están contentos con la brutal represión llevada a cabo por la Junta Militar, aunque callan por temor.

Cinco generales y 400 soldados detenidos por no disparar contra monjes budistas |
Asimismo un dirigente opositor que participó en la rebelión de 1988 ha muerto como consecuencia de las torturas a que fue sometido durante el interrogatorio:

Un dirigente de la oposición en Myanmar, que fue arrestado durante las protestas masivas del mes pasado contra la Junta Militar, murió debido a las torturas que sufrió durante los interrogatorios, denunció hoy un grupo activista.
La Asociación de Asistencia para Prisioneros Políticos dijo que Win Shwe, de 42 años y miembro de la Liga Nacional para la Democracia, fue arrestado el 26 de septiembre con otras cuatro personas por su apoyo y participación en las mayores protestas en casi 20 años.
“Murió como consecuencia de las torturas durante los interrogatorios”, aseguró el grupo con sede en Tailandia y dijo que la fuente de su información son las autoridades del pueblo de Kyaukpandawn.
“Sin embargo, su cadáver no fue enviado a su familia y sus interrogadores dijeron que en cambio lo incineraron”, agregó.
Tras las noticias sobre la muerte de Win Shwe, Estados Unidos amenazó con nuevas sanciones contra Myanmar.
“La junta debe cesar el tratamiento brutal de su gente y hacer una transición pacífica a la democracia, o se enfrentará a nuevas sanciones de Estados Unidos”, declaró en un comunicado el portavoz de la Casa Blanca, Gordon Johndroe.
La Casa Blanca no especificó qué sanciones adicionales está estudiando contra la ex Birmania, pero pidió una investigación completa sobre la muerte del activista.

Esta muerte se priduce después de que el martes otro grupo de activistas en favor de los Derechos Humanos denunciara que dos estudiantes detenidos el 27 de septiembre habían muerto también mientras eran interrogados.
También se ha detenido a uno de los participantes en la revolución del 1988. Hla Myo Naung, de casi 40 años, tiene rota la córnea y su médico ha dicho que necesitaba una intervención inmediata. Fue detenido en una clínica oftalmológica. Con anterioridad a su detención había estado escondiéndose de la policía.
Ni siquiera los cómicos se libran. El más importante de los cómicos birmanos, Zarganar, apodado “el Charlie Chaplin” birmano, fue detenido y su mujer está preocupada. “No está muy bien de salud y no sé dónde lo tienen detenido”. “Le dije que no se metiera en las protestas, pero no me hizo caso”. “Ama a este país y a su gente”. Zarganar, ya fue arrestado como disidente político en 1988, y luego en 1990, cuando ayudaba a su madre cuando ésta se presentó como candidata en las elecciones generales de ese año. Fue liberado en 1994. La causa de su arresto fue que dio agua y comida a los monjes en los primeros días de protestas.
Al mismo tiempo, un hombre disparó contra el Consulado Chino en Mandalay, en lo que consideran los testigos que es una forma de protesta contra la postura china en relación a la Junta birmana. El personal del Consulado no hizo declaraciones. Pero quién sí las ha hecho ha sido Thakin Chan Htun, antiguo embajador birmano en China, diciendo que, si siguen así las cosas, pueden producirse otra vez disturbios entre los chinos -que han emigrado masivamente a Birmania- y los birmanos.
Por último, os animo a dejar vuestro mensaje para Birmania en esta dirección habilitada por la “Voz Democrática de Birmania”. Sólo quieren un poco de ánimo. No se lo vamos a negar, ¿verdad? ;)

The Burmese military Junta detained five generals immediately after they expressed their negative to employ their troops openly against the monks. This is the statement made anonymously by a Burmese high rank official, according to Indonesian newspaper “The Jakarta Post”. He added that 400 soldiers who lowered their weapons when they saw the monks and asked for forgiveness “for committing the worst of sins”, were also punished. According to this official there is a growing unhappiness among the civil servants and public authorities, with the brutal crackdown lead by the Military Junta, although they are not speaking out of fear.
Anyway, the detentions continue:

A prominent leader of the 88 Generation Students group sought by the authorities since the start of protest demonstrations in August was arrested on Wednesday morning when he emerged from hiding to be treated in a Rangoon clinic, activist sources said.
Three other members of the group were arrested on Tuesday, the sources said.
Hla Myo Naung, in his late 30s, suffers from a ruptured cornea and his doctor says he will lose the sight in one eye unless the condition is surgically treated, according to Htay Kywe, a leader of the 88 Generation Students group, who spoke to The Irrawaddy from his own hiding place. He is also on the regime’s wanted list for his part in the demonstrations.
Htay Kywe said Hla Myo Naung was arrested at the eye clinic shortly after arriving there.

Not even comedians can escape from being detained:

For decades, Burmese comedians have charmed their audiences and irritated the ruling generals with their topical satire and political wit.
During the current unrest, Burmese authorities struck back by arresting two of the country’s most well-known comedians. Currently, no one knows where they are being held.
The comedians’ family members are in anguish over the fate of their loved ones.
“I am worried about him. He is not in good healthy,” said Kyi Oo, the mother of Zarganar, who has been called Burma’s Charlie Chaplin.
“I warned him not to get too involved in the protests, but he refused me,” she told The Irrawaddy by phone from Rangoon. “He loves his country and his people.”
Zarganar, 45, a dentist-turned-comedian, came to prominence in the 1980s by poking fun at the then socialist regime.
He was arrested after he prominently appeared in public, offering food and drink to monks during the early days of the Rangoon protests.
Zarganar was jailed twice for his social and political activism, first as a political dissident in 1988, then again in 1990 while helping his mother in her campaign for the general elections that year. He was freed in 1994.

And the deaths during the “interrogation tactics” too:

A member of Burma’s opposition National League for Democracy has died in a police interrogation center, a Burmese rights group reported on Wednesday.
The report follows news from another rights group on Tuesday that two university students arrested on September 27 had also died while being interrogated.
The NLD member, 42-year-old Win Shwe, who belonged to the party’s Kyaukpadaung Township branch in Mandalay Division was arrested on September 26, together with four other activists who took part with him in supporting demonstrations by protesting monks. The fate of the other four is not known.
The Thailand-based Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma) said Win Shwe’s family had been informed that he had died three days ago but had been given no further information. His body was not returned to the family, and the AAPP said it had been buried secretly.

The police in charge of the interrogation techniques said that the body was cremated.

At the same time, the Chinese Consulate in Mandalay was attacked on Sunday:

the Chinese consulate in Mandalay was the scene of a hit and run gunshot attack by an unknown motorcyclist on Sunday, according to sources.
A local resident said that gunfire was heard early on Sunday morning. Several shots hit the embassy, but nobody was wounded, the resident added.
Security around the consulate has been beefed up since the attack and the authorities are currently investigating the incident, according to sources in Mandalay.
Critics and local residents alike view the isolated attack as a sign of growing discontent among the Burmese people in Mandalay against the Chinese government. However, it is not clear what the motive behind the attack was.
When asked about the attack, Chinese consulate staff refused to comment.
A veteran politician and former Burmese ambassador to China, Thakin Chan Htun told The Irrawaddy on Tuesday that the growing opposition to China is based on its support for the Burmese military regime. If Burmese people can’t control their annoyance against the Chinese people,” he said, “it could lead to riots between Chinese and Burmese people, just like the riots in the past.”

From NYT blog:

World leaders, including First Lady Laura Bush, are launching invectives at a regime that lost all its credibility long ago. Access to the Internet, the source of great hope for fueling a popular uprising, returned momentarily. And one of the key opposition sites, the Democratic Voice of Burma, seemed to give up on urging world leaders to do something to help. At the top of the front page of its Web site, the group merely asks for encouragement: “Express yourself to the people of Burma!.”

Are you going to deny them a little encouragement? ;)

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