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diciembre 2, 2007

ETA kills again (IV) [+]

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The ETA terrorists who shot two Civil Guards yesterday in the French village of Capbreton were an operative command who was going to enter Spain to carry on terrorist attacks and who were transporting in their car material to make limpet mines, temporizers, detonators and cloratite.

Sources from the Antiterrorist fight, who have not informed about the explosive’s quantity they were carrying have conveyed the news, and have added that it was enough to make some kind of explosive device and who wasn’t the very little quantity ETA terrorist use to leave in the cars to abandon them later and make them explode to erase their tracks.


There are mainly two hypothesis about what happened: first, the guards did not see them and were going back to their car to gather with the other agents. Second, they were going to inform their companions, who were far from the scene, about the ETA terrorists’ presence. Investigation sources do not believe they were there to carry the attack there.

Sources of the investigation consider that they could have given the order to kill whenever they had the chance and they just improvised, or they were desperate or one of them had enough importance in the gang to give that order. Till now, in these cases they just flee.

What happens? That yesterday I wrote (and Kate was so marvellous as to translate it to English) that Rubalcaba, Spanish Minister of Interior, said in a press conference, that both the ETA terrorists and the Civil Guards recognised each other. It is normal that a policeman recognises a gang member if he works to jail them. But it is not normal that the gang member recognises a policeman. And as there has been a case in which the police alerted the terrorists against a police intervention (yes, even if you don’t believe it: the security chief of Socialist party was accused of that)

Today the killed Civil Guard has been buried, with the presence (video) of the  King and Queen, the Crown Prince and wife and Zapatero (the positive look as he has dared to advertise for the next year’s elections). His family has critisized they were working unarmed.

The hurt one is in a vegetative state, without any signs of cerebral activity (video inside). Ergo, he is also dead.

Fernando Trapero, 23-year-old, entered this hospital just a little before 11:oo a.m., with a shot in the head and presented “head trauma“, a “great brain edema” and was in a situation of “profound comma” since the beginning.

But the violence goes on in the Basque Country: today a bus has been burnt in Getxo and the house of a Socialist councilman from Azpeitia has been attacked. Basque Popular Party has condemned the attacks.

[+] Zapatero was booed in the funeral: “You are negotiating with the terrorists because your son is not in the coffin”.

Right so.

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  1. Que ahora se quejen estos hipócritas de que la gente les abuchea, se lo tienen merecido por andar jugando a las cartas con los asesinos.

    Comentario por Elentir — diciembre 2, 2007 @ 9:07 pm | Responder

  2. elentir: Hombre, es que tienen la piel muy sensible… 😦

    Comentario por Lady Vorzheva — diciembre 4, 2007 @ 8:18 pm | Responder

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