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diciembre 17, 2007

Los atentados de Argelia: ¿para qué sirven las amnistías de Jihadistas?

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Y de terroristas en general:

Two convicted terrorists who had been freed in an amnesty carried out the suicide bombings at U.N. and government buildings that killed 37 people, an Algerian security official has said.

Rescuers in the shaken city Thursday were still extracting the living and the dead from the crumpled remains of U.N. offices in Algiers that were bombed by al-Qaeda’s self-styled North African affiliate.

Victims caught in Tuesday’s twin truck bombings, which happened 10 minutes apart, included U.N. staff from around the world, police officers and law students.

One of the bombers was a 64-year-old man in the advanced stages of cancer, while the other was a 32-year-old from a poor suburb that has produced many Islamic militants, the security official said Thursday on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

The government has offered amnesties to try to end a 15-year Islamic insurgency, resulting in thousands of militants turning themselves in, but sparking fierce criticism from the families of victims.

Interesante la tesis de Counterterrorism Blog: ¿es un resultado del acercamiento Francia-Argelia? Walid Phares escribe:

unlike in the past decade, today’s operations are strategically coordinated with al Qaeda central, not in terms of operations but policies and international decision making. However I believe that this particular attack is a response to the recent visit by French President Nicholas Sarkozy to Algeria. It is directed against the number of agreements signed by the Government of Abdelaziz Bouteflika with the Paris presidential delegation. The Jihadist incitement against the Algerian authorities, including mostly via the al jazeera shows, usually indicates the trends to come. Algiers was accused by the Salafi forces as “betraying the Muslim world and associating with French kuffar.” The strikes came in line with this incitement.

Argelia fue acusada por las fuerzas salafistas de “
traicionar al mundo musulmán y de asociarse con el infiel francés“. Hmm…

Al Qaeda (la central) a través de Zawahiri, criticó también a Argelia por su participación en Annapolis, acusándole de traicionar a los palestinos.

Por cierto, que esto es un cambio en la estrategia de Al-Qaeda en el Magreb que antes usaba menores y ahora empieza a usar viejos.

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb issued a communiqué to jihadist forums today, Tuesday, December 11, 2007, claiming two suicide bombings in Algiers this day striking United Nations headquarters and the Algeria Constitutional Council. Images are provided of the two “martyrs”, Ibrahim Abu Uthman and Abdul Rahman Abu Abdul Nasser Al-A’assemi, who each drove truck bombs containing over 800 kg of explosive material, and allegedly killed a combined total of over 110 “Crusaders and apostates”.

No es por nada pero este terrorista parece la Momia de Tutankamon. Por lo menos, no es un menor: este ya sabía lo que hacía.

Rescuers work at the site of a bomb blast from car bomb attacks on Tuesday. They targeted United Nations offices and a government council, killing at least 45 people and injuring dozens. Algiers: Rescuers work at the site of a bomb blast from car bomb attacks on Tuesday. They targeted United Nations offices and a government council.

Sin duda la mejor pregunta es la de CSM: Can Al-Qaeda spread across North Africa? Y digo la mejor, porque precisamente a esa expansión responde el nuevo nombre del Grupo Salafista para la Predicación y el Combate (GSPC), reconvertido ahora en Al Qaeda para el Magreb islámico. Claro, que una cosa son los objetivos y otra la realidad:

Roberts said high-profile attacks against foreigners was the strategy used by the once-formidable Armed Islamic Group, responsible for the worst terrorist attacks during the “dark decade” of warfare between the government and insurgents in the 1990s. Known by its French initials, the GIA attacked foreigners in Algeria, sending them fleeing and weakening the Algerian government by isolating it internationally. Lingering Islamist insurgents from those days compose the new Al Qaeda group.

“I think this is not part of a global jihad at all. It really has to do with destabilizing the Algerian government,” says Roberts.

Al final, la amnistía sirve para que desestabilizar al mismo Gobierno que les dio la amnistía, como consecuencia de su política internacional… Eso sí, El País titula Argelia no está en riesgo de guerra civil pese a los atentados“. En riesgo de guerra civil no, pero de desestabilización del Gobierno sí. también insiste en el vínculo entre la reconciliación con Francia y el atentado de Argelia.

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