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diciembre 28, 2007

Dimitud en su grado máximo: el Arzobispo de Canterbury

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I wrote the other day about the Latin Patriarch in Jerusalem’s statement against Israel and pro-Palestine. As Gandalf writes, h/t Pastorius:
here’s another rear end sucking exercise from the archbishop of canterbury (I will not use capital letters for this man) Archbishop of Canterbury want to discuss the Role of Shariah Law in Britain.
From the article:

Dr. Williams speech, SOAS’s Centre for Islamic and Middle Eastern Law will facilitate five lectures on the compatibility of Sharia law with the European Convention on Human Rights;

Legal Pluralism in Britain-”Should English Law give more Recognition to Islamic Law?”;

Human Rights; Free Speech/Incitement to Religious Hatred Laws;

In a statement released by SOAS, it noted that while English law had been shaped “in part by the principles and history of Christian culture” it owed “no obedience to any revelation, scripture or doctrine ascribed to God.” English law looked to the “rights and freedoms” of the individual, while Sharia law “has tended to protect and strengthen the community in which it is intended that the individual can then live a devout, good and ordered life.


El Arzobispo de Canterbury quiere discutir el papel de la ley Sharia en Inglaterra… ejem, ejem. Lo peor no son los enemigos si no los falsos amigos.

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