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enero 13, 2008

Oleada de explosiones en Birmania

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Ya van por la tercera:

Bomb attacks hit Burmese cities


A woman has been injured in a bomb blast in Burma’s commercial capital, Rangoon, officials say – the third bombing incident in three days.

The latest explosion occurred at a public toilet in a Rangoon railway station, witnesses said.

On Friday, a woman was killed by a blast in a railway station toilet in Nay Pyi Taw, the new capital.

And another man died, and four people were injured, when a bomb exploded in Pyu, north of Rangoon.

The government has blamed both incidents on the Karen National Union (KNU), a group fighting for greater autonomy for the ethnic Karen people.

The state-run newspaper, the New Light of Myanmar, said in both cases it was the bomber who was killed in the process of handling the bomb.

There was no claim of responsibility from the KNU or any other group.

Otras noticias desde Birmania:

  1. Burma’s ruling junta warned the public to be vigilant and report suspicious activities following a bombing that killed one woman in the capital, state-run media said Saturday. La Junta que gobierna Birmania ha avisado al público para que esté vigilante e informe de actividades sospechosa después de que una bomba asesinase a una mujer, según los medios gubernamentales.
  2. Bomb kills ethnic rebel, injures four others in Burma.
  3. Youth arrested for singing a political song.
  4. Gambari to visit India, China in January. I’m sure he is going to do nothing as in past holidays. Well, he is going to do everything except pressuring those two countries to change their policy towards Burma. More about Ghambari trips in The Irrawaddy Online Magazine: Mission Impossible. At the same time UN has protested the behaviour of the military Junta about distribution of meals: Poor access and tight government control in military-ruled Burma have hampered efforts to provide food assistance in the impoverished Southeast Asian nation, the UN’s World Food Program said Thursday. One of the main challenges for the group is the military government’s control of the transportation system, said Chris Kaye, WFP’s country director in Rangoon. The group, like other international humanitarian organizations here, is required to get formal clearance from authorities to deliver food where it is needed, he said. Although the hindrances haven’t been removed, there has recently been an easing of clearance procedures in northwestern Burma helping to speed up the movement of food, Kaye said, adding that the WFP hoped to get a similar agreement covering the rest of the country.
  5. Detained Suu Kyi meets Myanmar Junta’s minister. As several times in the past. With no result… again.
  6. Ten imprisoned, three held for interrogation. Ya escribí sobre detenciones de monjes con anterioridad. Y la caza del monje continúa, por supuesto SIN que se considere siquiera su publicidad por medios orientales. Total, unos pocos birmanos…
  7. Myanmar arrests two over human tracfficking, state media says. Iban a mandar a cuatro mujeres a China. Los desastres de la política de un solo hijo (preferentemente varón, que el machismo es algo generalizado y ni siquiera tiene siempre una base religiosa) han hecho que haya una severa diferencia entre el número de mujeres y de hombres, así que hay que buscarlas fuera. Eso se une al hecho de que está resucitando en China una práctica muy antigua: la del concubinato. Por supuesto, sólo los ricos acceden a esta actividad…. dejando a un importante porcentaje de la población masculina sin poder casarse.
  8. Exiled Kachin leaders accuse regime of taking over their culture.
  9. Burma faces more of the same in 2008. The regime’s attempt to restore “normalcy” may be working as many dissidents have been locked up and Buddhist monks have deserted Burma’s temples and monasteries.
  10. Hkun Htun Oo

    SNLD spokesman Sai Lek told The Irrawaddy on Tuesday that prison authorities had rejected or ignored requests by the families of SNLD chairman Hkun Htun Oo and SNLD member Sai Hla Aung for medical attention from outside.

    Hkun Htun Oo suffers from prostate problems, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Sai Hla Aung has a hyperthyroid condition, diabetes and heart disease.

  11. Who were the losers of 2007 crackdown? Looks like that everyone involved: the monks, the Burmese people and the military Junta.
  12. Jihad in Burma: A navy patrol vessel arrested 72 Rohingya, a Muslim ethnic minority in Burma, suspected of working with southern insurgents, in a boat found drifting off Kura Buri district on Wednesday. Vice-Adm Supoj Prueksa, commander of the Third Fleet, said the HTMS Phuket was returning from a mission to rescue 65 tourists stranded by high seas on islands in Surin Marine National Park when it came across the 10-metre wooden boat.

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