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enero 17, 2008

A new attack on freedom of expression: the Law against Homophobia

Though it’s only a rumour, it’s a consistent one, according to Aquiles (link en español), in view of the possible loss of votes that Socialists can have on the Spanish general elections which will be held on March 9th. He writes:

A law against homophobia, whatever they call it or how they hide it, in the hands of so radical a Government as PSOE is (supported by clearly extremists factions as United Left or Catalan Republican Left) can be easily used as a clear menace for freedom of expression in Spain, and as a true weapon of Zapatero’s new police of thought to submit everyone which could not accept his idea of politics. He also would achieve to create the social desestabilization he is searching for.

I am radically against any law against discrimination. I opposed the Law of Equality (a true shame for the feminine sex -my note: TOTALLY TRUE-) and I am opposed to this one. The laws against the discrimination are opened to the most grievous arbitrariety and are a clear way to unjust “positive discrimination”, but also end as a true way to abuse by the group who is the target of the law. Zapatero and Zerolo (my note: a Venezuelan nationalised Spanish whose only virtue in politics is having said he is homosexual) have not reached their top yet, and is probable they want to end the estigmatization of homosexuals in the next term, making us, the ones who do not share his radical vision of things, even more shameful of him.

As I say this is only a rumour, but considering how Zapatero has acted these past years, it is more than reasonable. In that case, we will have the Laicist-Multiculturalist-Islamist-Homosexual Inquisition, even if we were not specially expecting it.

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  1. I agree with you, totally.
    Nobody can touch the freedom of speech.

    I’ll link your blog on my blogs.

    Lontana/ Une dame

    Comentario por Unedame — enero 19, 2008 @ 7:09 am | Responder

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