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enero 25, 2008

The Alliance of Civilizations

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(Este post está en inglés, porque hay muchos que ya han escrito en español sobre la solemne idiotez que ha preparado La mirada positiva para gastarse una pasta gansa: El Cerrajero, Luis, ).

From LD:

The President of the Government, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, opened the I Forum of the Alliance of Cilizations announcing the appointment of a national coordinator. In the meeting, which was attended only by three chiefs of State, there were representant of universities, religious leaders, members of civil organizations and “interesting” gruops as the maoris or the boy scouts. But no Antonio Banderas, George Clooney or Angelina Jolie were present at the event.

It’s normal that Rajoy has laughed about this lack of personalities in the opening of the event.

Mariano Rajoy pointed out that “today there is a meeting attended by several important leaders: the Presidents of Finland, Slovenia, Malasia, Argelia and Zapatero himself”.

Since the beginning, there were also two international organizations which have given the express support to the Alliance: the Arab League (just to see afterwards how it supported Morocco about Ceuta and Melilla) and the organization of the Islamic Conference, the one who played a so important role in the cartoons’ war. And the UN.

Zapatero in the statement in the first session:

“The Alliance of Civilizations aspires to move all the great majorities of peace”.
“It will only be succesful if we succeed in giving it a practical and concrete content”.

That would be a good idea, considering Spain has wasted € 9 million in two days of Alliance of Civilizacions’ event… But it would have been even a better idea to have determined that before the waste began, wouldn’t it?

I was thinking: “eein, Zapatero speaking about dealing with something to concrete it in something useful by himself??” Eeh, well it wasn’t his idea: UNSG, Ban Ki-Moon, of whom I don’t have a good opinion at all, has told the Alliance, must “speak less noble words and make more specific actions“… Well, no, man, you don’t know who you’re dealing with…

So, Zapatero has already presented 57 measures to implement the “dialogue between civilizations”.

“Hay que centrarse en cuatro ámbitos: la educación, la juventud, la migración y los medios de comunicación”, ha afirmado Zapatero, basándose en un informe de alto nivel elaborado por la Organización de las Naciones Unidas.

We have to target four specific things: education (hmm, yeah, after Spain is one of the worst countries in Europe according to every possible report on the subject thanks to our Socialist overlords in the 80’s and 90’s and Zapatero has even worsened it, we are going now to tell others how education should be handled…), youth (what for? more abortion? less responsibility? even less thinking because we are in other much important subjects?…), migration (oops, yeah, I’m seeing how much you are worried on the subject, so much you are paying a LOT of MONEY to send immigrants back to their countries and rumours of statements supporting that Spain, Italy and France should deport massively immigrants, which were later denied, of course) and the MSM (to make every country be like Spain where nearly 90% of all are hmm, how to name them?? Utterly socialist?).

But he continues:

Extremism tries to profit itself from rooted conflicts to kill innocents“, Zapatero stated, adding that he chose to “isolate the extremist and intolerant statements of those who think that their religion is the only one and must be imposed on others“.

Yes, you can be totally confident he is not referring himself to Islamic terrorist moonbats, but he, only to Catholic Church. I mean, there are idiots in all religions, but the problem of Islamism is that they have enough basis in normal teachings of Islam to build on a huge political warmongering ideology. But, ehem, no, they are peaceful. But the Catholic Bishops in a meeting to defend the Christian family, uff, that is a huge peril for the world…

But he continues…

“The XXIst century must have as the main target, the reduction of conflicts and inequalities”, he added.

Inequalities he says, hein? PSOE has employed several “people with knowledge” of things to help them with the electoral program. One of them is Wangari Maathai, Nobel Prize winner and defendant of FGM. Of course, she spoke against than in the speech when receiving the Prize, but she has been defending it as a part of her culture for long…

So, he has invited the leaders who attended the meeting in Madrid, to follow the Spanish example. He has defined Spain as a “country of peace, open, friend of all civilizations and in a good disposition to build up understandings”

Well, this words must have convinced Bush to collaborate with the funding of several schools in Maghreb. Of course, leftist newspaper Público, who is extremelly anti-USA, pubishes that without even considering that the “funding of several schools” is a very small collaboration. As it’s normal considering the lack of relations between US and Spain since Zapatero won the 2004’s elections.

Anyway, even if Spain is very eager to have peaceful relationships with all the countries in the world, there are others who aren’t. Erdogan, Turkish PM, has menaced in the forum of the Alliance of Civilization with all possible wrongs if Turkey is not allowed in the European Union:

The possible entry of Turkey in the European Union could help to promote world peace and to aliviate the tensions between the Western and Islamic worlds, Erdogan said.

[…] Erdogan, a devout Muslim whose party of center-right AKP has Islamist roots (yes, and now he will add they are “moderates”), said in the meeting that if Turkey is not let into EU, that could undermine the relations between religions and cultures.

Hmm, when someone knows, since the beginning, you’re not going to do something by your own will, and he/she is not a fair player, he will use the same tools ever: manipulation and menace. Anyway, there are newspapers which describe his visit to Granada’s Alhambra like if everthing would have been peaceful and marvellous.

But it weren’t. As if this was to contradict that everyone is soooo peaceful, we have had a beautiful quarrel between the Erdogan’s bodyguards and the Spanish policemen which were in charge of the meeting’s security:

Sources from the Government confirmed that the will to enter the Palace of Congress by the members of one delegation without the required identification provoked the first incident with the Spanish agents standing out in the main access to the building. Policial sources which were consulted by Europa Press confirmed that this delegation was the Turkish one.

Once they have entered the building, the strong security cordon around Erdogan wanted to go after him to all and everyone of the rooms to which the Turkish PM wantd to go, making it impossible for the Spanish security agents to work and to normally pass the different programmed meetings, among others the concession of the Prize ‘Building Bridges’ (‘Construyendo puentes’) to the Chiefs of the Governments of Spain and Turkey (that is, Zapatero and Erdogan). So the pushes and the struggles were again reproduced with the security group which normally goes with Zapatero.

Looks like they did not build very much bridges after all… 😆

In fact, hmm, even Spanish King “forgot” to mention the Alliance of Civilizations in the meeting with the Diplomatic representants. A real measure of its (non-)importance.

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