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febrero 18, 2008

Spanish Elections Watch (III): Nuevo episodio de violencia

If yesterday I wrote about the attack on María San Gil, today another PP candidate, Dolors Nadal, has been harrased (video inside) when she was going to give a conference at the Pompeu Fabra’s University. She has been unable to even begin with it. The independentists have shouted “No fascists in the university” and “Catalan Countries are not Spain“.

When Nadal was going to enter the room, some of those youths have tried to block it not to let her enter. There were several people pushed and slapped in that moment. Then when she was going to speak, some youths, who were out of the room, have begun to shout “fascist” to her, while the Mossos (Catalan Autonomous Police) were trying to save her from the pushes.

One of the men who was with Nadal has taken a fire extinctor, just in case the demonstrators were going to use it against the candidate. Then dozens of youths, inside the room, have insulted her.

In the end, the Mossos, considering the situation was out of control, have taken her out of the room and have driven her out of the compound in a secret police car.

No association has announced their responsibility for the boycott. But they were carrying propaganda from one of the associations of Catalan Independentist Youths. ERC (Catalan Republican Left) has stated they are not the responsible.

Oh and no condemnation from the PSOE’s representatives… 😦 Even if they should worry about the polls: PP is nearer PSOE each day (according to latest data: PP would have only 2 seats in Parliament less than PSOE). So El Pais is going to publish a special report on Zapatero, considering him as the best candidate: with satisfaction and tranquility, sure of himself, reasonably happy, with a smile, “Bishop-proofed“. 🙄 Yeah… so subtle and clever as ever…
Today it has been published that Zapatero accepted a written proposition from ETA to begin the political negotiation.

And the ETA terrorists have said that Zapatero promised them Navarra:

Los presos etarras han emitido un comunicado, publicado en Gara, en el que señalan que durante la negociación del Gobierno con ETA “nunca antes habíamos llegado tan lejos en el reconocimiento de los derechos”, en alusión a la independencia. Y es que según los terroristas, “si se abrió la puerta de la solución al conflicto” fue porque Zapatero “dio su visto bueno a ese estatuto de autonomía a cuatro”, es decir, que uniera Navarra, Vizcaya, Guipúzcoa y Álava.

ETA imprisoned terrorists have stated officially, in Gara, than during the negotiation of the Government with ETA “they were farther than in any other negotiation in the acknowledgement of out rights”, referring to the independence. According to the terrorists, “if a door was opened to achieve a solution to this conflict” was because Zapatero “agreed with that Autonomy Statute in which the four parts were involved”, that is, that Navarra, Vizcaya, Guipuzcoa y Álava were united.

Against the will of the people, without any kind of announcement. If this the Zapatero’s definition of democracy, I really do not like that democracy for sure…

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  1. Hi!!
    Yes, I am spanish, and I have to say that this is the worse. This is not the correct form of to have democracy.

    Comentario por Maritekia — febrero 18, 2008 @ 9:56 pm | Responder

  2. Hi, Maritekia!

    I totally agree. The violence and the disrespect for other people’s ideas is NOT what I can consider the best path to a stable democracy.

    Thanks for your comments and welcome to the blog!!

    Comentario por Nora — febrero 18, 2008 @ 11:18 pm | Responder

  3. Es tremendo, Nora, tremendo. EL nivel de violencia va creciendo por momentos y nuestro gobierno no hace nada para atajarlo. Más bien está interesado en promoverlo.

    El problema es que uan vez desatada la bestia suele ser imposible detenerla…

    Comentario por Hurssel — febrero 19, 2008 @ 1:23 am | Responder

  4. Hi Nora!!
    I saw you in for this reason I visit you. It´s very interesting that so far you are interested in our politic, but I have the idea you are spanish in USA. Today I wrote about this problem and our political in other side, the people are wrong, they hate to other people of others political signs. We live in a crazy country. Thank you for the welcome!!

    Comentario por Maritekia — febrero 19, 2008 @ 4:16 am | Responder

  5. Hurssel: Sí, porque les viene bien la “tensión”. Menuda pandilla de sinvergüenzas…

    Claro, claro que una vez desatada la furia, es muy difícil de controlar. Ahora bien, un poquito de represión socialista y todo terminado… Estoy de acuerdo con el cerrajero: se han parapetado muy bien…demasiado bien…

    Me preocupan mucho los días anteriores al 9 de marzo… 😦

    Maritekia: Sorry to dissapoint but I am Spanish and I live in Spain 😉 . The only reason I write both in English and Spanish is to reach MORE people about what is happening here.

    Reality is though US is knowing also a known degree of violence. Specially anti-war women are extremelly violent: they have even burnt recruitment offices in several states.

    Comentario por Nora — febrero 19, 2008 @ 9:02 am | Responder

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