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marzo 20, 2007

Why some Westerners hate so much the West?

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Yes, I have been thinking about this for a long time. Why we are so interested in killing our own way of life? The problem are not the enemies, but the false friends: those people who try to cave into the desires of the worst sort of people, mainly remarked enemies of Western principles and way of life.

Chávez and the Western propaganda:

Investor’s Business Daily chronicled Chavez’s troubles from the Bush tour, first describing Chavez’s early effort to hit Bush with nasty street protests in a bid to direct cameras away from the visiting U.S. president, and ‘seize the message. That didn’t work, so his next move was to launch of a ‘shadow tour’ to his allies, in a further effort to draw attention from Bush. The ‘shadow tour’ didn’t go according to plan and worse yet, made him look ridiculous. Instead of getting spontaneous adoring masses and media coverage, Chavez was repeatedly described – from Argentina to Mexico – as a spurned boyfriend stalking Bush, unable to handle his quiet rejection. After that, Chavez watched as his own allies distanced themselves from him, just as it was getting obvious that success was building in President Bush’s own tour.

[…] In waltzed Walters, possibly ignorant of all this going on (to be charitable), and just thrilled to crow to U.S. viewers about her new interview ‘catch.’ But not only did Walters give Chavez a platform to improve his image – something Chavez had been trying hard to do in the last few days, she piled on the usual claptrap from the Chavez propaganda machine about Chavez’s wonderful generosity to the poor in both Venezuela and the U.S.

[…] As for Venezuela’s battered citizens who have borne the brunt of Chavez’s disastrous dictatorship, Walters had only a brief, terse segment showing three unnamed (why?) young men seated against a hard wall, trying to explain that their future had been robbed, their security was at stake, their democracy had become dictatorship and their only recourse was to flee the country. Only two spoke, and between them, got about two sentences in to Walters’ interviewer. However, the sloppy cutting of the filmed segment showed they had tried to elaborate but were cut off. Walters quickly shot past the few seconds of that segment, never returning to it, to move on to much longer and far more colorful spreads about the wonders of chavismo, calling Venezuela “a land of contrasts.”

Well, the exodus of the ordinary able for exit people has begun and it’s really growing. Read the interview to Gustavo Coronel, ex-President of Venezuelan Oil National Company: “Young people flees from Venezuela because they are searching a society in which they can grow as individuals“.

See also Babalu Blog.

If you want to read more about Chávez, read my posts: Is Venezuela rationing food?, London is going to get foreign aid, Venezuela to Al-Qaeda: do not menace us, we are anti-Imperialists!, AlQaeda in South America.

Britain: A school production of Roald Dahl’s Three Little Pigs has turned the heroes into three little puppies for fear of offending Muslims. Thanks to An Englishman’s Castle, MNM and The Lone Voice. According to latest news, they have already being changed back into piggies again. What surprises me of these kind of decisions, is the lack of understanding and of really being convinced of the higher moral principles Western democracy has. It’s good not to offend but no one has a right not to be offended. I agree totally with this:

Philip Davies, the Conservative MP for Shipley, said: “My view is that the people responsible for this are completely bonkers. It is the type of political correctness which makes people’s blood boil. “As usual it is done in the name of ethnic minorities but it is perpetrated by white, middle class, do-gooders with a guilt complex and far too much time on their hands.”

If you read the link from The Lone Voice, we can see that:

Education chairman Clr Jim Dodds has said: “The decision to ban the pigs was made by well-meaning people – but it was the wrong decision. Let’s stick with the traditions“.

A spokesman for the British Muslim Association said: “It is wrong when people try to decide what Muslims think, without ever asking for their opinions.”

Observe that this spokesman is just conisdering that the rest of the world should ask him for an opinion. That is obviously not correct: Muslims can give their opinions but that doesn’t mean they are going to be obeyed or even taken into consideration.

But, that being clear, what he says points out another malaisse of Western countries, malaisse which can be summed up in the Spanish maxima “Eres más papista que el Papa” or “You are more papist that the Pope himself”.

Again from England, but this time from A Tangled Blog:

The University of Leeds has has cancelled a lecture on “Islamic anti-Semitism” by a German academic. Matthias Köntzel arrived at the university yesterday morning to begin a three-day programme of lectures and seminars, but was told that it had been called off on “security grounds”.

A historical reflection about the birth of multiculturalism in Britain by Pub Philosopher. A MUST READ!

Australia: The American Thinker writes about Mufti Sheikh Taj Aldin al-Hilali:

Al-Hilali outraged Australians last fall by describing women as “uncovered meat,” and in January compounded their furor when he claimed that Muslims had more right to the country than the “Anglo-Saxon” heirs to Australia’s convict ancestors. On March 12, al-Hilali spokesman Keysar Trad brazenly baited politicians to stop using Muslims as a “political football.”

In October 2006, after al-Hilali’s misogynist sermon at west Sydney’s Lakemba mosque, Prime Minister John Howard criticized him and other politicians demanded his dismissal and deportation. Egyptian-born al-Halali has been in that position before, however: after spewing anti-Jewish hatred at the University of Sydney in 1988, deportation proceedings began. But under Muslim pressure, in 1990, Australia granted him citizenship.

[…] Some Muslims rebuked him: Darulfatwa (Australia’s Islamic High Council) called al-Hilali an ill-respected, “divisive figure” and asked the Lebanese Muslim Association (LMA) running the Lakemba mosque to fire him. The Forum on Australia’s Islamic Relations (FAIR) also sought “sending [al-Hilali] out to an early pasture.”

This is a very interesting thing: he had fulfilled every condition to be deported and yet he was not, because of Muslim pressure. The problem is that this kind of pressure is being used now to achieve the same effect:

With the al-Hilali camp’s latest political announcement, Australia’s radical Muslims have also announced their strategy to again leverage multiculturalism and Western guilt for their advantage. This time, they’re fighting Christians along with the politicians: Christian Democratic Party leader, Rev. Fred Nile, called Monday for a 10-year moratorium on Muslim immigration to Australia, in favor of Christians fleeing Islamic persecution–which not incidentally goes largely uncovered, in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Pakistan.

But failing a massive Christian campaign on the issue, Muslim pressure again looks ascendant in Australia, and al-Hilali highly unlikely to be sent packing for good. After all, the country’s parliamentary multicultural affairs minister recently assured the public that a government-sponsored Islamic center will produce moderate imams.

See the problem? The Muslim voices against this Imam, though existent, as the link from The American Thinker show, are not the supported by the own Government and society. So this Imam and his supporters, who only want to change open Western society into a “land of Islam”, where women would be considered as meat, Christians and Jews as pigs and monkeys and so on. So the failing of society -more worrying even than the Government- to confront this kind of attitudes is the key to the question. Remember Sparta was not taken but by a traitor? This is just the same…

An important example of Westerner-who-hates-West is, without doubt, London major, Ken Livingstone. While he receives in audience Yusuf Al-Qaradawi – who has called for the killing of Jews, approves suicide bombings and excuses the Muslim punishments proscribed for homosexuals – and kisses with Chávez, he is a Jewis-hater and a Palestinian-lover…, he has had to acknolwedge that in London, anti-Jewish attacks have risen 30%. But for that, he has waited 3 weeks after the report in which that numbers were published. And, when the London Jewish Forum has invited him to discuss it, he has sent Lee Jasper, Senior Advisor on race relations and policing, John Ross, Director of Economic and Business policy and Simon Fletcher, the Chief of Staff. He has time to see al-Qaradawi but not to see the people who are attacked. More respect and worry for the people who, at least, are menacing than for the menaced and hurt.

Belgium: From Brussels Journal via Blogbis.

Worried immigrants told Ms. Uijt den Bogaard what was happening. On the basis of their accounts and her own experiences she wrote (confidential) reports for the city authorities about the growing radicalization. This brought her into conflict, both with the Islamists and her bosses in the city. The city warned her that her reports were unacceptable, that they read like “Vlaams Belang tracts” (the Vlaams Belang is Antwerp’s anti-immigrant party) and that she had to “change her attitude.” The Islamists sensed that she disapproved of them. They might also have been informed, because there are Muslims working in the city administration. One day, when she was accompanied by her superior, she was attacked by a Muslim youth. Her superior refused to interfere. When she questioned him afterward he said that all the animosity toward her was her own fault.”

In the end she was fired. She is unemployed at the moment and gets turned away whenever she applies for another job as a civil servant. Last week, she learned that city authorities have given the job of integration officer, whose task it is to supervise 25 Antwerp mosques, to one of the radical Salafists. Meanwhile, the latter have threatened her with reprisals if she continues to speak out.”

See? Again it happens the same: some Salafists –with money– arrive and began changing Western way of life. When someone decides to speak the truth, not only the “city” -so the Western authorities- do not support her -even if she is receiving death threats and had been actually attacked-, but they fire her and they employ a Salafist in her job!! But the most important thing is that the people who were worried about the new situation were immigrants, not nationals!!

I think critics of Islamofascists, or even of Islam, are not critisizing the ones who are really the culprits of the Islamofascist invasion: the Trojan horses who hate, even more than the Islamofascists, a very important part of our culture. And it is very important to note that, according to Homer, the 10-year bloody Trojan war ended only because of the Trojan horse. Trojans received it as a gift from the gods, and it was: but from the Greek god Poseidon, not from the Trojan’s.

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marzo 10, 2007

Today’s demonstration 2

More reaction:

Gateway Pundit: MASSIVE Rally Against Terrorism in Madrid!

MASSIVE Rally Against Terrorism in Madrid! Hundreds of Thousands of protesters rallied against surrendering to terrorists in Madrid!

Antes de que empiece la guerra de números » Desde el exilio

Me da igual. No importa si son un millón, medio, más o menos. Son muchos. Muchísimos. Demasiados para ser todos fascistas, liberticidas, franquistas, crispadores, marionetas al servicio del PP o de un “Losantos” (cuánto poder en sus manos de ser así!) No percibo ni mareo, ni vómitos ni me apetece apagar la televisión (Por cierto, sólo Tele-Madrid ofrece cumplida información de lo que ocurre a los que vivimos en el extranjero). No veo ira, ni armas, ni puños cerrados por el odio.

Fernando Savater, de la mayúscula al punto, hoy en El Correo (via Daniel

La argumentación más inconsistente y menos convincente para apoyar el disparate gubernamental con De Juana es apelar a las supuestas excarcelaciones de etarras antes del plazo debido por parte del Gobierno de Aznar o los acercamientos de presos realizados en el mismo período, para probar la ‘hipocresía’ de la oposición (la palma se la lleva la ‘Ser’, que siempre bate el récord de bajura con este tema, proclamando la gran noticia de que ‘el Gobierno de Aznar’ no actuó contra De Juana cuando el miserable pidió ‘champán y langostinos’ para celebrar el asesinato de Tomás Caballero: ¿sólo le falta decir que se los envió Aznar pagados de su bolsillo!). Como sabe cualquiera que se moleste en enterarse de las cosas, el PP insistía en cambiar la legislación para hacer cumplir íntegras las penas pero entretanto, como no podía ser de otro modo, cumplía con la legislación vigente y sus reducciones de condena. En cuanto a los acercamientos de presos, no respondían al chantaje de ningún recluso, sino a reiteradas peticiones parlamentarias y de medios ilustrados de comunicación. Pero en fin, aunque no fuera así: ¿y qué? Si el Gobierno Aznar lo hizo mal entonces (aunque lo que hizo nada tiene que ver con la excarcelación mediante chantaje de De Juana Chaos) ¿por qué el PSOE no se lo reprochó en su día, cuando tantas cosas le censuraba en otros campos? Aún peor: si aquello fue un error, ¿por qué ahora se utiliza como justificante en lugar de haberlo tomado como advertencia de lo que no debe hacerse, visto el resultado? Es floja excusa para equivocarse el que otros se hayan equivocado antes y uno repita de buena fe los errores.

Red part translated: “If Aznar’s Government was wrong at that time (he did not do anything which could be levelled with De Juana’s blackmail), why PSOE did not critisize that then, when Socialists were so hard critisizing PP? What is even worse: if that was an error: why now is used as a justification, and not as a advise of what it should not be done, once we have seen its result?

Also Barcepudit.

Nauscopio has a lot of links both to news and to blogs. Among them: Juan Pedro Quiñonero: Madrid’s demonstration viewed from Europe: he links to IHT, Le Monde,

Specially interesting for me is Le Monde’s treatment of this demonstration: on the first page up and with the title: “Massive demonstration of the Spanish opposition in Madrid“. In another link, it considers “historic” the demonstration … to consider afterwards the “apparition of the symbols that we here call preconstitutionals, that have the Franco’s eagle“.

Manifestación España 10M Le Monde

Le Figaro: The right in mass against Zapatero‘s clemence.

Manifestación PP 10M Le Figaro

Il corriere della Sera: Chieste le dimissioni del premier. 1 milione in piazza contro l’Eta e Zapatero. Grande folla a Madrid, convocata dal Partito Popolare (opposizione di centrodestra), per denunciare la scarcerazione del membro dell’Eta Inaki de Juana Chaos.

Triste Romeo: The success is a fact. Now we have to echarle huevos.

I had laughed when I had seen this photo:

Manifestación 10M Madrid El Mundo

Zapatero dressed as a bride acting as bridegroom Otegi, the speaker from BATASUNA-ETA.

Reflexiones Iracuandas reflects upon how the Spanish left has seen the demonstration: Orwell reloaded: The demonstration has been below hopes“. It reminds me to a comment in El Pais website: Only if 45 million Spanish demonstrate, it will be a success. Hmmm, yes, of course….

With all the pressure about the flags, some people have tried to expell from the demonstration, a woman who was carrying the flag of the pollo, as here is called the eagle’s flag. Video.

Related post:

Today’s demonstration.

Today’s demonstration

NOTE: This post will be updated as more news coverage is realeased.

Madrid Autonomous Community (PP) raises the number to 2.125.000 demonstrators!

Saturday’s demonstration to protest the De Juana’s 2nd grade cannot be considered but as a great and marvellous success. Probably it has been the most important gathering -in numbers- in Spanish history. Before, only the Pope John Paul II had gathered so much presence (700 buses and estimated more than 1 million people). Today 1.000 buses have driven people who live outside Madrid. So we can safely state that at least 1 million people have gathered there. LD considers that possibly between 1,5 and 2 million have demonstrated against the Government’s decision..

Anyway, whatever the number, there has been a huge quantity of people… and that’s what I really like…

Manifestación del PP en Madrid

Photo found in El Pais website.
The exhibition of Spanish flag has been done PROUDLY, something which is MARVELLOUS. For so long the constitutional Spanish flag has been considered as something which should be hidden. And now, after weeks of hearing stupid statements as “only the far-right demonstrates with the flag” or “the demonstrators are coup d’état fans“, seeing too many flags -and people carrying them- has been a reward worthy of sustaining all critics.

There are some Spanish journalists who are fearing the use of the flag. PSOE supporters consider that people who carry the Spanish flag -a symbol of unity- have stolen it from the citizenship.

What happens? That PSOE supporters cannot use the flag? We have been seen throughout all the anti-Iraqi war demonstrations huge numbers of the Republican flag, and no one has said nothing.

But the worst attack on Spanish flag has come from a journalist in famous “El Pais newspaper” (the dependent from PSOE diary of the morning) in which he wrote that the constitutional flags in right-wingers’ demonstrations are FALSE. Why? Since the first demonstration, 3 or 4 -literally- fools from far-right political parties have appeared at the demonstrations, all of them carrying -what is believed to be- Franco’s flag. And the TVs and photographers go like hyaenas to rot meat: “grrr! this is going to be tomorrow’s news“.

It is a pity, but they were trying the rest of the “normal and decent” people not to go to this demonstration -and all the others- for that reason. But the normal and decent people HAD gone.

Yesterday, a militant from PP was beaten-yes, you are reading correctly- because he was protesting against De Juana. The attacker tried first to snatch the Spanish flag the attacked had in his neck: he hit hin repeatedly while the attacked was in the ground, till he was succesful and then run away. The conforting scene happened in Tarragona (Catalonia- SPAIN).

But what has made me blink my eyes more -just to see if it was true or not- , has been the statement teh Police Union has made. In an official one, consider “miserables” the people who are demonstrating against De Juana’s penitentiary nowadays state and that Jiménez Becerrill’s sister -one of the most important speakers of the Terrorist Victims’ association whose brother was killed by ETA and one of the people about whom De Juana said “Their cries are my laughters“- is “spitting on the blood of their relatives“. Uaughhhh! The curious and appalling thing is that in their website you can read “if it would have been for us, De Juana would have exited the prison when dead“.

Anyway, the relatives of the killed in the terrorist attack of the Barajas airport terminal T4 (Dec 30), Diego Armando Estacio and Carlos Alonso Palate, both of them from Ecuador, have been at the demonstration. Estacio’s mother has said to TV that he was there because Zapatero has promised her justice and because she wanted to “stay with the relatives of other victims and to share with them the lose of a beloved relative“. Hmm, justice and Zapatero in one line…

All my colleagues at -today I have written it right-, are there yet. But I have gone only to stay there, to be there, and then I have come back. I am alergic and the spring is in, so you can guess why I am not yet there….

Anyway, there are also demonstrations against the 2nd grade throughout the world…

Marcha por el ‘caso De Juana’ |

Imagen de la cabecera en la que se han situado los líderes del Partido Popular, como su presidente, Mariano Rajoy (c), que conversa con el alcalde de Madrid, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, momentos antes del comienzo de la manifestación bajo el lema ‘España por la libertad, no más cesiones a ETA’, convocada por el PP en protesta por la concesión de prisión atenuada al preso de ETA José Ignacio de Juana Chaos. (Foto: EFE)

Marcha por el ‘caso De Juana’ |

Varias personas sostienen grandes banderas de España y del País Vasco, ambas con un gran lazo azul. (Foto: EFE)

Denuncian la agresión a un militante del PP de Tenerife tras manifestarse contra la cesión del Gobierno a De Juana – Libertad Digital

El presidente de Nuevas Generaciones del PP de Canarias, Jaime Hernández Abad, ha denunciado y condenado que el expresidente de dicha organización juvenil en Tenerife, Javier Bueno, ha sufrido este viernes por la noche una “brutal” agresión tras la protesta convocada por este partido contra la mejoría en la situación penitenciaria del etarra De Juana Chaos. Un individuo intentó arrancarle la bandera de España que portaba alrededor de su cuello. Le tiró al suelo propinándole numerosas patadas en la cabeza y en el resto del cuerpo, “hasta que el salvaje agresor consiguió arrebatarle la enseña nacional, tras lo que huyó corriendo del lugar de los hechos”.

La madre de Diego Estacio se une a la manifestación porque Zapatero “me dijo que se haría justicia” – Libertad Digital

Familiares de las dos víctimas del atentado contra el aeropuerto de Madrid cometido por ETA el pasado 30 de diciembre se han sumado a la manifestación con el lema Por la libertad. No más cesiones a ETA, que este sábado ha reunido a entre 1,6 y 2 millones de personas en la capital de España. La madre de Diego Estacio declaró a Telemadrid que su presencia obedece a su “necesidad” de estar junto al resto de las víctimas del terrorismo de España y “compartir con ellos el dolor por la pérdida de un ser querido”. La Confederación Española de Inmigrantes se ha unido a la manifestación, así como otras organizaciones de inmigrantes con representación en todo el país.

El SUP acusa a la hermana de Jiménez Becerril de “escupir sobre la sangre de sus familiares muertos” – Libertad Digital

LLAMA “MISERABLES” A LOS QUE PROTESTAN POR LA EXCARCELACIÓN DE CHAOS El SUP acusa a la hermana de Jiménez Becerril de “escupir sobre la sangre de sus familiares muertos” El Sindicato Unificado de la Policía (SUP) ha emitido un documento interno en el que fija su postura sobre la decisión del Gobierno de excarcelar a De Juana Chaos. Contrariamente a la postura que venía manteniendo hasta ahora -en su página web dice que “si llega a ser por nosotros, De Juana habría salido de la cárcel muerto”-, el sindicato cambia en esta nueva circular de parecer, manifiesta su apoyo a Zapatero y arremete contra las víctimas. Llega a decir que algunas de ellas, y menciona a la hermana de Jiménez Becerril concretamente, “parecen escupir sobre la sangre de sus familiares muertos”. Uno de los miembros de este sindicato dijo recientemente que a Luis del Pino “le metería en una habitación sin Estado de Derecho”.

Los primeros datos del PP estiman más de 1,6 millones de personas en Madrid contra ETA – Libertad Digital

Los primeros datos del PP estiman más de 1,6 millones de personas en Madrid contra ETA Panorámica de la manifestación, este sábado en Mad Las primeras estimaciones del PP, convocante, indican una superficie de 400.000 metros cuadrados ocupada por manifestantes, lo que significaría una cantidad aproximada de entre 1,6 millones y 2 millones de personas. Otro dato refuerza que se trata de la mayor manifestación de toda la etapa constitucional: la llegada de más de 1.000 autobuses de toda la España peninsular, cuando el hito anterior del que se tiene registro son los 700 autobuses llegados en 2003 con ocasión de la visita del Papa Juan Pablo II.

El trato de favor a De Juana indigna a medio mundo y habrá concentraciones en América y resto de Europa – Libertad Digital

La decisión del Gobierno de conceder el segundo grado penitenciario al sanguinario terroristas De Juana Chaos, ha indignado a medio mundo. La gran manifestación prevista para este sábado en Madrid será reproducida en ciudades como Buenos Aires, Miami, Zurich, Londres, Ciudad de México, Montevideo o Frankfurt, entre otras. Así pues, la rebelión cívica que intenta frenar la cesión del Gobierno al chantaje de ETA ha traspasado fronteras y Zapatero tendrá que decidir si hace oídos sordos o no a una clamorosa multitud en España y a las voces que llegarán desde América y el resto de Europa.

Blog reaction:

Batiburrillo: Gigantesca manifestación del Partido Popular (II)

Estamos escuchando a un periodista que ha perdido los papeles hace años, Antonio Casado. Fíjense en las dos boutades que ha soltado este señor: 1) que no se puede “patrimonializar” la bandera nacional; 2) que hay un “exceso” de banderas españolas. Lo que no aclara el periodista es por qué la siniestra nunca saca las banderas constitucionales ni cuántas banderas nacionales colman el vaso de lo “tolerable”.

NOTE: I have corrected some things that were wrongly written.

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marzo 8, 2007

Haloscan installed

Filed under: blog — Nora @ 7:17 pm
I have just installed Haloscan and, well, the problem is all the comments have gone away. I thought that, with the new installation that was not going to happen.

But well, now there are other pros: such as, the comments widget and the possibility of having trackbacks, something that I find very useful.


He instalado el Haloscan. Lo siento por los que hubiérais comentado algo porque, al instalarlo, dejan de aparecer.

Eso sí, hay otras ventajas como la utilidad lateral que va señalando los nuevos comentarios y la posibilidad de usar los trackbacks, lo que personalmente considero muy útil.

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Women’s Day: The courage of Iranian women

Filed under: Derechos Humanos,Iran,libertad de pensamiento — Nora @ 5:51 pm
Iranian women had been protesting throughout all this week. Of course, this is not the first time and the demonstrations have had similar results.

It all began when women where protesting the imprisonment of some other women who were beaten and arrested last year when they were demanding their rights at a protest.

[…] “half an hour after the protestants gathered in silence, two Police officers, one not wearing Police uniform [an icon of the intelligence forces] and a black-wearing woman approached the participants and tore apart their banners while swearing. Then, they confiscated one of the participants’ cell phone and told them to leave the place immediately, because “it is ordered from the above”. According to the latest news [at the time of writing], a Police officer is pushing, beating, and swearing to the protestants. He has been heard saying “we will arreast you all” and “we will hang you all from trees“.

A truly multicultural expression from the country who invented the Dialog between Civilizations.

Result? 50 arrests were made. The police officers hit one of the demonstrators, activist Nahid Jafari, in the van where she and the others where trasported and they were broke her teeth. Now they are denying her any medical assistance (a very similar procedure to the one used with Ahmad Batebi).

Nahid Jafari

They were afterwards transferred to the “Social Corruption Office” and then to the Evin Prison.

The women started a hunger strike.

Their relatives asked for information about them, because the authorities had not told them anything.

All but three were freed on condition the could not demonstrate today, the International Women’s Day. But they have demonstrated and the police have repressed them, although they have not been succesful in removing them. At least two of them have been violently beaten with batons.

Meanwhile on Thursday morning, teachers also gathered in front of parliament in their third protest in a week demanding raises and asking that colleagues fired for political reasons, as many as 1,500 only in Kurdistan, be given their jobs back.


Desde hace una semana, las profesoras iraníes se están manifestando pidiendo un aumento de salario y en solidaridad con varias colegas (hasta 1.500 en Kurdistán) que han sido despedidas por razones políticas. También pedían la libertad de varias otras mujeres que fueron arrestadas el año pasado para pedir más derechos.

Cuando llevaban menos de media hora, aparecieron dos oficiales de policía, uno de ellos sin uniforme (lo que indica que era de la temida policía secreta) y rasgaron sus pancartas mientras les insultaban. Confiscaron el teléfono móvil de una de las protestantes y les amenzaron con arrestarlas y colgarlas de un árbol.

Pero las amenazas no tuvieron efecto así que les arrestaron. Ya en el coche, rompieron los dientes de la activista iraní Nahid Jafari y, después, le negaron asistencia médida. Fueron conducidas primero a la Oficina de Corrupción Social y luego a la temida prisión Evin de Teherán.

Los familiares de las detenidas solicitaron información.

Todas menos tres fueron puestas en libertad, bajo la condición de que no podían manifestarse. Pero lo han hecho y la policía ha vuelto hoy mismo a reprimir con fuerza la manifestación. 2 de ellas han sido violentamente pegadas con bastones.

Todo un canto a la Alianza de las Civilizaciones o a la verdadera democracia iraní, como hay algunos que llaman a la teocracia islámica.

Gateway Pundit: Iranian Women Arrested at Tehran Courthouse Protest

The women were protesting the arrest of 5 women from last year’s Womens Rights protest. 25 women were arrested outside a courthouse in Tehran earlier today.

Kamangir (Archer) – کمانگیر » Blog Archive » Police Violence in Iran against Activist Women (Updated)

A calm protest in front of the Revolution’s Court was attacked violently by the Police. Here are a few news on the incident.

Gateway Pundit: Iranian Officials Break Teeth of Prominent Womens Rights Activist

The police officers hit Nahid Jafari’s head to the police van and as a result of such violent actions, her teeth broke and the officers are currently refusing to take her to the emergency room.

Iranian Prospect

After a long wait in front of Evin Prison, families of arrested women issued a statement, requesting the authorities to provide information. The statement expresses: “With 24 hours past the arrest of 33 journalists and women’s rights activists, as their families, we continue to have no information about their situation. Ever since the arrests took place, we have been unable to receive any responsible communication about the situation of those detained, and in spite of the cooperative promises of several judicial and police authorities, no news has been disclosed to their families in attendance by Evin Prison. As family members of the detained individuals, we request immediate release of information about their circumstances, and hope to see them released as soon as possible.”

Nevertheless, in late hours of last night, authorities contacted several families and instructed them to appear at the court for bail proceedings.

Gateway Pundit: Iranian Teacher’s Protest Continues- Women’s Rally Turns Violent!!

Witnesses in parliament’s Baharestan square reached on the phone by Adnkronos International (AKI) said police tried to remove the women by force, in vain. Fatemeh Govarai and Marzieh Mortazi Langharoudi, two of the 31 released from jail, were violently hit with batons by plainclothes officials.

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marzo 1, 2007

De Juana is given the second grade for humanitarian reasons

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If yesterday I was writing about the sexual encounters between De Juana and his girlfriend, today the Government has freed De Juana by giving him the second grade. The Associations Pro-Amnesty are preparing to receive him as a hero. Association Foro de Ermua asks for the dimission of the President and the civic rebellion.

UPDATE: He has been received with Basques flags by some people in favour of Basques imprisioned [terrorists]. Looks like he knew he was going to be at home by February.

Victims saythey are angry and in grief.

Popular Party accusses the Government of humiliating the victims to save the “appeasement peace process”. It is possible they will call people to a demonstration for the first time against the Government.

De Juana leaves the hunger strike. Oh, so he was in one? So where did he get the strength to communicate with his girlfriend?

Bloggers’ reactions:

At last, De Juana will be able to maintain “intimate conversations” in his home (anghara)

De Juana ascote ( “When he will be at home, will he send his lover to the supermarket or will the taxpayer’s money paying for him?”

Black lace for Spain. Spanish Government caves into ETA terrorism (Cartas y artículos).

ZP, terrorist gang collaborator (El Cerrajero).

The moral lowness of the Socialists (Desde el Exilio). Luis links to other people who express the same blunt lack of understanding as me and others. For example:

-I take this as the most important proof that the Government has just caved into the murderers/killers gang (Batiburrillo).

-The elections will speak about this. What we cannot doubt now is that the soft Spanish leader has been kissing with the blackmailing killer (Luis de Amézaga).

-Lists the names of the 25 victims of this serial killer (Ajopringue).

-Zapatero has made a hero of De Juana (Huber).

This is one of the news that have angered me most since I began this blog (Jaime Arenas).

Now, Spanish criminals, you know what you have to do to go free (Zp no es bueno y lo sabeis).

Treason has name and face (Esto no se puede aguantar).

Mortal blow to State of Law (Zp el Espantajo manda España al carajo).

They have done it (Derecha y República).

They freed De Juana Chaos, the responsible for 25 killings (El Blog de Martha Colmenares).

Event today outside the Interior Ministry in Madrid at 20.00 to protest this decision (Elentir).

Ummhhh! What peace I am breathing? (A la calle que ya es hora)

Here comes De Juana (Zapaterías Rimadas).

Civic rebellion, now! (Ciudad Real, hoy).

Where was PSOE (Socialists) when De Juana was killing? (Reflexiones de la era ZP).

Considering this decision, Foro de Ermua asks Zapatero to resign and calls for an extension of the civic rebellion (Foro Liberal).

Gathering before the Interior Ministry (Liberales Irredentos).

A video against the decision (Prevost).

There are no legal or humanitarian reasons for this measure. And the fact that Popular Party also freed some terrorists -this time by humanitarian reasons, I add- is not the reason to do the same if it’s wrong (Amor, Patria y Libertad).

March 1st, Day of the Martyr San Ignacio De Juana Chaos -ironically, of course- (Soy Español y no me avergüenzo de ello).

The value of the PSOE’s swears (Caballero ZP).

Foro de Ermua asks the people who are going to attend the gathering to bring something to sleep on (La Tortilla de Patata).

The beginning of the end (El desgobierno que viene). Zapatero has made no comments…

When killers are set loose in the streets and the honourable people is indicted (Alianza entre Mamones).

What is the debt? (Criterio).

And International MSM:

BBC: ETA hunger-striker returning home (Ughhhhhh) A ver españolitos, una carta para la BBC que tiene el MORRO de no llamarle si no “prisionero en huelga de hambre” o “Prisionero separatista vasco”. La página para hacer la protesta aquí.

The same title is made in The Times. The Times también recoge lo mismo. Me cagüen…

In this moments I love Blas de Lezo. And forgive me all the British decent people…

Spanish MSM: El Mundo, ABC,

Other posts on De Juana:

De Juana will be freed for humanitarian reasons.

AVT will be demonstrating next Saturday.

ETA real victims, an intelligent quote and some stupid ones.

Batasuna bans Amnesty International.

The New Spanish Minister of Un-Justice.

The importance of ideologues.

Prosecutor renounces because he does not want to diminish punishment of ETA terrorist De JUana.

Bloody terrorist ends hunger strike and the Prosecutor’s office asks for diminishing his imprisonment.

Take care of the asleep lady [Spain]. You can not imagine her rage and fury” (Talleyrand to Napoleon, before the French invasion of Spain in 1808. You know, how everything ended…).

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febrero 21, 2007

Spanish soldier killed in Afghanistan

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Idoia Rodríguez Buján was killed this morning after a high-explosive mine exploded in Shindand (south of the Afghan province at Herat, see map below), while they were giving assistance to an Italian convoy. She is the first Spanish woman killed in foreign military missions. She was born in Friol, Lugo and belonged to the Light Aerotransported Brigade placed in Figueirido. Her father Constantino Rodríguez has said that no one could imagine the pain, as she was an only child.

Everything happened at 12:00 in the morning (Spanish hour) where they were travelling in an armoured millitary ambulance as shown below:

In the attack another two army men were hurt: César Muñoz Pantoja and Jorge Riaño del Río.

All of them will be flown back to Spain tomorrow.

As a tribute (from Tecnoliberal):

Others remembering Idoia: Elentir, En defensa de Occidente, Es la libertad de expresión, idiotas, Liberales Irredentos, Por España me atrevo, Sueños de un estudiante.

Other MSM: Libertad Digital, BBC, Breaking News.

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febrero 16, 2007

So after Al Gore

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profetising about the climate change, there comes Tony Blair -after leaving Downing St, of course-…

Well, he does. There is a far-advanced, detailed plan for his life after Downing Street, which he hopes will keep him in the spotlight and save his reputation. It has been quietly worked on for 18 months. Key meetings this very week will take it forward. But what, you may ask, is so momentous that it has the faintest chance of blurring, if not eradicating, the appalling and bloody disaster that has been Iraq? What is bigger than that? Africa? Northern Ireland?

No, the answer is climate change. Blair has told friends he will embark on a mission to save the world from global warming. Some of those close to Blair have urged him to devote his time to earning huge sums of money making speeches and sitting on corporate boards. But he has decided instead to use his personal contacts, his reputation in America, his undoubted energy and his experience in compromise-broking to help bring world leaders to “Kyoto 2”, the carbon emission treaty needed to replace the partial and deeply flawed first attempt, which runs out in five years’ time. It will be “Tony saves the world”.


The idea is that as soon as Blair has finally left office in Britain, he will begin travelling. He remains popular in the US where he will be speaking to the likes of Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama and the rest of the developing Republican and Democratic field. Though Blair will never criticise his old friend Bush in public, his friends say he is well aware that the end of the “big oil” presidency is an opportunity to be grabbed. Whoever the next president is, it won’t be a Texan oilman.


Those working with Blair on “the legacy” say that there are other things he still wants to do. He has not given up hope on personal work on the Middle East peace process, and wants to be remembered for Northern Ireland, too. On domestic policy, he has decided to do nothing that will be seen as a personal attack on Gordon Brown – though the diaries of some of his inner circle could still rock a boat or two.

So what do we make of all this? There will be hoots of derision in many quarters. Can some diplomatic shuffling in the US on “Kyoto 2” really make up in any way for the horror of Iraq? Isn’t this just his attempt to mimic Al Gore‘s climate change reinvention, with a whiff of Clinton thrown in? Can we so soon forget Blair’s stickily close relationship with the oilmen’s president, however much he publicly repeats that they disagree on climate change? And, most crucially, if the beginnings of a deal really are formed among various US, Chinese and Indian politicians, won’t it really be their show, not Blair’s? Isn’t it, in short, mere grandstanding?

Lucrative subject, eh? I would believe that they really believe in climate change the day they are not travelling in huge jets, driving expensive -and polluting- limousines/cars, etc. But I bet this people are the ones who throw the used batteries down the WC..

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febrero 15, 2007

A marvellous song

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My friend and ex-co-blogger Chesk asked me once what kind of music I like (I did not know the lyrics of a song by Queen, 😉 ).

So here is the kind of music I like. Enjoy: Josh Groban singing Don’t Give Up (You’re loved):

diciembre 29, 2005

Antirracismo, ¿un nuevo racismo?

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Con el título de “Antirracismo, ¿un nuevo racismo?” Horacio Vázquez del Rial se hace eco de dos artículos, uno de Pilar Rahola condenando el silencio de SOS Racismo frente a las declaraciones de Ahmadenijad y otro de Xavier Ruis-Sant, que pertenece a esta ONG y que le contesta, aunque a título personal.
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