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mayo 29, 2008

Burma after the Nargis

Burmese villagers had little, and lost it all – International Herald Tribune
“(…) for those who live in the isolated, outlying hamlets of the delta, putting their lives back together after Nargis has been a sad affair – and a struggle that international aid workers have largely been unable to help ease. The Myanmar government, critics say, is distrustful of outsiders and does not want the villagers to meet foreigners. Meanwhile, the ruling junta is unable or unwilling to provide adequate help on its own.
‘I don’t expect anything from the government. I never have and I don’t now,’ Then Khin said. ‘I heard on the radio about foreign help on its way, but I haven’t seen any in the past 20 days. It’s the same as before, nothing changed.’
The only government help Then Khin has received was a small packet of rice, which she won by the luck of the draw. The village authorities came only once, with some rice, blankets and other relief from the central government. The supplies were distributed by lottery because there was so little. The rice packet was not enough for even one meal for the 20 surviving family members who now crowd her hut.
The village of That Kyar lies near the mouth of the delta’s Pyapon River, downstream from Pyapon, a major delta trading town about 100 kilometers, or 60 miles, southwest of the principal city of Yangon.
A motorboat that left Pyapon carrying several visitors to That Kyar reached the village after more than two hours on the river, navigating around capsized ships and broken jetties.
Upon reaching a point in the river where the sea air finally smelled of salt and where gulls could be seen, the boat moved into a tributary and chugged upstream for another 40 minutes. Once a picturesque hamlet lined with coconut trees, That Kyar is now little more than a heap of rotting debris.

Unlike the cyclone victims who live near roads and receive help from private donors bringing supplies from the bigger cities, villages like That Kyar have been left to fend for themselves.

Three weeks after the cyclone came and went, the United Nations said that aid had reached less than one-fourth of the two million survivors in the hardest hit areas of the delta.
In what many observers hope will be a breakthrough, Myanmar’s generals finally told the United Nations last week that they would allow workers of all nationalities to go into the devastated areas to assess the damage. So far, virtually all foreign aid workers have been banned from the delta.
And it remained unclear how much access relief workers and aid agencies will have to those areas.

Many people there did not even know that Saturday was the day they were supposed to vote on a new Constitution, a document designed to prolong the junta’s grip on power.”

You can read more about Burmese situation after Nargis in 1972. Most of Enzo’s post is in English so there will be no problem, via Wind Rose Hotel.
And in this context UN continues to proof itself very useful, so it’s going to send 250.000 condoms because Burmese people needs to continue its contraception’s policy. They are not worried about lack of food, lack of clean water, lack of housing… no, they are worried about condoms. And there will also send contraception pills in special airplanes to Burma. Right. Good to see the priorities.
In related news, several National League for Democracy (NLD)’s members have been arrested some hours before fighter for freedom and Nobel Prize winner Aung Suu Kyi’s sentence has been extended.
Don’t know what happens but the link does not go well (at least for me). That’s why I have included the capture of the Irrawady’s daily mailing.
Burma Campaign UK has already sent a message to Facebook denouncing the extension of the arrest of Suu Kyi:

Yesterday, the regime extended Aung San Suu Kyi’s detention again. No formal announcement was made, but reports say the detention is for at least another six months. She has now spent over 12 of the last 18 years under house arrest. Her current period of house arrest began in 2003. The regime is once again breaking its own laws by extending her detention for a total of more than five years. The State Protection Law 1975, under which she is held, only allows the regime to detain her for a maximum of five years. Around 20 members of the National League for Democracy were also arrested yesterday as they marched to her home to call for her release.

The detention is for at least“… Welcome to the security of the citizens under the Burmese law… Not only the law is not fulfilled by the Government (the maximum is five years of detention period and Suu Kyi has been detained for 12 years), but she is going to be detained for at least, so for the time the Burmese junta wants. 

Oh, that legality under dictatorships…
La situación en Birmania empeora día a día sobre todo porque la ayuda internacional no llega a los damnificados. Sobre todo, la ayuda no llega a los pequeños pueblos del delta, a los que la Junta Birmana no quiere en especial que vayan los cooperantes internacionales. Es cierto que la Junta militar ha permitido que entren a evaluar los daños causados por el ciclón, pero lo cierto es que no se ha señalado la extensión de dicho permiso.
La situación en muchos sitios es desesperada, pero la ONU parece estar interesada sólo en una cuestión: los anticonceptivos. Muchas personas están sin comida, sin agua potable y sin vivienda, pero lo que va a mandar la ONU son un cuarto de millón de condones y unas 78.000 píldoras anticonceptivas. Esta decisión, que la ONU sustenta en que no quiere que los birmanos interrumpan su política anticonceptiva, es cuando menos curiosa si pensamos en la cantidad de gente que ha muerto (en especial niños) como consecuencia del ciclón.
El domingo pasado, además, se votaba la nueva Constitución con la que no cambiará nada, si no que la Junta aún aumentará más su poder. De hecho, una de las primeras decisiones ha sido la de detener al menos a 15 miembros del principal partido opositor, la Liga Nacional por la Democracia (NLD) y extender el arresto domiciliario de Aung Sang Suu Kyi, su líder, Premio Nobel de la Paz. Esta extensión del arresto incumple la ley birmana que no permite un arresto superior a cinco años (Suu Kyi lleva 12 de los últimos 18 años arrestada en su domicilio) y encima se le arresta durante al menos otros seis meses, permitiendo así tenerla arrestada el tiempo que la Junta quiera.
Eso sí, el resto del mundo callados, no vaya a ser que la gente en general se den cuenta del calvario birmano. El ser humano, en su máximo esplendor…

mayo 17, 2008

Día de Acción Global por las víctimas del ciclón Nargis

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I am interrupting the blogging rest -that will continue for some time now- because of this: The Global Action Day in behalf of the victims of cyclone Nargis. I have found he video of the campain in Italian blog  Wind Rose Hotel:
Some links:
More aid relief access to Myanmar needed to avert “human catastrophe” @ CNA Agency.
The bodies of human beings and cattle were floating alongside our boat. We reached a destroyed village and were the first outsiders to reach them. Cyclone Nargis bombed them, flattened them and left them rattled with their spirit rattled,” the worker said. “The body of a five year-old boy drifted by, [the] child of a mourning mother somewhere, the boy drifting in an unknown waters, waiting for a burial, unwept and unsung,” the worker continued.
“We witnessed children biting at old coconut shells as we went in,” said the worker.  “Dead people and animals are everywhere.  The people neither have the energy nor the will to bury them. There were many refugees, living in roofless churches and monasteries.  Help has not reached them.”
Le monde tente de faire arriver son aide à Birmanie @ La Croix.
If Humanitarian intervention happens, then what? @ The Irrawadi.
Rights groups warns donors to monitor aid @ The Irrawadi.
UN says nobody knows full extent of cyclone dysaster @ The Irrawadi.

Officials of various UN agencies called a news conference in Bangkok to give an update on their relief operations. The most basic data was missing, from the number of orphans to the extent of diseases and the number of refugee camps.

They also couldn’t say whether all survivors are in camps, on the move or still living in destroyed villages in the hardest-hit Irrawaddy delta. Cyclone Nargis also pounded Rangoon.

“The risk increases with each passing day,” Pitt said, referring to the vulnerability of survivors to outbreaks of disease and other problems.

Even the death toll has not been confirmed.

“Everyone is still using range of figures because we don’t have data yet. Access is making that difficult. We simply don’t have the information, and I can’t say when we will have it,” said Steve Marshall, a UN official who has just returned from Burma. 

The government says at least 43,318 people were killed in the cyclone and nearly 28,000 are missing, but the Red Cross fears the toll may be as high as 128,000

France angered by Burmese aid delay @ BBC.

France’s ambassador to the UN has accused Burma’s government of being on the verge of committing a crime against humanity by not accepting foreign aid.
Jean-Maurice Ripert made the comment during a General Assembly session, after Burma’s UN ambassador accused France of sending a warship to region.
France says the ship is carrying 1,500 tonnes of food and medicine for survivors of Cyclone Nargis.
State TV has put the official death toll of the 2 May storm at 78,000.

Another 56,000 people are thought to be missing according to the latest official estimates, which nearly double the figures released on Thursday, raising fears the final human toll may be enormous.

Around 2,000 cyclone survivors are told to return to their shattered homes by Burmese authorities @ The Irrawady.
Burma “guilty of inhuman action” @ BBC.
Burma requests farming aid before Rice-Planting Season @ WaPo.
Junta says constitution approved @ The Irrawady.
Authorities harrass Local NGOs, Private Donors @ The Irrawady.
This post has been written because of the Facebook event May 17th: Global Day of Action for Burma’s Cyclone Victims.

On Saturday May 17th we want as many people as possible to gather across the world to call for the International community to intervene in the humanitarian crisis in Burma. These can be in the form of peaceful demonstrations or vigils which will be held to urge world governments and the United Nations to intervene by supplying aid to the 1.7 million people affected by cyclone Nargis.

The Burmese regime has consistently blocked the international community from providing food, water and medical supplies to the worst affected regions. Hundreds of thousands of people are at risk of death through starvation, dehydration and preventable diseases such as malaria and diarrhoea.

A truly global protest could make a BIG difference, YOU could make a big difference, as one Burmese refugee aid worker put it to us: “Global protest is a great idea. I told these guys about it and they are excited about it. Knowing that the world is with them means a lot.”

Just be sure: I will always be with the suffering people of Burma. But don’t know about others, Spanish press, for example. The only mentions I have found are:

Francia acusa al gobierno birmano de “crímenes contra la Humanidad” @ El Paí
Birmania reconoce ya 78.000 muertos y 56.000 desaparecidos por el ciclón @ Pú
But don’t be anxious: both leftist newspaper are just interested in disguising other Spanish news, specially anti-terrorist ones. They don’t have a real interest in Burma’s situation.

abril 19, 2008

Birmania: Los ataques de matones contra los activistas pro-democracia continúan

Pro-Junta Thugs Continue Attacks on Activists:

“Pro-democracy activists in Burma face continuing harassment ahead of next month’s national referendum on a military-drafted constitution, according to the country’s main opposition party, the National League for Democracy (NLD).

Nyan Win, a spokesperson for the party, told The Irrawaddy on Friday that unidentified thugs attacked NLD members in two different areas of Rangoon in the past week. He said that harassment also continued in other parts of the country.

“Ko Thi Han, an NLD youth leader from South Dagon Myothit Township was attacked by unknown thugs with batons on April 16 because he was wearing a ‘No’ T-shirt,” said Nyan Win. “He was returning to his home by bicycle when some people in a car started to follow him and then got out to attack him.”

Another Rangoon-based NLD activist, Win Thein, and several members of his family were similarly assaulted while they were walking home from a bus stop in North Okkalapa Township, he added.

“Other harassment of NLD activities occurred in Taunggok Township in Arakan State and Wakema and Dedaye Townships in Irrawaddy Division,” said Nyan Win.

“Authorities in places all over the country seized copies of an NLD statement titled ‘Request to the People,’ calling on people to vote against the constitution because it is fundamentally undemocratic.””

Además la Junta militar ha detenido a un famoso rapero birmano por apoyar el movimiento pro-democracia:

Burmese authorities have arrested popular rap and hip-hop performer Yan Yan Chan in a continuing round-up of celebrities who support the pro-democracy movement.

A resident of Monywa Township in Upper Burma who knows Yan Yan well said he was arrested with a friend, Mie Mie, early Thursday. They were arrested at the house of a mutual friend in Monywa Township, the resident said.

Yan Yan Chan

Yan Yan Chan and three musicians founded Burma’s first hip-hop band, ACID in late 2000 and became very popular on the country’s music scene.

A singer who is a friend of Yan Yan Chan said the pop star had been under observation by the authorities since the arrest of his friend Zayar Thaw, another member of ACID, in late February. Zayar Thaw was sent to Rangoon’s notorious Insein Prison.

Burmese authorities have become increasingly nervous about the activities of the country’s pop music community and Internet bloggers since the monk-led demonstrations of September 2007.

Musician Win Maw, leader of the Shwe Thansin group, was arrested last November 27 in a Rangoon teashop. He had already been sentenced to seven years imprisonment in 1997 for writing songs in support of Burma’s opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Mientras el que está considerado como el segundo activista pro-democracia más importante de Birmania, después de Aung San Suu Kyi, padece una infección muy grave en un ojo y se le ha denegado cualquier tratamiento médico.

Min Ko Naing, widely regarded as Burma’s most respected activist after democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi, is suffering from a serious eye infection, according to a family member who says that the authorities have refused to allow him to receive treatment from an eye specialist.

The relative, who spoke to The Irrawaddy on Thursday on condition of anonymity, said that the activist’s family had learned of his condition during a visit to Rangoon’s infamous Insein Prison, where he is being held, on April 9. She added that his eyes have been in severe pain since late March.

He asked prison officials for a consultation with an eye specialist, but they said that eye specialists visit the prison once a month. They told him he would have to wait at least a month and get permission from the authorities,” said the relative, adding that the pain had become so great that he was unable to sleep at night.

Ya hablé hace unos días del ataque a un activista prodemocracia que fue atacado en una parada de autobús cuando volvía a casa. Pues el acoso continúa, como consecuencia de que el mes próximo tendrá lugar el referéndum sobre la constitución escrita por la junta, según el partido de la oposición más importante del país, la Liga Nacional por la Democracia (NLD).

MYan Win, un portavoz del partido, declaró a The Irrawady el viernes que matones no identificados los habían atacado en dos puntos diferentes de Rangún la pasada semana y que el acoso continueba en otras partes del país.

“Ko Thi Han, un joven líder del puerto de South Dagon Myothit fue atacado por los matones desconocidos con bastones el 16 de abril porque llevaba una camiseta con un letrero que ponía “NO”, dijo Nyan Win. “Volvía a su casa en bicicleta cuando algunas personas en un coche empezaron a seguirle y luego salieron y le atacaron.”

Otro activista del NLD que vive en Rangón, Win Thein, y otros varios miembros de su familia fueron asaltados de manera similar cuando estaban andando hacia su casa desde una parada de autobús en North Okkalapa Township, añadió.

“Otras actividades de acoso tuvieron lugar en Taunggok Township en el Estado de Arakan y en Wakema y Dedaye en el Distrito de Irrawaddy,” añadió.

“Las autoridades en todos los sitios del país han requisado copias de la declaración del NLD titulada ‘Petición al Pueblo,’ pidiendo a todos que voten contra la constitución porque es fundamentalmente no democrática.””

La detención del famoso rapero Yan Yan es simplemente una continuación de la represión generalizada contra el estamento artístico birmano. Fundador del grupo de hip hop más importante de Birmania, fue detenido junto a un amigo en casa de otro. Las autoridades han estado vigilándole desde la detención de otro cantante famoso, Zayar Thaw, que está ahora en la famosa prisión de Insein.
Por último, Min Ko Naing, considerado generalmente como el activista birmano más respetado después de la icono de la democracia Aung San Suu Kyi, sufre de una infección seria en un ojo, que no le permite dormir como consecuencia del dolor. Pues bien, cuando se pidió por parte de un familiar que le fue a visitar que le atendiera un médico, se le contestó que ya visitan la prisión oculistas una vez al mes y que tendrá que aguardar su turno. Añadieron que deberá pedir permiso a las autoridades.

abril 10, 2008

Hola, señores de la ONU…

Espero que tengan en cuenta esta noticia para que vean lo inútil que es su organización, por si no teníamos pocas pruebas…

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Burma migrants suffocate in lorry:

“More than 50 Burmese illegal migrants have suffocated in the back of a lorry taking them to southern Thailand, Thai police say.

The 54 migrants were found dead inside the packed container lorry after dozens more managed to escape from the vehicle and flag down police.

Police said the migrants had suffocated after the ventilation failed.

Thailand acts as a magnet for poor Burmese workers, with thousands risking the often perilous journey there.

Enticing wages

Police said that the Burmese workers had crossed by boat to the Thai town of Ranong from Burma’s southern tip at Victoria Point – a route often used by illegal immigrants.

They had then been packed into an airtight container on a lorry for the journey to the resort island of Phuket, but the ventilation in the container failed, Col Kraithong Chanthongbai said.

The people said they tried to bang on the walls of the container to tell the driver they were dying, but he told them to shut up as police would hear them when they crossed through checkpoints inside Thailand,’ he told the French news agency AFP.”

Pero claro, estos pobres cincuenta birmanos no tienen ninguna organización terrorista detrás, ni quieren imponer su ley religiosa… Estos pobres cincuenta birmanos, muertos asfixiados mientras escapaban de una de las peores dictaduras existentes, sólo escapaban de allí para intentar vivir como cualquiera de los demás. Pidieron a voces y a golpes que los sacaran del trailer cerrado en el que iban porque la ventilación había empezado a fallar, pero el conductor no pudo hacerles caso, porque estaban rodeados de controles de policías tailandeses. Y como eran trabajadores ilegales los iban a devolver a su país.

Hmm, pero mientras el inútil de Ghambari, el negociador oficial de la ONU para Birmania, resulta que dice que hay cosas positivas derivadas de su visita a Birmania, cuando ni siquiera ha sido las últimas veces recibido por la Junta militar.

¿Por qué será que los birmanos no ven muchas cosas positivas?

China y Rusia se han opuesto en el Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU a un borrador escrito por Estados Unidos, Gran Bretaña y Francia, en el que se pedía transparencia en el proceso político abierto en el país, la necesidad de que todos los partidos políticos sean admitidos a participar en las elecciones y el fin del gobierno militar. Algo que ya esperaban los birmanos, acostumbrados a este tipo de “aguamientos”. Los proponentes han dicho que van a seguir insistiendo… Más moral que el Alcoyano tienen estos…

Corea del Norte ha vendido varios lanzamisiles a Birmania…, lo que es curioso teniendo en cuenta que:

A Security Council resolution passed after North Korea’s 2006 nuclear test blocks trade with the secretive communist country in dangerous weapons, heavy conventional weapons and luxury goods.

Una resolución del Consejo de Seguridad aprobada después de la prueba nuclear de 2006 llevada a cabo por Corea del Norte bloquea todo comercio con el país comunista tan amigo del secretismo en relación a armas peligrosas, armamente convencional pesado y bienes de lujo.

Debe ser que los lanzacohetes son matasuegras…. //” porque contiene errores.

Las empresas chinas y tailandesas obtienen nuevos permisos de eplotación de los recursos petrolíferos del país… Y los opositores son atacados por miembros de “bandas callejeras”.

Tin Yu, a member of the NLD in Hlaing Tharyar Township, was attacked on Thursday evening by thugs carrying batons as he walked home from a bus stop. He was admitted to hospital where he received 50 stitches in the face.

Tin Yu, un miembro de la NLD en Hlaing Tharyar Township, fue atacado el jueves por la noche (por el de la semana pasada) por varios gamberros que llevaban bastones mientras volvía a casa desde una parada de autobús, Fue trasladado al hospital donde recibió 50 puntos en la cara.

Nada, hombre, 50 puntos… después de que lo apalearan… Algo habría hecho: por la noche volviendo de una parada de autobús… //” porque contiene errores.

Reuters ha obtenido el premio Pulitzer por la foto en la que un soldado birmano asesinaba a tiros al periodista/fotógrafo japonés Kenji Nagai.

Podeis leer también A Monk’s Tale:

ASHIN Pyinnya Jota is the deputy abbot of Rangoon’s Maggin Monastery. He has also been a political prisoner twice since 1990. Now, nearly six months after Burma’s military rulers crushed monk-led protests last September, he is in hiding in a monastery in the Thai border town of Mae Sot, opposite Myawaddy.

Ashin Pyinnya Jota (48 años) es el abad en funciones del Monasterio Maggin de Rangún. Ha sido también prisionero político en dos ocasiones desde 1990. Ahora, casi 6 meses después de que los gobernantes militares de Birmania, aplastaran las protestas lideradas por los monjes el pasado septiembre, está escondido en el monasterio de la frontera tailandesa de la ciudad de Mae Sot.

Habla sobre por qué salieron a la calle y protagonizaron la Revolución Azafrán. Interesante lectura.

febrero 9, 2008

Freedom from Fear: el documental sobre Birmania

Freedom from Fear es un ensayo realizado por la opositora birmana a la Junta militar, Aung Sang Suu Kyi, la única Premio Nobel que está en arresto domiciliario. Y así seguirá porque haciendo gala de un valor verdaderamente casi sobrenatural, permanece en la oposición a la Junta sin descanso. Ahora y tras la represión violenta de la Revolución Azafrán, se podrá visionar un magnífico documental sobre Birmania con el mismo título en el que se podrá ver cuál es la verdadera situación del país a día de hoy:

IIt is not power that corrupts but fear.Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it. Aung Sang Suu Kyi.

No es el poder lo que corrompe, si no el miedo. El miedo de perder el poder corrompe a los que lo tienen y el miedo del azote del poder corrompe a los que están sujetos por él. Aung Sang Suu Kyi.

Gracias a Birmania Libre.

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enero 13, 2008

Oleada de explosiones en Birmania

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Ya van por la tercera:

Bomb attacks hit Burmese cities


A woman has been injured in a bomb blast in Burma’s commercial capital, Rangoon, officials say – the third bombing incident in three days.

The latest explosion occurred at a public toilet in a Rangoon railway station, witnesses said.

On Friday, a woman was killed by a blast in a railway station toilet in Nay Pyi Taw, the new capital.

And another man died, and four people were injured, when a bomb exploded in Pyu, north of Rangoon.

The government has blamed both incidents on the Karen National Union (KNU), a group fighting for greater autonomy for the ethnic Karen people.

The state-run newspaper, the New Light of Myanmar, said in both cases it was the bomber who was killed in the process of handling the bomb.

There was no claim of responsibility from the KNU or any other group.

Otras noticias desde Birmania:

  1. Burma’s ruling junta warned the public to be vigilant and report suspicious activities following a bombing that killed one woman in the capital, state-run media said Saturday. La Junta que gobierna Birmania ha avisado al público para que esté vigilante e informe de actividades sospechosa después de que una bomba asesinase a una mujer, según los medios gubernamentales.
  2. Bomb kills ethnic rebel, injures four others in Burma.
  3. Youth arrested for singing a political song.
  4. Gambari to visit India, China in January. I’m sure he is going to do nothing as in past holidays. Well, he is going to do everything except pressuring those two countries to change their policy towards Burma. More about Ghambari trips in The Irrawaddy Online Magazine: Mission Impossible. At the same time UN has protested the behaviour of the military Junta about distribution of meals: Poor access and tight government control in military-ruled Burma have hampered efforts to provide food assistance in the impoverished Southeast Asian nation, the UN’s World Food Program said Thursday. One of the main challenges for the group is the military government’s control of the transportation system, said Chris Kaye, WFP’s country director in Rangoon. The group, like other international humanitarian organizations here, is required to get formal clearance from authorities to deliver food where it is needed, he said. Although the hindrances haven’t been removed, there has recently been an easing of clearance procedures in northwestern Burma helping to speed up the movement of food, Kaye said, adding that the WFP hoped to get a similar agreement covering the rest of the country.
  5. Detained Suu Kyi meets Myanmar Junta’s minister. As several times in the past. With no result… again.
  6. Ten imprisoned, three held for interrogation. Ya escribí sobre detenciones de monjes con anterioridad. Y la caza del monje continúa, por supuesto SIN que se considere siquiera su publicidad por medios orientales. Total, unos pocos birmanos…
  7. Myanmar arrests two over human tracfficking, state media says. Iban a mandar a cuatro mujeres a China. Los desastres de la política de un solo hijo (preferentemente varón, que el machismo es algo generalizado y ni siquiera tiene siempre una base religiosa) han hecho que haya una severa diferencia entre el número de mujeres y de hombres, así que hay que buscarlas fuera. Eso se une al hecho de que está resucitando en China una práctica muy antigua: la del concubinato. Por supuesto, sólo los ricos acceden a esta actividad…. dejando a un importante porcentaje de la población masculina sin poder casarse.
  8. Exiled Kachin leaders accuse regime of taking over their culture.
  9. Burma faces more of the same in 2008. The regime’s attempt to restore “normalcy” may be working as many dissidents have been locked up and Buddhist monks have deserted Burma’s temples and monasteries.
  10. Hkun Htun Oo

    SNLD spokesman Sai Lek told The Irrawaddy on Tuesday that prison authorities had rejected or ignored requests by the families of SNLD chairman Hkun Htun Oo and SNLD member Sai Hla Aung for medical attention from outside.

    Hkun Htun Oo suffers from prostate problems, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Sai Hla Aung has a hyperthyroid condition, diabetes and heart disease.

  11. Who were the losers of 2007 crackdown? Looks like that everyone involved: the monks, the Burmese people and the military Junta.
  12. Jihad in Burma: A navy patrol vessel arrested 72 Rohingya, a Muslim ethnic minority in Burma, suspected of working with southern insurgents, in a boat found drifting off Kura Buri district on Wednesday. Vice-Adm Supoj Prueksa, commander of the Third Fleet, said the HTMS Phuket was returning from a mission to rescue 65 tourists stranded by high seas on islands in Surin Marine National Park when it came across the 10-metre wooden boat.

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