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febrero 14, 2008

Noticias de San Valentín

Parece mentira que estas cosas sean de hoy día pero lo son, desgraciadamente:

Un hombre en Nigeria vio rechazada su proposición de matrimonio por ser musulmán. La “agraciada” era cristiana, así que a la mañana siguiente, cogió a varios coleguis, se fue a su casa y la acusó de blasfema. Ella escapó y se refugió en la comisaría de policía. Cuando ellos pidieron que se la entregaran y la policía se negó, atacaron la comisaría… Algunas personas tienen muy mal perder 😀

A Muslim man’s frustrated desire to marry a young Christian woman resulted in him accusing her of “blasphemy,” triggering violence in this town in Bauchi state on February 2 that left one person dead, seven Christians hospitalized and destroyed five churches.

The Rev. Garba Gaius, pastor of the Evangelical Church of West Africa (ECWA) congregation to which the young woman belongs, told Compass that Paitence Yusuf was at home the night of February 1 when she learned that a young man was asking her to meet him outside.She went out to meet with him, and he told her he wanted to befriend and marry her. Surprised at what she was hearing, Rev. Gaius said, Yusuf sharply declined his offer.

As she walked back into her house, the man, whose identity has not be disclosed, told her, “I beg you in the name of God and his apostle, Muhammad, to please accept me as your boyfriend,” Rev. Gaius said.He said Yusuf looked the man in the face and replied, “You are pleading in the name of a person I do not know. Jesus I know, but Muhammad I do not know.”

The Muslim man left, Rev. Gaius said, gathering friends and neighbors that night to tell them that Yusuf had blasphemed Muhammad.“The following morning, the Muslim man took a group of other Muslims to the house of Yusuf, where they confronted her on the allegation of blasphemy against Muhammad,” Rev. Gaius said.Sensing that the Muslims intended to kill her, Yufus escaped to the town’s police station, he said, where she was kept in protective custody.

“The band of Muslims went after Yusuf to the police station and demanded that she be released to them to be killed in accordance with sharia [Islamic law] for blasphemy,” Rev. Gaius said. “The police declined to release her, and there and then they attacked the police men on duty and burnt down the police station.”

Spurned Suitor Triggers Violence in Nigeria | EuropeNews

En Arabia Saudí, además de prohibir las rosas rojas porque es una fiesta cristiana (haciendo que se incremente varias veces el precio de las rosas que se venden en el mercado negro), han condenado a una mujer a ser ejecutada por bruja. La pobre mujer está acusada de haber hechizado a un hombre y haberle dejado impotente… Como dice Vicki, la fase probatoria del juicio, si no estuviera en juego la vida de esta pobre mujer, debió ser interesante como poco… 😆 Y muy parecida a la de este vídeo de Monthy Python:

The New York-based Human Rights Watch said in a statement that the kingdom’s religious police who arrested and interrogated Fawza Falih, and the judges who tried her in the northern town of Quraiyat never gave her the opportunity to prove her innocence in the face of “absurd charges that have no basis in law.”

Falih’s case underscores shortcomings in Saudi Arabia’s Islamic legal system in which rules of evidence are shaky, lawyers are not always present and sentences often depend on the whim of judges.

La mujer es analfabeta y le hicieron “firmar”, poniendo la huella dactilar del dedo gordo, sin explicarle lo que ponía…

Eso sí, la revuelta que no falte…. ya sea por San Valentín o por las caricaturas de Mahoma… La tila existe y a estos se la deberían meter en vena… 😆

Mientras en Kuwait, piensan prohibirla la fiesta “como un fenómeno extranjero”.

En Cachemira, un grupo se paseó por los restaurantes para impedir que las parejas lo celebraran. Y quemaron carteles, que le han cogido cariño (izquierda).

En Indonesia directamente han declarado a la fiesta haram o pecado. Ahora bien, la cita más desternillante sobre San Valentín en el mundo islámico es la siguiente:

Last year in Malaysia, a government official, Muhammad Ramli Nuh, declared, according to the Bernama News Agency, that “celebrating the Day could be regarded as recognizing the enemies of Islam because Valentine or Valentinus took part in planning and attacking Cordoba, once a well-known centre of Islam in Spain, causing its downfall.” Actually, St. Valentine was a third-century Christian martyr in the Roman Empire, but give Muhammad Ramli Nuh points for imagination.

El año pasado en Malasia, un oficial del Gobierno, Muhammad Ramli Nuh, según la Agencia de Noticias Bernama, dijo que “celebrar el día de San Valentín podía ser considerado como un reconocimiento de los enemigos del Islam porque Valentín o Valentinus tomó parte en la planificación y el ataque a Córdoba, entonces un conocido centro del Islam en España, causando su caída“. San Valentín, en realidad, fue un mártir cristiano del siglo tercero en el Imperio Romano, pero le dio a Ramli Nuh algunos puntos para la imaginación.

En Gaza, sin embargo, dice que la gente normalmente celebraba el día de San Valentín pero que este año, los productores, darán de comer las flores a los animales por el bloqueo israelí:

In past years, Ziad Hejazi’s colourful Gaza-grown carnations would would adorn the homes of lovers across Europe, bringing an early springtime splash of color to wintry Valentine Days.

But the 35-year-old farmer from the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah says that this year his flowers will be fed to animals because of a punishing Israeli economic lockdown of the Hamas-ruled territory.

“I apologise to the lovers on the day of their love because I cannot bring flowers to them,” Hejazi says. “Our flowers have become food for the sheep.”

Qué malos los israelíes, ¿no? No dejan a los pobres palestinos ni celebrar el día de San Valentín. Amos que sí…

Mientras en EEUU otra fiesta comienza a estar de moda el día de hoy: el anti-San Valentín para los que consideran que hay que reafirmarse en lo de estar soltero.

One person’s Valentine’s Day is another’s Singles Awareness Day (yes, the acronym spells SAD, and yes, someone has already thought to trademark it).

The backlash against the romantic holiday with a murky (perhaps pagan?) history has spawned a cottage industry of anti-Valentine’s paraphernalia: anti-Valentine’s T-shirts, anti-Valentine’s greeting cards, anti-Valentine’s Web sites, anti-Valentine’s day music compilations, even anti-Valentine’s Day throw pillows.

But the Helmsley Hotel believes Singles Awareness Day should not be passed alone, but rather, with others. So it is having its second Anti-Valentine’s Day Dinner tonight at 7 o’clock.

Así que el Hotel Helmsly celebra una cena para los Anti-Valentín. No sólo el acrónimo (SAD=triste en inglés) es penoso (y además no cierto siempre), sino que esto sí que es una manera de que todos paguemos algo en San Valentín (si queremos claro). Unos a la pareja/marido/mujer/ligue/novio/novia… y otros simplemente con muchos otros SADs.

Resumiendo: Si quieres combatir la Sharia, celebra San Valentín. Todavía los islamopirados no han hablado en contra de lo de Anti-Valentín, así que no es anti-Sharia y encima es SAD. Si gastas dinero, que al menos sea para que alguien esté bien. 😉

Estaba buscando alguna historia que fuera bonita y divertida en contraste con todo lo anterior. Y la trae Pajamas Media, sobre parejas con ideas distintas:

So if bipartisan romances are doable, are they also preferable?

There are high points. For starters, leftist boyfriends won’t criticize or act creeped out around your gay friends. And contrary to popular belief that they’re indoctrinated in a school of “impoliteness equals equality,” they hold open doors and pick up the check as often as their conservative counterparts. Liberal men also have the potential to take some of the identity politics, so to speak, out of relationships: Duties are shared rather than branded “women’s work,” and these guys seem to be less hurt or offended if a woman decides to keep her maiden name.

A liberal man may make a good match for more independent, free-spirited, career-oriented, driven women. Before meeting Karl, I had a conservative boyfriend who told me that women shouldn’t be police officers. I was a criminology major, so that went over really well. It soon became apparent that he was looking for not so much a partner in crime as a little woman to ring the dinner bell (literally — he was a farmer). Strike out!

But when it comes down to it, party affiliation may not have as much to do with compatibility as what kind of man he actually is. Later in life, I would date a conservative political player only to discover that he’d not been forthcoming about his personal life – namely, having a wife and kiddies at home. As most relationships teach you some sort of life lesson, this one taught me a political lesson as well: Neither party has a monopoly on values.

Una nueva forma de ver la política…. 😀

Por último, aunque no sea lo menos importante -desde luego-, feliz San Valentín a todos. 😉

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