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junio 6, 2008

Being Christian is now a "hate crime"?

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I wrote here some days ago about what I think and believe is the correct difference between secularization and “laicism”. Well, looks like there are some people that do not make that difference and consider that it’s OK to impose their morals on the citizens. 
five feet of fury. (performing fallaci-o.)

“Additionally, a message posted to a popular Catholic internet forum has reportedly made its way before the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal. The alleged poster, who is an American writing from America, was commenting on an article written by Mark Steyn — a Canadian author who now lives in New Hampshire. The tribunal accepted this posting as evidence that Steyn promoted “hatred”. While the website is never mentioned by name in news reports — referred to only as “a Catholic website” — a source at the tribunal told me, off-the-record, that the website was Catholic Answers.

While the claim is unconfirmed as of this writing, the controversial Mark Steyn article, over which the British Columbia hearing is being held, was posted to the Catholic Answers message forum. Moreoever, popular Jewish-Canadian blogger Ezra Levant, who is blogging live from the hearing, and who is the subject of his own human rights commission complaint, published a description of the unnamed Catholic forum. Several details match, including the screen names of two participants to the Catholic Answers forum discussion of Steyn’s article.”

The message in particular was this:

Father defended the Church’s teaching on marriage during Canada’s same-sex ‘marriage’ debate, quoting extensively from the Bible, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and Pope John Paul II’s encyclicals. Each of these documents contains official Catholic teaching. And like millions of other people throughout the world and the ages – many of who are non-Catholics and non-Christians — Father believes that marriage is an exclusive union between a man and a woman.

(…) Father de Valk publishes Catholic Insight, a Canadian magazine that “bases itself on the Church’s teaching and applies it to various circumstances in our time.” He is being accused by a homosexual activist of promoting “extreme hatred and contempt” against homosexuals.

Yet following the example of Popes John Paul II and Benedict XV, Father has stated on several occasions that we must love homosexuals and treat them with the dignity due every human person. “The basic view of the Church is that homosexual acts are a sin, but we love the sinner,” Father told me during an interview. “Opposing same-sex marriage is not the same as rejecting homosexuals as persons.” This is the deeply-held belief of orthodox Christians that is now considered a possible hate act warranting state intervention. This is what happens when government agencies broadly define homophobia as opposition to any homosexual act.

Father De Valk, the author of the post, did not make any remark asking homosexuals to be punished, yet the mere different thought/belief from the rest of the people, can constitute in itself a “hate crime”. Is this respect for other people’s beliefs? Is this freedom to belief? Looks like that not, but this is the ultimate goal of Canadian “anti-hate” legislation, according to this book.

But then someone who is continously telling slurs about Jews or declares publicly that “all Jews after they are 18, are legitimate targets because they are not innocent, don’t receive but some words like “don’t be so brute”, while people denouncing that are prosecuted for “Islamophobia”. Of course, those first ones are Muslims, not Christians.
Thanks to Blazing Cat Fur for the tip.

The evangelists say they were threatened with arrest for committing a “hate crime” and were told they risked being beaten up if they returned. The incident will fuel fears that “no-go areas” for Christians are emerging in British towns and cities, as the Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester, claimed in The Sunday Telegraph this year.

So now there are voices claiming that perhaps they were threatened with arrest because they could possibly being telling Muslims “convert to Christianity or you would die in Hell”. Hey, is that a “hate crime”? Don’t make me laugh!!! But the best is the title: “Where they Christian soldiers?” No, they were Christian jihadis, who were threatening Muslims with “Convert or we will kill you by committing suicide”. These journalists…. what do they take before writing this kind of articles?

This is not Algeria or Saudi Arabia. This is the West. Or not?
Exactamente igual que el juicio a Mark Steyn no tendrá mucha cobertura aquí, lo que le ha pasado con un foro católico en Canadá tampoco. La Comisión de Derechos Humanos canadiense no ha dicho qué foro es, simplemente que se trata de “un foro católico”. Pero todos los indicios apuntan a un post que dejó el Padre de Valk y que tampoco tendrá ninguna repercusión. A pesar de que no se tiene confirmación oficial, parece ser -y ha sido confirmado a algunos no oficialmente- que se refiere al foro “Catholic Answers” y en concreto al post del Padre de Valk. Este padre bávaro residente en Canadá, escribió en ese foro de internet “el matrimonio entre homosexuales, para mí, no es matrimonio, que defino sólo como el que tiene lugar entre hombre y mujer”, citando a Juan Pablo II y a Benedicto XVI. Ese comentario se refería a su vez a un artículo de Mark Steyn y los responsable de la Comisión quieren probar que de esa forma Steyn está promoviendo el odio, ahora hacia los homosexuales.
El Padre Valk publica “Catholic Insight”, una revista católica con comentarios sobre la actualidad. En una entrevista declaró, basándose en varias Encíclicas, que “la idea básica sobre la homosexualidad que tiene la Iglesia Católica es que “odiamos el pecado pero queremos al pecador”, de modo que rechazar el matrimonio homosexual no significa rechazar a los homosexuales como personas”.
Pues bien, un activista homosexual le ha acusado de promover “odio extremo y desprecio” por los homosexuales.
De modo que ser católico es un crimen de odio según esta interpretación.
Pero no sólo en Canadá. En Inglaterra, un par de predicadores evangélicos han denunciado a la Policía de las West Midlands, por amenazarles con arrestarles por un delito de odio por distribuir Biblias y propaganda cristiana en una zona musulmana. Ha ocurrido en Birmingham y algún que otro periodista ha dicho que si sólo estaban anunciando el Evangelio, vale, pero que si lo estaban anunciando “amenazando con que si no se convertían, iban a ir al Infierno”, entonces posiblemente sí hizo bien la policía, por portarse como “soldados cristianos”.
Esto no es Argelia ni Arabia Saudí. Esto es Occidente. ¿O no?

junio 4, 2008

Mark Steyn on Trial for “Islamophobia”

Surely a lot of people know Mark Steyn and his book “America Alone: The End of the World as We Know it“. Basically, in the book (and in his articles) he has been denouncing the demographic change Europe and the West in general is suffering. We can listen to what he already said about it when the book was published in this video:

He has been called an Islamophobic and a racist because of this and a Muslim, Mr. Elmasry, one of the most polemic figures in Canada, has sued him for denigrating and villifying Islam:

Maclean’s magazine and Mr. Steyn could still be found to have violated B. C.’s Human Rights Code. No proof of damage is required

Meanwhile, if found to have violated the code, Maclean’s faces sanctions, including payment to the complainant “an amount that the member or panel considers appropriate to compensate that person for injury to dignity, feelings and self respect or to any of them.”

Ezra Levant, who has been already sued for Islamophobia for publishing the Danish Cartoons, has written about it.

The problem here is that “always speaks the less indicated for it”. Because this guy, Elmasry, is known for saying this about Jews:

Elmasry should have been persona non grata in polite Canadian company after his appearance on a Toronto-area talk show in 2004. On live TV, Elmasry argued that any Jew aged 18 or up in Israel is a legitimate target for terrorists, because they are “not innocent.”

The statement was so shocking that Elmasry’s employer, the University of Waterloo, felt obligated to issue a statement calling his comments “unacceptable” and “abhorrent.” Elmasry apologized to Waterloo and promised not to repeat his terrorist cheerleading.

But he hasn’t kept his promise. A quick tour through his organization’s Web site shows an obsession with Jews, a running apologia for terrorist groups such as Hamas and cheerleading for Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his nuclear program. There are dozens of pages of anti-Israel propaganda, including essays by notorious anti-Semites such as Greg Felton, who writes for the neo-Nazi publication National Vanguard.

Elmasry accuses the Jews of ethnic cleansing, of apartheid and of being the instigators behind the invasion of Iraq. One of the site’s specialties is rooting out the Jewish “cabal” that runs the Canadian government.

And this is the man who is accusing others of … vilifying Islam. It’s not Mark Steyn who vilifies Islam (he just describes what he sees). It’s people like Elmasry the ones who really show that ugly face of Islam.
Michelle Malkin has more on the trial. Dust My Broom has also written about it.
You see, this is what we can expect of a country where someone with terrorist links is awarded a prize for entreprenurial ???
But he is not the only one who has not been charged after speaking such things about Jews: there are others, deemed “moderate” who are even more extremists.  

Sheik Younus KathradaHate-crime investigators and counterterrorism forces are investigating a Muslim leader in British Columbia who laced his Islamic lectures with racial slurs against Jews. He also urged his followers to go to ”the front lines” to seek martyrdom in a jihad.

Sheik Younus Kathrada, who has the reputation of being a moderate Muslim leader, made no secret of his feelings, delivering his lectures openly at a small Vancouver mosque, then posting tape recordings on the Dar Al-Madinah Islamic Society website.

Those lectures have made Mr. Kathrada the focus of a joint RCMP-Vancouver Police Department investigation that involves an Integrated National Security Enforcement Team.

Vancouver Police Constable Anne Drennan said “a hate-crimes investigation is just one aspect of it,” and Sergeant John Ward of the RCMP confirmed INSET is involved. INSET deals with national-security threats and involves the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

Sgt. Ward said the team is looking into a possible Chechen connection. (Canadian Press October 23-2004)

The Chechen connection involved Vancouver area residents Rudwan Khalil Abubaker and Kamal Elbahja who disappeared in Chechnya after coming in contact with Sheik Younus Kathrada who is said to have convinced them it was worth dying for their religion on the other side of the world. Rudwan Khalil Abubaker’s body was eventually found but Kamel Elbahja was never seen again. After the report of Rudwan Khalil Abubaker’s death his Imam, Sheik Younus Kathrada was exposed for lecturing to followers about the virtues of Islamic holy war and that Jews were brothers of monkeys and swine. He was never charged.


Hay un juicio del que nada se está diciendo prácticamente en ningún en sitio. Es el juicio que se lleva a cabo en Canadá contra el periodista Mark Steyn como consecuencia de su libro “América Alone: The end of the world as we know it”. En él, Steyn, canadiense residente en EEUU, señalaba que por una cuestión simplemente demográfica, los musulmanes van a acabar siendo mayoritarios: si los no musulmanes nos reproducimos a una tasa de 1,3 hijos por pareja, los musulmanes lo hacen a 3,8. Ahora son el 10% pero simplemente cada vez serán más.

Por esta tesis, se le ha demandado por “vilificar el Islam”. Lo bueno es quién le ha demandado. Porque ElMasry es un conocido extremista antisemita que llegó a declarar que “los judíos de 18 años o mayores eran todos un objetivo legítimo porque ninguno era inocente”. Luego dijo que no volvería a decir nada parecido pero no ha cumplido su promesa.

El juicio está siendo bastante surrealista, como la mayoría de los bloggers están denunciando con testigos diciendo cosas inexactas.

Pero es algo lógico si consideramos que Elmasry nunca ha sido condenado ni llevado a los tribunales por decir lo que dijo. O que el Jeque Younus Kathrada ha realizado continuos ataques insultando a los judíos y llamando a los judíos al martirio y tampoco lo ha sido. O que un sospechoso de financiar organizaciones terroristas (en este caso a los Tigres Tamiles) haya sido galardonado con un premio a la innovación empresarial:


Suresh Sriskandarajah (aka Waterloo Suresh) was arrested in August 2006 following a joint investigation between the RCMP and the FBI and was charged with providing material support and resources for the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka. In addition to allegations of fundraising and money laundering through his various charitable organizations it was alleged that Suresh along with three other Canadians had traveled to New York to buy night-vision equipment, surface-to-air missiles, missile launchers and AK-47s from an undercover agent. It is also alleged that he was trying to ship equipment overseas packed in teddy bears.

Lavado de dinero, financiación… y además se alegó (por lo que está en procedimiento de extradición) que había ido a Nueva York a comprar equipos de visión nocturna, misiles superficie-aire, lanzadores de misiles y Ak-47s como agente encubierto. También se alegó que estaba intentando mandar equipo en barcos escondido en ositos de peluche.

Podéis ver las fotos en el enlace en las que se celebraba una fiesta de los Tigres Tamiles y que él tenía en su blog… convenientemente borrado pero que todavía puede verse desde el caché del Google…

Mientras ya han sentado en el banquillo (comisión de Protección de Derechos Humanos en este caso) a Ezra Levant, por publicar en su blog las caricaturas de Mahoma. Y varios bloggers están amenazados por procesos antiracismo, y pueden acabar viendo sus blogs cerrados: Kate Shaidle or Girl on the Right, por ejemplo… No he estado de acuerdo con todo lo que han posteado. Pero la amenaza de cerrarles el blog por criticar el islamismo/terrorismo… es tannn surrealista…
En vez de “A veces veo muertos“, yo debería decir “A veces tengo que pellizcarme para saber que es cierto“.

mayo 28, 2008

Polygamy in Toronto

Daimnation!: Polygamy in Toronto:

“Polygamy is happening in Toronto; it’s not common, but it’s happening,’ said Hindy, imam at Salahuddin Islamic Centre.

Hindy, hardly a stranger to controversy, is well known for his friendship with the family of Omar Khadr, the young Canadian detainee at Guantanamo Bay, and his outspoken views on the implementation of Islamic law. In the past five years, Hindy said he has officiated or ‘blessed’ more than 30 polygamous marriages; the most recent was two months ago. Even some imams in the GTA have second wives, he added.

‘This is in our religion and nobody can force us to do anything against our religion,’ he said. ‘If the laws of the country conflict with Islamic law, if one goes against the other, then I am going to follow Islamic law, simple as that.'”

Oh, OK, so he is defending the fulfillment of the religious laws instead of the civil ones, which are universally applied in any modern system. Because they are the ones who sustain the equality of all citizens living under the State, regardless of sex, date of birth, place of birth, religion… I would like to know the opinion some people would have had if this statement was made by a Christian (regardless of his/her denomination) religious man or woman. I bet it would have been in the first page of ALL the newspapers…

H/T Free Mark Steyn.   

Interesante reflexión sobre la poligamia y las leyes que hace este imán extremista canadiense: “Si las leyes del país entran en conflicto con la ley islámica, si una está contra la otra, entonces voy a seguir la ley islámica, es tan sencillo como eso“. Y, por tanto, voy a casar a la gente poligámicamente… Muy bien, abanderando el incumplimiento de la ley civil (que se caracteriza por su universalidad) y el cumplimiento de la ley religiosa… Me gustaría oír lo mismo que se hubiera dicho si esto hubiera sido dicho por un cura o religioso de cualquier denominación cristiana…
Lo sé, soy una ilusa.

Polygamy in Toronto

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Daimnation!: Polygamy in Toronto:

“Polygamy is happening in Toronto; it’s not common, but it’s happening,’ said Hindy, imam at Salahuddin Islamic Centre.

Hindy, hardly a stranger to controversy, is well known for his friendship with the family of Omar Khadr, the young Canadian detainee at Guantanamo Bay, and his outspoken views on the implementation of Islamic law. In the past five years, Hindy said he has officiated or ‘blessed’ more than 30 polygamous marriages; the most recent was two months ago. Even some imams in the GTA have second wives, he added.

‘This is in our religion and nobody can force us to do anything against our religion,’ he said. ‘If the laws of the country conflict with Islamic law, if one goes against the other, then I am going to follow Islamic law, simple as that.'”

Oh, OK, so he is defending the fulfillment of the religious laws instead of the civil ones, which are universally applied in any modern system. Because they are the ones who sustain the equality of all citizens living under the State, regardless of sex, date of birth, place of birth, religion… I would like to know the opinion some people would have had if this statement was made by a Christian (regardless of his/her denomination) religious man or woman. I bet it would have been in the first page of ALL the newspapers…

H/T Free Mark Steyn.

Interesante reflexión sobre la poligamia y las leyes que hace este imán extremista canadiense: “Si las leyes del país entran en conflicto con la ley islámica, si una está contra la otra, entonces voy a seguir la ley islámica, es tan sencillo como eso“. Y, por tanto, voy a casar a la gente poligámicamente… Muy bien, abanderando el incumplimiento de la ley civil (que se caracteriza por su universalidad) y el cumplimiento de la ley religiosa… Me gustaría oír lo mismo que se hubiera dicho si esto hubiera sido dicho por un cura o religioso de cualquier denominación cristiana…
Lo sé, soy una ilusa.

mayo 20, 2008

La amenaza islamista a la libertad de expresión en Europa y Canadá crece – The Islamist menace against Free Speech in Europe and Canada grows

Caza de brujas en Europa: Fiscales y policías recrudecen la persecución contra periodistas y dibujantes de prensa críticos con el islam.
Leedlo entero. Os dejo lo que me ha parecido más importante:

En el Reino Unido, la policía de la región inglesa de las West Midlands dio el año pasado un extremadamente inquietante paso: denunció a Channel 4, no por un presunto delito concreto, sino por lo que consideraba como una mala práctica periodística en uno de sus reportajes, “Undercover Mosque”, en el que la cadena de televisión mostraba las imágenes conseguidas tras grabar con cámara oculta las brutales descargas de odio de los imanes a puerta cerrada en las mezquitas. Metidos a reguladores de la ética y la deontología periodística, los policías han tenido que envainarse ahora sus acusaciones, convertidos ya en poco más que en las tristes marionetas de los grupos musulmanes, cómodos mientras los agentes les hacen el trabajo sucio de ‘cazaperiodistas”. 

[Mientras en Holanda…] Abdul-Jabbar van de Ven es un holandés converso al islam que en 2005 denunció ante la policía al viñetista satírico, Gregorius Nekschot, por “islamofobia” e incitación al “odio racial”. El jueves pasado, un despliegue policial digno de operación antiterrorista de desarticulación de atentado inminente entró a saco en el domicilio de Nekschot en plena noche, con el dibujante durmiendo en su cama, y se le llevó a prisión junto con todo el material informático con el que pudo arramplar. Finalmente, tras la denuncia del converso, la fiscalía general del país había terminando sucumbiendo a la presión de un denominado Centro de Denuncias por Discriminación que, desde Internet y con financiación en parte pública, aseguraba haber recibido más de un centenar de quejas de grupos de musulmanes por la labor del viñetista. De forma que las autoridades ejecutaron la denuncia del converso, amparando las constantes protestas y acusaciones de las organizaciones islámicas y de cuanto individuo quiso apuntar con el dedo al dibujante desde la comodidad de su domicilio.

Ahora bien, no es el único caricaturista bajo amenaza. En Canadá, el caricaturista Bruce MacKinnon está en proceso como consecuencia de esta caricatura:

Traduzco del post de Dust My Broom, referenciado más arriba: 
Esta viñeta del periódico Chronicle Herald es obra de Bruce MacKinnon y se supone que se refiere a la mujer de uno de los 18 de Toronto – Cheryfa MacAulay Jamal. Si recordais, fue mencionada en el Globe and Mail en un artículo en 2006 titulado “Ruido de Odio bajo el Velo“. Acostumbra a alabar a “la familia Khadr” (la organización terrorista Al-Qaeda en Canadá) e incluso ha pedido fondos financieros para ayudar a la viuda de Ahmed Said Khadr, Maha. Cheryfa MacAulay Jamal y sus amigos odian a Canadá, odian a los judíos, odian a otros musulmanes y en general nos odian a todos los demás – pero aparentemente esta viñeta constituye un posible crimen de odio…
El soplo de esta noticia me vino gracias al grupo de facebook: Defend Free Speech in Canada – The Case of Mark Stein.
En los comentarios del post de Dust My Broon, se señala claramente que dijo: “Quiero millones, en serio. Sé que suena a avaricia, pero me da igual. Quiero millones por lo que los niños han sufrido y por lo que hemos envejecido durante el proceso“.
Ya que en el artículo de Nuevo Digital se menciona el documental “Undercover Mosque“, lo pongo otra vez, para que la gente pueda juzgar por sí misma. El vídeo es del blog francés Insoumission y no lo he encontrado en español, aunque Nuevo Digital escribió dos posts (1, 2) de resumen sobre la cuestión. Google Video lo censuró pero puede verse gracias a Daily Motion:

Pero claro, siempre hay algún mentecato y capitidisminuido que se imagina lo bien que se viviría en un Londres musulmán… lo que ya comenté en su momento [link in English]
From Spanish on-line newspaper NUEVO DIGITAL, thanks to Harto through our Spanish Google Group “Por la libertad de expresión en la blogosfera” (Supporting freedom of speech in the blogosphere):

In the United Kingdon, the police from the English region of the West Midlands gave last year a disturbing step: they denounced Channel 4, not because of a concrete alleged crime, but because of what they considered it was a bad journalistic practice in one of their reports, “Undercover Mosque”, in which the TV channel showed images they had recorded with a hidden camera the brutal downloading of hate from the Imams behind the doors of the mosques. Considering themselves the regulators of the ethic and the journalistic deontology, policemen have had to retract themselves from the accusations, having transformed themselves in sad puppets of the Muslim groups, who are very comfortable while the agents are doing the dirty work of “journalistbusters”. But in other parts of Europe, politicians, prosecutors and policemen are beginnin other harrasment activities. Now, again a cartoonist is in the center of the Islamist typhoon in the Netherlands. But this time, Islamic organizations have learned their lesson. They are leadering from the rear front. Because in this case it is the Dutch Government the one who is leadering the hunting party.

Abdul-Jabbar van de Ven is a Dutch convert to Islam who denounced in 2005 the satirical cartoonist, Gregorius Nekschot, to the police because of “Islamophobia” and “stirring racial hatred”. Last Thursday, within a policial operation more proper of an antiterrorist operation to dismember an imminent terrorist attack, the police entered Nekschot’s home at night, when the cartoonist was sleeping in his bed, and took him to prison with all the computer material he had in his home. Finally, after the accusation from the convert, the General Prosecutor of the country has ended succumbing to the pressure of a self-called “Center for Denounces of Discrimination” that, from Internet and partly public financing, assured it has received more than a hundred complaints from Muslim groups about the cartoonist works.   So the authorities executed the convert’s accusation, sheltering the constant protests and accusations from the Islamic organizations musulmanes por la labor del viñetista. So the authorities executed the convert’s accusation, sheltering that way the constant protests and accusations that Islamic organizations and every other guy who wanted to point the cartoonist from their homes’ comfortableness, made at that time.

One more time, the extreme violence of the Muslim converts in Europe -emitters of some of the most hateful speeches against Western societies where they were born-, Abdul-Jabbar van de Ven is a man that, on TV and some time before accussing the cartoonist, congratulated himself on the murder of Theo van Gogh and stated openly his hope of someone killing Geert Wilders the same way. Today Van de Ven continues free and active working as an imam in an organization with Saudi funding, while Nekschot has fallen into an apocalypsis of investigations and potential processes that’s not less than the huge jihad of death threats who had been directed towards him, after the Dutch Prosecutor’s office began the process , even if he works with a pseudonym, Nekschot, “shot in the neck”, in Dutch. 

But when Nekschot was still in prison (he was two days detained), the Dutch Government saw himself in the middle of a political tornado with similar accusations from different political positions, both from far-right and far-left and from centered positions. The political accusations included the Labour party, one off the members of the coalition which forms the Government. Even the leftist newspaper, like De Volksrant, screamed in earnest against the harrasment to free speech, a harrasment that unites European Governments with Islam, which is extremely succesful in its gagging efforts in European lands.“In Denmark, they protect the cartoonist; in the Netherlands, the police arrest them”, De Volksrant said alluding to the case of Mohammed cartoons.

In fact, the most acid critics of the Government’s action are this time the Dutch leftists, including those who are forming the coalition in the Government, like radical socialists, who said that “persecuting an artist because of his work is absurd”. What is more, it has been a center-right party, the Demo-Christian CDA, the one who has stated that “probably the Prosecutor’s office has good reasons to act the way it has acted“, an attitude which  contrasts with the words of a Labour MP, who said that “prosecuting a cartoonist is going too far”. The scandal has been so great that the Justice Minister has begged the pardon of the Parliament, stating his intention of investigating if there has been committed any unlawful acts in the process.

The Nekschot case was happening as the police from British West Midlands was obliged to apologize and to pay a considerable amount of money in concepto of indemnification to Channel 4, after accusing the TV channel of “spreading an ideology of intolerance and hate”. In another uncomprehensive case of Western judicial systems’ auto-prosecution, the Prosecutor’s office and the Police united last August to accuse Channel 4 of “having distorted completely” the agressively incendiary sermons of the Imams recorded by the TV reporters with a hidden camera and which were aired with the name of “Undercover Mosque”, revealing the massive charges of hate and menaces against United Kingdom and the Western way of life promoted by the Imams who, in a “surprising” double speech, were speaking outside their mosques about their moderated role and of Islam as the “Religion of Peace”. After investigating the rabid statements of the Islamic clerics shown in the report, the police concluded that, even if they were “ofensive”, there was nothing illegal in them. But they found allegedly criminal illegality in the role played by the journalists who had made the report, so they sent a report to Ofcom, the UK regulator of MSM. 

Ofcom, by the way, has considered that the report was impeccable in its edition of the statements, which shows that, after having to pay a considerable amount of money in concept of damages to Channel 4 because of the police activity in the case, the taxpayers have seen West Midlands’ police making a formal apology, because they began the persecution against the TV Channel. But they did not and have not begun ANY action against the extremelly agressive imams and their teams who, from inside the mosques, were shouting for the destruction of the infidel in the Western world. Precisely, the Association of the Muslim Policemen of the UK was created at the beginning of this year, whose objective, just as the one created in Scotland, is to “fight against Islamophobia” of the societies in which they are serving for as agents. At the same time, there is no trace (and there is neither proof it would be tolerated) of an “Association of Christian Policemen”, which would proclaim openly an activist view of their role inside the Police, as the Muslim agents are doing.

Just the same as what happened with a Belarus journalist who was condemned some months ago because of republishing the Danish Mo-toons, the situation was even aggravated from Brussels, when, in the middle of the persecution against the journalists in the name of “the fight against Islamophobia”, the European Union decided a month ago to pass a Directive to fight against “hate” and “racism”, terms in which the critics to Islam are included and, potentially, any other information like the one of Channel 4’s report, that is not of the policial (or other type) bureacrat’s liking. The new Directive passed by the Interior Ministers, which should be sanctioned by the national parliaments, considers a crime of European range any activity of this characteristics, but is seeings by many as a new and potentially devastating attack against the freedom of expression in Europe. This has to be considered inside the normal pressure from groups like the self-named “European Net against Racism”, which considers the Directive text as very soft.

Germany considers the text also as “soft”, because there is no express mention to the Holocaust, one of the Berlin’s obssesions who is not, as should be, worried with the same intensity about German Muslim community, one of the most incendiary ones in Europe, severely excited and supported from Ankara, their home country, and with Islamic organizations totally silent because they see that the European policemen, prosecutors and politicians are doing their dirty work to crush any critical or merely descriptive voice about what is happening inside or outside their mosques.

But not only Europe is suffering from prosecution against cartoonist: Canadian bloggers and cartoonists are also suffering a huge and frontal persecution. 
From Canadian blog Dust my Broom:

This cartoon from the Chronicle Herald newspaper was drawn by Bruce MacKinnon and is supposed to reference the wife of one of the Toronto 18 – Cheryfa MacAulay Jamal. Cheryfa MacAulay Jamal if you recall was featured in a Globe and Mail article back in 2006 titled Hateful Chatter Behind the Veil.  She praises the Khadr (Canada’s al-Qaeda) family and even fundraises to help Ahmed Said Khadr’s widow, Maha. Cheryfa MacAulay Jamal and her friends hate Canada, hate jews, hate gays, hate fellow Muslims, and in general just hate us – but apparently this cartoon, is a possible hate crime.

Among other things this woman and Co said:

May Allah crush these jews, bring them down to their kneees, humuliate them. Ya Allah make their women widows and their children orphans

Let them call you a terrorist, let them make you look like a savage, but know that THIS is the filth of the earth, the uncivilised destroyer of humanity.

Who cares? We hate Canada.

Wow, her words are peace at their core… ehh, no, wait,  this is a perfect language for a total HATER… But the cartoon has its own reason. The Canadian newspaper the Star reported she actually said:”I want millions, seriously,” Cheryfa MacAulay Jamal told a Halifax newspaper yesterday. “I know it sounds greedy, but I don’t care. I want millions for what the kids have suffered and how much we’ve aged in this process.” 

Yeah, after saying they actually hate Canada, surely she wants the money for the kids…
Above in the Spanish part, I have posted the three videos of Undercover Mosque,  for you to see them and judge for yourselves. And after seeing that, there are imbeciles and retarded who dare to imagine the “magnificent live” in an Islamic London… 
For information about the Toronto 18, click here and here. For a timeline of what happened, click here.

enero 14, 2008

Nuevo ataque a la libertad de expresión por las caricaturas de Mahoma (+)

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Ahora es en Canadá. Me entero gracias al blog inglés Eursoc:

A couple of years ago, Levant published the famous Danish illustrations of Mohammed (which sparked the cartoon jihad) in his Canadian newspaper the Western Standard.

A Saudi-trained iman, who has called for sharia law to be introduced in Canada, complained to a “human rights officer”. Levant was called in for interrogation. After negotiating that the session be filmed – and republishing the cartoons, this time on his weblog – Levant attended the hearing last Friday. He was clearly determined to use his interrogation to address some broader issues. Don’t miss his response to the accusation that Muslims feel particular under attack since 9/11 – the only house of religion to be torched since then was Levant’s own synagogue, attacked by a Jordanian fanatic!

Hace dos años, Levant publicó las famosas ilustraciones de Mahoma que dieron lugar a la jihad de las caricaturas en su periódico canadiense The Western Standard.

Un imán educado en Arabia Saudí, que ha pedido que se introduzca la ley sharia en Canadá, se quejó a un “oficial de Derechos Humanos“. Levant fue citado para interrogarle. Despu´s de negociar que la sesión fuera filmada -y republicar las caricaturas, otra vez en su blog– Levant fue a la audición el pasado viernes. Estaba claramente determinado a usar dicha interrogación para referirse a otras cuestiones más extensas. No os perdais la respuesta a su acusación que los musulmanes están bajo ataque desde el 11/S – ¡la única casa de la religión que fue quemada desde entonces, fue la propia sinagoga de Levant, atacada por un fanático jordano!

A Tangled Web: O Canada! Freedom of Speech on Trial.:

In his opening statement, Mr. Levant cites the 1215 Magna Carta, 800 of British Common Law, and 200 years of Canadian Law in support of free speech and his right to offend. He draws attention to peaceful, free societies and he notes that peaceful, free societies depend on free speech for political consensus and political change, rather than violence and involuntary cohersion.

En su declaración de apertura, Levant cita la Magna Carta de 1215, 800 de Ley Común británica y 200 años de Ley canadiense de apoyo a la libertad de expresión y de su derecho a ofender. Apunta a las sociedades pacíficas y libers y nota que estas dependen de la libertad de expresión para el consenso político y el cambio político, en lugar de basarse en la coherción violenta e involuntaria.

Los vídeos de los interrogatorios los tiene Wolf Howling.

LGF postea un link a un artículo que escribió el Imán educado en Arabia Saudí, de nombre Syed B. Soharwardy, justo después del 11S.

Majority of the Muslims believes that Muslims could not commit these heinous crimes because of the sophistication and precision in the planning and execution of these terrorist attacks. In the midst of the attacks on WTC and Pentagon, people are being led to believe that this kind of operation has been launched by someone from the dark corners of the world putting the whole American intelligence apparatus at bay.

La mayoría de los musulmanes creen que los musulmanes no podían cometer estos odiosos crímenes por la sofisticación y precisión en la planificación y ejecución de estos ataques terroristas. En relación a estos ataques en el World Trade Center y el Pentágono, la gente está siendo conducida a pensar que este tipo de operación ha sido realizada por alguien en las esquinas oscuras del mundo poniendo en marcha a toda la inteligencia americana.

Teoría conspirativa en estado puro…

Mark Stein, uno de los mejores articulistas del mundo anglosajón, escribe sobre la cuestión en The Corner h/t Angel. Y cita un párrafo del libro Londonistan, de Melanie Phillips:

Minority-rights doctrine has produced a moral inversion, in which those doing wrong are excused if they belong to a ‘victim’ group, while those at the receiving end of their behaviour are blamed simply because they belong to the ‘oppressive’ majority.

La doctrina de los derechos de las minorías ha producido una inversión moral, en la que aquellos que hacen mal están excusados si pertenecen a un grupo “víctima“, mientras que aquellos que son los receptores de su comportamiento son considerados culpables porque pertenecen a la mayoría “represiva”.

En su post, comenta Muslims Against Sharia:

  1. Muslims Against Sharia says:
    January 13th, 2008 at 3:04 pm

    Proceedings against Ezra Levant are nothing short of ridiculous, but let’s consider the implications for moderate Muslims. This “investigation” will further divide Muslims and non-Muslims in Canada. It will give credence to radicals’ claims that the West is at war with Islam. It will antagonize non-Muslims and radicalize moderate Muslims. Regardless of the outcome, once again Islamists skillfully manipulated Dhimmi justice system and came out as clear winners. Thank you, Human Right Commission!

Los procesos contra Ezra Levant no son más que ridículos, pero consideremos las implicaciones para los musulmanes moderados. Esta “investigación” dividirá aún más a los musulmanes y no musulmanes en Canadá. Dará aún más credibilidad a la posición de los radicales de que Occidente está en guerra con el Islam. Incrementará el antagonismo entre los no-musulmanes y radicalizará a los musulmanes radicales. Cualquiera que sea su resultado, otra vez los islamistas manipularon el sistema de justicia dimmi y terminarán como los ganadores claros. ¡¡Gracias, Comisión de Derechos Humanos!!

Como resumen, una caricatura:

(+) Resulta que el imán está meditando si poner una demanda a Ezra Levant por los comentarios en el sitio web del periodista. Ezra Levant lo califica de “imán radical educado en Arabia Saudí“, así que el imán piensa que le está difamando y que él o su familia van a ser atacados. “Estoy 100% seguro“. Jajajaja. Vamos a reírnos un rato…. Esto lo dice alguien que quiere que la Sharia sea introducida en Canadá

h/t The Canadian Sentinel.

Otros ataques a la libertad de expresión recientes:

  1. Lionheart: ahora llegan los problemas entre los anti-jihad.
  2. La página de Foehammer suspendida por su proveedor.
  3. Inspectores municipales chinos asesinan a palos a bloguero por filmar una protesta.
  4. Phylis Chesler entrevista a Lionheart.
  5. Censorship in the blogosphere (II).
  6. Actualización sobre Lionheart (II).
  7. Actualización sobre Lionheart.
  9. Presión en la blogosfera (I).
  10. Breve nota sobre la censura.

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septiembre 14, 2007

Occidente necesita un psiquiatra (+)

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El título está inspirado en los comentarios que me dejó cruzcampo en la anterior entrada. Porque realmente hay un problema grave.

En Finlandia -que, salvo sesudas investigaciones de algún pirado islamista, no ha sido nunca tierra del Islam-, se ha creado un partido “islámico”. El partido islámico planea obtener las 5000 firmas reglamentarias para constituirse en partido político de aquí al final del año. Entre otras medidas, propone las siguientes:

  1. prohibición de venta de alcohol (no sabemos si para todos, o sólo para los que se confiesen musulmanes).
  2. opción para que los niños musulmanes puedan ser excluidos de las clases de música en el colegio y de atender a clases de natación. (lo de las clases de natación se puede “entender”, lo de la música, uff, también …  es de kuffars).
  3. estatuto legal para matar animales y para la circuncisión masculina (uyyy, no la piden para la femenina. Pero ¿no habíamos quedado en que oponerse a ella era “imperialista y retrógado?).
  4. eventual introducción de la Sharia en Finlandia, con el propósito de reducir el crimen. (no necesita comentario).

Hmm, suena … catastrófico… Angry

¿Qué tal un paseo por esta calle?

Qué glamour, ¿eh? Pues a este paso, pronto esa será la moda imperante…  Crying

En Canadá se están empezando a plantear por qué una mujer totalmente velada no puede votar. La cuestión de la identificación… es menor. Como nadie nunca se ha escondido en una prenda femenina para confundir a los que le rodean

En Inglaterra, en los años 90 (¡!) se introdujo una secta, llamada de los Deobandi, de ideología semejante a los Wahabíes, que actualmente controla más de 600 de las 1350 mezquitas en suelo inglés.

Entre otras ideas, los Deobandi rechazan la cultura “científica” occidental -ya decía ayer que, una vez asesinada la razón, lo que queda es locura y muerte- y no les gusta que la gente vea la TV, excepto si son programas de noticias -cultivados que son ellos, para reírse de los idiotas que somos los infieles… Waiting  mientras nosotros ni siquiera sabemos de su existencia-.

El fútbol es una “enfermedad que ha infectado a nuestra juventud“. (Ya sabeis, chicos, nada de fútbol).

Por supuesto, las mujeres son consideradas como inferiores a los hombres. El movimiento -otra idea de película de terror…- creen que la educación de las niñas debe terminar a los ocho años, porque “la sabiduría universal no es buena para las mujeres y puede serles perjudicial“. A quien les iba a ser perjudicial es a estos Deobandis… porque en una gran mayoría se iban a pirar a la velocidad del rayo… Claro, cada vez que leo un libro, noto el daño que me hace. Raised Eyebrow

Y por supuesto, deben ir completamente veladas. Striaght Face

Nacida en 1866 en la India, la secta mantiene varias universidades en el estado de Uttar Pradesh y la importante madrassa Haqqania cerca de Peshawar en Paquistán, con 2.800 alumnos anuales que la conocen con el cariñoso nombre de la “Universidad de la Jihad”. Pacíficos ¿eh?

El hombre considerado como el más influyente de la secta en Inglaterra es Riyadh ul Haq. Nació en Gujarat en 1971 y se trasladó a Inglaterra con su familia cuando tenía 3 años. Entró en el Seminario -fundado por el extremista Yusuf Motala en 1975- Deobandi Darul Uloom Al-Arabbiyah Al-Islamiyyah en Bury, cerca de Bolton en Lancashire, al norte de Inglaterra, y se graduó en 1991. [Repetimos: Fue educado por los extremistas Deobandi no en Paquistán o en India o … si no en Inglatera].

Por supuesto:

  1.  defiende que las mujeres son inferiores (menuda novedad Yawn, si es que son de un original…).
  2. se opone a que los musulmanes tengan amistades con los no-musulmanes, a los que se refiere invariable y despectivamente, como kuffars… porque “ejercen una influencia demoníaca” sobre los pobres fieles. Que por supuesto, no tienen voluntad propia ni suficiente inteligencia como para rechazar aquello que no quieren. Me parto…
  3. Alaba a los Taliban y ridiculiza  a los musulmanes considerados moderados, como los que han fundado el Comité de Ex-Musulmanes que intenta que los que quieran dejar de serlo, no sean atacados ni asesinados por ello. Su jefe, Ehsan Jami, un chico de 22 años que ha rechazado el Islam y ha llamado al Profeta un hombre horrible, además de las amenazas, fue apaleado en un supermercado en su país natal (Holanda). 
  4. Y alaba la Jihad: “Nadie osa pronunciar la palabra “J”. La palabra “J” se ha convertido en un tabú. No puede mencionarse, e incluso si se menciona entre musulmanes, se miran entre ellos. Muchas cosas están pasando y a pesar de eso se espera que permanezcamos callados“. Rolling Eyes Nuevo significado de la palabra Jihad: dar voces.

Khaled Ahmed, un experto en extremismo paquistaní: “Inglaterra ha sido arruinada por los Deobandis. Habeis dejado que tomen las mezquitas. No podeis llevar el multiculturalismo de esta manera, porque sólo traerá vuestra destrucción. En Inglaterra, el mensaje Deobandi es todavía más extremista que en Paquistán“.  Worried Hmm, muy bien señores ingleses. Los Deobandis les aplauden con fervor.

Para que nos demos cuenta de la magnitud de la influencia de la secta en Inglaterra, existen algunos datos que es preciso mencionar:

  1. 17 de los 26 seminarios islámicos en Inglaterra son dirigidos por los Deobandis.
  2. Alrededor del 80% de los clérigos preparados en Inglaterra salen de ellos.
  3. A muchos les paga la educación las becas de municipios o ayuntamientos.
  4. Significativa representación en el Consejo Musulmán Británico y la más fuerte en las ciudades de los Midlands y del norte de Inglaterra.

Por supuesto, los periodistas le llaman movimiento ultra-conservador. El trío de las Azores y Sarkozy todos juntos… Se necesita ser idiotas con todas las letras…

Eso sí, con estos no se han metido, pero el Gobierno británico está impulsando una ley para que la Iglesia Católica esté obligada a ordenar curas y admitir en conventos a personas transexuales. Pero ya se sabe, los Deobandis son multiculturales, la Iglesia Católica, unos fundamentalistas que hay que eliminar del mapa….

Y por último, Austria. Y esto después de que se haya descubierto a otros de Al-Qaeda en Austria filmando un video en el que se advertían de represalias SI no se retiraban las tropas de Afganistán. Ahh, no, pero Austria nunca estuvo en peligro.

Links aquí.

Pregunta del día: Sabemos que hay en España miembros de HuT, que han pedido el Califato Global en Indonesia hace poco. ¿Cuántos Deobandis hay?

Paren el mundo que me bajo” (Groucho Marx: yo la tomo prestada cada día según abro el lector de RSS) Time out


Nota al pie: un soldado de élite paquistaní se explotó en una comida de oficiales matando a 19 de ellos, en represalia porque el Gobierno Paquistaní mató a su hermana en el asalto a la Mezquita Roja. ¿Está cerca el día del suicida de la bomba nuclear?

julio 26, 2007

Investigan a una web canadiense por supuestos comentarios antiislámicos

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Me entero via el blog Stop the Aclu, de que la web Free está siendo investigada porque uno de los participantes [*] escribió:

04/24/06 “No puedo entender por qué los homosexuales que conozco están del lado de los musulmanes. Después de todo, los musulmanes que practican la Ley Sharia tienden a ser partidarios de degollar homosexuales.”

03/09/06 “Desafío a la censura islámica y hablo lo que pienso que es verdad sobre el islamismo violento y su amenaza a la libertad de expresión en Canadá.”
Gentes -la denunciante- también dice que se sintió discriminada (no es Musulmana) porque aparecieron los siguientes posts en Free Dominion:”

“¿Cuantos de nosotros no hacemos caso si no de boquilla al peligro musulmán en Canadá?”
“Probablemente todos queremos encerrar a un musulmán.” (esta es, desde mi punto de vista, la más dudosa).
“Tengo que preguntar por qué los estamos importando aquí”.
“Fundamentalismo islámico y su amenaza a las libertades civiles y religiosas de Canadá.”

Más información en inglés en: Big Blue Wave, Relapsed Catholic, JW.

También podeis leer este hilo del foro de Free en el que se hacen eco de la noticia.

Washington Post ha publicado un artículo sobre la cuestión. h/t Alice the Camel.

[*] Quién publicó los comentarios es Bill Whatcott, un antiguo prostituto homosexual que es ahora un activista cristiano reconocido.

La denuncia ha sido realizada ante la Comisión de Derechos Humanos Canadiense en Ottawa que la ha admitido.

mayo 1, 2007

Another case of "what were the security services doing?"

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British bombers and the lost links to 7/7-News-UK-Crime-TimesOnline

Mohammad Sidique Khan’s name featured twice in MI5 anti-terrorist operations more than a year before he went on to lead the 7/7 suicide attacks on London. The revelations can be reported for the first time after yesterday’s conviction of Omar Khyam, a close associate of Khan, for plotting to build a 1,300lb bomb to blow up a crowded nightclub or shopping centre.

Far from being a “clean skin” Khan had been photographed, followed and bugged by intelligence officers more than a year before the July 2005 bombings that killed 52 innocent people and ranked as Britain’s worst act of mass murder. Security sources told The Times that they had identified a “Sidique Khan” in 2004 as the owner of a mobile phone called by an alleged al-Qaeda financier and of a Honda car which was tailed from the SouthEast to Yorkshire by investigators. Despite those leads, which placed Khan firmly in the company of high priority terrorist suspects, he was not investigated further.

[…] The jury was not told that two men who met Khyam four times when he was under surveillance in early 2004 were Khan and Shehzad Tanweer, his right-hand man in the 7/7 cell. About 16 months later Khan, Khyam and two other men detonated suicide devices on three Tube trains – at Edgware Road, Aldgate and King’s Cross – and on a London bus.

Nor did the jurors know that Khan joined Khyam and other members of his bombing team at an al-Qaeda training camp in Pakistan in July 2003.

The two men were part of a group of young Britons who trained under and took orders from Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi, the al-Qaeda leader who was transferred to Guantanamo Bay last week after being caught by American forces in Iraq.

Hmm, it’s striking at least.

More from the

The fresh revelations showed that Omar Khyam -left with Anthony Garcia, both of them condemned-, leader of the so-called fertilizer bomb plot, also met with the second-in-command of the July 7 suicide bombers while under MI5 surveillance but that the links between the two groups were never followed up.

The disclosure of the multiple connections to the 7/7 bombers, which starkly contrasts with the widely held belief that domestic terror cells operate in almost total isolation, sparked opposition calls last night for an independent inquiry into why the security agencies failed to use their knowledge to prevent the July 7 attacks.

From The Guardian, the punishment:

Omar Khyam, 25, Waheed Mahmood, 35, and Jawad Akbar, 23, all from Crawley, West Sussex, were convicted of conspiring to cause an explosion likely to endanger life or injure property between January 1 2003 and March 31 2004. Anthony Garcia, 24, from Ilford, Essex, and Salahuddin Amin, 32, from Luton, were convicted of the same offence. Amin, who has repeatedly said he was tortured after being arrested in Pakistan, is planning to appeal.

Khyam and Garcia were also convicted of possessing 600kg of fertiliser for the purposes of terrorism, and Khyam was found guilty of possessing aluminium powder for purposes connected with terrorism.

The judge, Sir Michael Astill, said Khyam, Garcia and Mahmood should not be considered for parole for at least 20 years, and Akbar and Amin should not be considered for parole for 17 and a half years.

[…] It also emerged yesterday that one of the gang’s associates, Kazi Rahman, 29, was jailed for nine years last year after he admitted a charge of trying to purchase weapons.

By the way, they have been sentenced for life. And they actually did not kill anybody… Looks like we should have this kind of criminal code here for people like De Juana Chaos.

Of course, they do not mention Abd al-Hadi… even if he was again planning to attack UK…

More in LA Times:

Testimony from an American Muslim who was involved with the defendants in Pakistan revealed that two of the men said they were reporting to Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi, whom they identified as the No. 3 representative of Al Qaeda. U.S. authorities revealed last week that Hadi had been taken into custody last year and has been providing information about Al Qaeda.

British MPs to probe MI5 actions.

Pressure grows for a 7/7 inquiry.

Babar: The Jihadi supergrass.

Khawaja: The Canadian connection.

5 Britons Guilty; tied to London 2005 Bombers.

More in The Jawa Report, The Lone Voice, O Insurgente, Expat Yank, Woman Honor Thyself, Gates of Vienna.

Very interesting: read the reflections on the subject by Benedict White at A Conservative’s blog: Could the MI5 have stopped 7/7?. He really believes that not for blaming, but to consider what to do in the future a new investigation commission should be called upon. Just the contrary in Tangled Web, who considers that MSM are only thinking of the bad thinks and not of the good -being here the condamnation/punishment of these five ehhh…. peaceful guys.

Related posts: Al-Qaeda operative believed to be 7/7 mastermind, captured.

One only question: what are the “security” forces doing to ensure security???

Related news:

Marvellous hein???

It is really depressing that the people who should be defending citizens, are instead, defending and protecting this kind of …prehistorical warriors.

Sent for Open Trackbacks to Dumb Ox and Pirate’s Cove.

La policía investigó a Sidique Khan uno de los terroristas del 7/J, un año antes del atentado. Se le pinchó el teléfono, se le siguió… ¿La causa? Habían identificado a Sidique Khan como el propietario de un móvil en el que fue recibida una llamada de un presunto banquero de Al-Qaeda y la policía siguió la pista a su coche Honda desde el sudeste hasta Yorkshire. Pero, a pesar de todo ello, no se le siguió investigando.

Pero es que los dos hombres con los que se reunió Siddique Khan fueron Khan y Sheezah Tanweer, sus colaboradores en el 7/J, que habían sido entrenados por Abd al-Hadi, que hace pocos días se anunció que estaba preso en Guantánamo, y que quería volver a atentar en Gran Bretaña.

El descubrimiento ha tenido lugar en el curso de las investigaciones que se siguen contra los acusados -y condenados- por el caso de la bomba hecha con fertilizante. El jefe de esta última Omar Khyan -el morenito de la foto de arriba con cara de exaltado, el otro, Anthony García no parece muy inteligente- se había reunido en varias ocasiones con Sidique Khan, lo que prueba que las células terroristas no actúan solas.

Esto de que no se sabía que no actuaban solas es una idiotez: Al-Qaeda está formada como una franquicia -término mercantil- y no hay nada más mercantil que unirse para alcanzar sinergias. Así que ¿por qué no van a actuar conjuntamente?

Sin embargo, lo que nos deberíamos preguntar es: ¿realmente las fuerzas de seguridad están preparadas para encarar el terrorismo? Y, en segundo lugar, ¿qué es lo que deberían hacer para estarlo?

En español podeis leer el Opinador Compulsivo que señala que los explosivos que querían utilizar eran básicamente los mismos que iban a usar los que querían volar el Parlamento de Ottawa y degollar al presidente canadiense en directo.

abril 30, 2007

China: not progressing on Human Rights

[Traducido al final]
According to the new report from Amnesty International, China has not fulfilled its promise to protect Human Rights for the Olympics Game of 2008:

The report catalogs a wide range of persistent abuses, from extensive use of detention without trial to the persecution of civil rights activists and new methods to rein in the domestic media and censor the Internet.
The London-based group welcomed the new rules for foreign journalists and the referral of all death sentences to China’s Supreme Court since the start of the year. “Disappointingly, they have been matched by moves to expand detention without trial and house arrest of activists, and by a tightening of controls over domestic media and the Internet,” Catherine Baber, deputy Asia-Pacific director of Amnesty International, said in a statement.
China’s Foreign Ministry in a statement Monday rejected the report, saying the government was improving its legal system and promoting democracy. “We are conscientiously fulfilling our promise for the Olympics. … The progress China has achieved in human rights cannot be slandered by a report from an individual organization with political prejudice,” the statement said.

What is more AI denounces China is using the Olympics to increase its pressure on dissidents:

A report by the group welcomed some reforms, but criticised China’s detentions without trial and tightened control of the media and the internet.

Precisely the limits imposed on freedom of speech are one of the more worrying. And internet is precisely one of the places were it is more limites. MySpace is already on in Chinese internet… with some restrictions:

Attempts to post on topics that are deemed inappropriate by the Chinese Government will result in the message: “Sorry, the article you want to publish may contain inappropriate content. Please delete the unsuitable content, and then try reposting it. Thank you.” Even searching for blacklisted keywords results in the same warning.

Anyway, Chinese evident lack of progress on Human Rights has had some benefits: Chinese Censorship Chief receives French Highest Honor.

Long Xinmin, rewarded with the Légion d’Honneur at the French Embassy in Beijing, is a dignitary of the Chinese regime. He is the chief of the censorship administration, an administration that controls all newspapers, television and, of course, the Chinese Internet. It does not hesitate to send to prison those who do not respect the strict rules of the propaganda. Officially, Mr. Long has received the medal for being a francophile. But even inside the communist party, he’s considered as a hardliner, a conservative that has recently been harsher with Chinese bloggers.

Canada has been assured that China had not tortured Canadian citizen Huseyin Celil, a Canadian citzen accused by Chinese authorities of “separating China” and “organizing, leading and participating in terrorist groups, organizations“. I wonder if they would be soooo worried if this Canadian citizen was Christian, Jewish or Buddhist…

We will also see if Al Gore sells any of his videos to China, as the pollution there is growing rapidly: it will be this year the more important polluter:

Currently, 16 of the 20 most polluted cities in the world are located in China, and it is the second largest emitter of energy-related carbon dioxide after the United States. China relies on coal for 70 percent of its energy needs, and discharges a large amount of pollutants into its rivers. The increase of the economy’s energy demands is also the cause of higher greenhouse gas levels, as many Chinese companies build coal-fired plants and operate them without the government’s consent.

In the same link there says that AlGore has spoken about Chinese environment… in USA. It would be very good to try to speak about this with Chinese authorities…

Other news:

Rich Chinese fancy expensive cars. The most exclusive car brands are among those experiencing the fastest growth. Jenny Zheng, Rolls-Royce’s general manager for greater China, says the company’s China sales jumped more than 60% last year from the year before. She says China overtook Japan for the first time in 2006, though she declined to cite actual figures. Globally, the brand has sold 805 cars, each one tailor-made to the owner’s demands, she says. Well, this is logical considering that China is communist… or not?
China moves to restrict lending.
Thousands of Chinese mines and cement workers are dying each year from breathing of coal and cement dust. “The lung disease known as “black lung” or pneumoconiosis accounts for three quarters of all occupational deaths, health officials said. China’s coal mines are the most deadly in the world. An average of 17 miners are killed in mining accidents each day, the official People’s Daily newspaper reports. Independent labour groups believe the death toll is much higher“. “Of 677,000 occupational disease cases reported in China since the 1950s, more than 90% were pneumoconiosis cases, health ministry spokesperson Su Zhi said. Last year alone, the black lung disease accounted for 76% of the 11,000 new occupational disease cases reported. 621 of the pneumoconiosis cases reported last year involved workers under the age of 18“.
Un informe de Amnistía Internacional vuelve a denunciar que China sigue sin respetar los derechos humanos, a pesar de haber prometido hacerlo para la inauguración de los Juegos Olímpicos. Entre otras cosas, el informe denuncia las detenciones sin juicio y las restricciones a la libertad de expresión, así como que parece que se está aprovchando precisamente los JJOO para incrementar la presión sobre los disidentes.
Por supuesto, China lo ha negado diciendo que “los evidentes procesos en materia de Derechos Humano van a ser dismiuidos en importancia por una organizacion con prejuicios políticos”.
Sin embargo,las restricciones en Internet continúan: ahora es MySpace la que tiene un filtro que impide postear material considerado “no apropiado“, de tal forma que si no lo quitas el post no puedes postearlo.
Eso sí, Francia ha concedido al censor mayor de … la Republica Popular China la legion de Honor, porque es “muy francófilo“. Y mientras Canadá está muy aliviada después de que las autoridades chinas hayan asegurado que no han torturado a un ciudadano canadiense, acusado de intentar separar China y de “pertenecer a organizaciones subversivas, terroristas o semejantes”. El ciudadano en cuestión es musulmán, y, considerando loable que defiendan a sus ciudadanos, habría que preguntrse si hubieran mantenido la misma postura, si Husiyen Celil hubiera pertenecido a otra religión.
Asimismo, China -al igual que EEUU, pero ya veremos quién es más criticado- consideran poco fiable un informe sobre la contaminación, al convertirse China este mismo año en el mayor contaminador del mundo. Ya de las 2o capitales más contaminadas, 16 están en China.
Y, para terminar, a los chinos ricos les molan los coches caros (la firma Rolls-Royce ha anunciado que este año han aumentado un 60% sus ventas) mientras las 3/4 partes de los mineros o trabajadores del cemento mueren anualmente de “pulmón blanco“. Sólo el año pasado, el 76% de los trabajadores con enfermedades han muerto por esta causa. 621 eran de menores de 18 años.
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