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junio 2, 2008

The seven islamists imprisoned in A Lama accused of March 11th bombings, ask for help to the prison’s Catholic priest

Los siete islamistas del 11-M presos en A Lama piden ayuda al capellán de la cárcel – Galicia – Faro de Vigo, thanks to Alawen:

The islamists which are imprisoned in the Galician prison of A Lama after being condemned because of the March 11th bombings, which killed 191 and hurt 1824 people, has asked the Catholic Church for help.

The seven imprisoned -sentenced from 12 to 23 years in jail- have interviewed themselves with the prison’s chaplain to try to reach their goals. Their target is to make the priest intercede in their behalf to benefit from pensions, company and ill people’s attention which can only be reached by the Penitentiary Catholic Service, whose boss is the priest. Volunteers of the Catholic Pastoral Service have confirmed the contacts.

Hamid Ahmidan, Abdelmajid Bouchar, Rachid Aglif, Mohamed Bouharrat, Sael el Harrak, Basel Ghalyoun and Mohamed Larbi Ben Sellam, arrived in the end of November 2007 to the Pontevedra’s prison. One of them knew it already, because he spent the time before the process in it, as “preventive imprisoned”. He is Hamid Ahmidan, The Chinese‘s cousin, one of the seven suicide terrorist of Leganés and leader of the criminal organization whose benefits -primarily from the drug trafficking- contributed to the financing of the terrorist attacks.

The seven Islamists are in the same part of the prison and are isolated from the rest of the imprisoned population in individual cells. They only are entitled to four hours in the yard and to two hours to practice sports and study. The rest of the day they are in their cells.

The Islamists’ strategy to resort to the Catholic priests to improve their situation in prison, is not only used in A Lama. They already stated in their conversation with the priest that in the prisons they were before that moment, they had the assistance of Catholic priests.

A Lama’s chaplain, according to the same sources, did not have any problem to speak with them in what they described as a “first contact”, because that is something it’s normally done with the imprisoned guys who apply for it, whether they are Catholic, Muslim or Agnostic.

“The main objective of all the Penitentiary Pastoral is the service and attention to the people who are deprived of freedom of their families, and their accompaniment and integration through workrooms, but that does not mean at all justifying their crimes or motives that could cause their internment in prison”, the responsible of the program stated.

Football let them began to speak in the first meeting. Real Madrid, which had won the Spanish League those days, and the situation of the Barcelona centered the first part of the conversation between the Islamists of the March 11th terrorist attacks and the A Lama’s chaplain.

After that, the imprisoned Islamists got interested in the possibility that the priest interceded for them to get benefits through the Penitentiary Pastoral to have the opportunity of receiving personal mail.

In Spain the packages for the inmates, even if they are duly inspected, before reaching them, cannot be sent by mail and should be given by hand. A job which is done generously by the team of laic volunteers to whom it’s solicited for not having any relatives or because they live far away.

Even if the risk exists of recurring to one of their main enemies, the Catholic Church, to clean their image, the help petitions to Penitentiary Pastoral are something very regular among the elevated number of Muslim inmates (around 200, nearly 80% of all the foreign inmates in A Lama). Most of them are Moroccans or Algerians which are sheltered in their leave days in apartments which belong to the pastoral team.

Father Isaac, the chaplain of the Pontevedra’s prison of A Lama, is cautious when being asked about the contacts maintained and states that this was only the first meeting, that it will be continued. About the fact that this group could have interviewed themselves with an Imam and not with a Catholic priest, he answers that there is freedom of belief inside the prison, “according to the Constitution” and they could have spoken with imams.

The team of the Penitentiary Pastoral provides humanitarian and social help to the people that needs it and applies for it without asking about their religion“, he assures. “It’s a humanitarian service for the inmates. We don’t ask them about their crimes“, he concludes.

As Alawen says in the post, that gave me the tip, what a difference with this.
Todos los enlaces están en español y cada uno puede sacar las conclusiones que considere oportunas.

marzo 5, 2008

Caricaturas de Mahoma: los musulmanes insisten en una legislación “contra el insulto religioso y por el respeto mutuo de las religiones”

Y seguimos…

Reverse_Vampyr: Religion of Peace update: “Scholars” demand international dhimmi laws

More “tolerance” from the Religion of Perpetual Outrage, er, Peace.

Via the Yemen Observer:

behead.jpgThe re-publication of the Prophet cartoons by seventeen Danish newspapers last week was denounced by Muslims the world over. The controversy is not one of press freedom, but rather it feeds cycles of hatred and ignorance which only increase the gulfs between religions, according to the Prime Minister, Dr. Ali Mohammed Mujawr, in a support meeting organized by the Al-Eman University last Monday calling for defending the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

In his speech, Mujwar called for an international law that criminalizes religious insults and enforces mutual respect of religions, calling on all rationalists in the West to avoid such negative acts. “This can only increase the instability in relations among Islamic and Western nations,” said Mujwar.

I wonder if book burnings would help restore stability in relations among Islamic and Western nations?

La publicación de las caricaturas de Mahoma por diecisiete periódicos daneses la pasada semana fue denunciada por musulmanes por todo el mundo. La controversia no es sobre la libertad de prensa, si no que alimenta el círculo de odio e ignorancia que incrementará las distancias entre religiones, según el Primer Ministro Alí Mohammed Mujawr, en un encuentro de apoyo organizado por la Universidad de Al-Eman el pasado lunes en apoyo del Profeta Mahoma.
En su discurso, Mujwar pidió una ley que criminalice los insultos religiosos y refuerce el mutuo respeto por la religión, llamando a los racionalistas de Occidente a evitar estos actos negativos. “Esto sólo incrementará la inestabilidad en las relaciones entre las naciones islámicas y occidentales”, dijo Mujwar

Insisten en su idea de la resolución de la ONU sobre “la ley sobre la difamación de las religiones”, votada a favor por países que respetan taaaaaaaaaanto la religión como China, Corea del Norte o Cuba… Y es que, claro, ya estamos tardando en aprobar leyes para que los odiados “racionalistas” no podamos criticar a los extremistas fundamentalistas… de cualquier religión (incluyendo los ecolojetas, que ya veremos qué pronto pasan a exigir este tratamiento porque ellos tienen la súper-verdad total…).

Pero no ha sido lo único que ha ocurrido respecto de las caricaturas… el Vaticano ha apoyado al Islam en este asunto tal y como describe BlogBis. In English IBA.

ASimismo hay que añadir que católicos y musulmanes se van a reunir con el Papa, em lo que se ha calificado de encuentro histórico:

Muslim representatives and Vatican officials begin talks this week that they hope will lead to an unprecedented Catholic-Islamic meeting. Five representatives from each side will meet on Tuesday for two days in Rome to work out the details of a larger meeting that will include Pope Benedict later this year.

“We have to bring the dialogue up to date following the great successes of the pontificate of John Paul II,” said Yahya Sergio Yahe Pallavicini, vice-president of the Italian Islamic Religious Community.

Esto no me gusta un pelo… Entiendo que la Iglesia Católica no quiera que critiquen a sus símbolos sagrados, pero esto es dispararse en un pie, porque al final toda crítica al Islam va a ser considerada “de odio racial”, mientras que las críticas al catolicisimo no van a disminuir. La prueba es que, a pesar de que la cristofobia/cristianofobia existe como sentimiento tanto en Europa (más aquí) como en América, no se le presta ninguna atención. Curiosamente, su raíz es común con la judeofobia: esto es, si se odia a los judíos, normalmente se odia también a los cristianos. En el último link, la conclusión es estremecedora:

All of the above is just a long-winded way of saying that people always struggle for power and control of each other. Religious hatred is not about religion or ethnicity, but power. If religions provide power, people will fight and kill each other for it. If a group is seen to lack power, people who have less power than they feel they deserve will kill members of that group, or encourage others to do so, in order to feel more powerful. Today, newspapers like the New York Times and others are drifting toward advocacy of a new type of religious hatred: conflict between secularists and Christians. In view of the tragic history of past religious conflicts, they are playing with fire.

Ciertamente. Penoso, pero cierto… 😦
Otros links interesantes:

Miss Kelly : “Have We Decided to Accept Violence as a Legitimate Response to Humor?”

“Have we as a society decided to accept violence as a legitimate response to humor? Somehow we have managed to rationalize incursions upon our fundamental freedoms as small exceptions for comfort. Which calls for more fear: a two-dimensional drawing or a mob of violent protesters?””There is nothing inherently threatening about the commentary, but there is in the disproportionate reaction to it. Without more heroic defenses of our freedom to criticize religious extremism in the face of violence, we may lose the ability to criticize anything at all. If we should not judge another society by the standards of our own, then neither should we be held to modify our societal freedoms by the standards of another. Just as Zank believes we should not incite hatred in the ‘guise of supporting free speech,’ I submit that we cannot curtail freedom in the name of tolerance.”

YouTube Banned in Pakistan Citing Outrage Over Geert Wilders and Danish Toons [updated & bumped]

Pakistan has blocked access to the popular YouTube website because of content deemed offensive to Islam.Its telecommunications authority ordered internet service providers to block the site until further notice.

Reports said the content included Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad that have outraged many.

But one report said a trailer for a forthcoming film by Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders, which portrays Islam in a negative light, was behind the ban.
[…] Other countries that have temporarily blocked access to YouTube include Turkey and Thailand.

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