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junio 4, 2008

Mark Steyn on Trial for “Islamophobia”

Surely a lot of people know Mark Steyn and his book “America Alone: The End of the World as We Know it“. Basically, in the book (and in his articles) he has been denouncing the demographic change Europe and the West in general is suffering. We can listen to what he already said about it when the book was published in this video:

He has been called an Islamophobic and a racist because of this and a Muslim, Mr. Elmasry, one of the most polemic figures in Canada, has sued him for denigrating and villifying Islam:

Maclean’s magazine and Mr. Steyn could still be found to have violated B. C.’s Human Rights Code. No proof of damage is required

Meanwhile, if found to have violated the code, Maclean’s faces sanctions, including payment to the complainant “an amount that the member or panel considers appropriate to compensate that person for injury to dignity, feelings and self respect or to any of them.”

Ezra Levant, who has been already sued for Islamophobia for publishing the Danish Cartoons, has written about it.

The problem here is that “always speaks the less indicated for it”. Because this guy, Elmasry, is known for saying this about Jews:

Elmasry should have been persona non grata in polite Canadian company after his appearance on a Toronto-area talk show in 2004. On live TV, Elmasry argued that any Jew aged 18 or up in Israel is a legitimate target for terrorists, because they are “not innocent.”

The statement was so shocking that Elmasry’s employer, the University of Waterloo, felt obligated to issue a statement calling his comments “unacceptable” and “abhorrent.” Elmasry apologized to Waterloo and promised not to repeat his terrorist cheerleading.

But he hasn’t kept his promise. A quick tour through his organization’s Web site shows an obsession with Jews, a running apologia for terrorist groups such as Hamas and cheerleading for Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his nuclear program. There are dozens of pages of anti-Israel propaganda, including essays by notorious anti-Semites such as Greg Felton, who writes for the neo-Nazi publication National Vanguard.

Elmasry accuses the Jews of ethnic cleansing, of apartheid and of being the instigators behind the invasion of Iraq. One of the site’s specialties is rooting out the Jewish “cabal” that runs the Canadian government.

And this is the man who is accusing others of … vilifying Islam. It’s not Mark Steyn who vilifies Islam (he just describes what he sees). It’s people like Elmasry the ones who really show that ugly face of Islam.
Michelle Malkin has more on the trial. Dust My Broom has also written about it.
You see, this is what we can expect of a country where someone with terrorist links is awarded a prize for entreprenurial ???
But he is not the only one who has not been charged after speaking such things about Jews: there are others, deemed “moderate” who are even more extremists.  

Sheik Younus KathradaHate-crime investigators and counterterrorism forces are investigating a Muslim leader in British Columbia who laced his Islamic lectures with racial slurs against Jews. He also urged his followers to go to ”the front lines” to seek martyrdom in a jihad.

Sheik Younus Kathrada, who has the reputation of being a moderate Muslim leader, made no secret of his feelings, delivering his lectures openly at a small Vancouver mosque, then posting tape recordings on the Dar Al-Madinah Islamic Society website.

Those lectures have made Mr. Kathrada the focus of a joint RCMP-Vancouver Police Department investigation that involves an Integrated National Security Enforcement Team.

Vancouver Police Constable Anne Drennan said “a hate-crimes investigation is just one aspect of it,” and Sergeant John Ward of the RCMP confirmed INSET is involved. INSET deals with national-security threats and involves the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

Sgt. Ward said the team is looking into a possible Chechen connection. (Canadian Press October 23-2004)

The Chechen connection involved Vancouver area residents Rudwan Khalil Abubaker and Kamal Elbahja who disappeared in Chechnya after coming in contact with Sheik Younus Kathrada who is said to have convinced them it was worth dying for their religion on the other side of the world. Rudwan Khalil Abubaker’s body was eventually found but Kamel Elbahja was never seen again. After the report of Rudwan Khalil Abubaker’s death his Imam, Sheik Younus Kathrada was exposed for lecturing to followers about the virtues of Islamic holy war and that Jews were brothers of monkeys and swine. He was never charged.


Hay un juicio del que nada se está diciendo prácticamente en ningún en sitio. Es el juicio que se lleva a cabo en Canadá contra el periodista Mark Steyn como consecuencia de su libro “América Alone: The end of the world as we know it”. En él, Steyn, canadiense residente en EEUU, señalaba que por una cuestión simplemente demográfica, los musulmanes van a acabar siendo mayoritarios: si los no musulmanes nos reproducimos a una tasa de 1,3 hijos por pareja, los musulmanes lo hacen a 3,8. Ahora son el 10% pero simplemente cada vez serán más.

Por esta tesis, se le ha demandado por “vilificar el Islam”. Lo bueno es quién le ha demandado. Porque ElMasry es un conocido extremista antisemita que llegó a declarar que “los judíos de 18 años o mayores eran todos un objetivo legítimo porque ninguno era inocente”. Luego dijo que no volvería a decir nada parecido pero no ha cumplido su promesa.

El juicio está siendo bastante surrealista, como la mayoría de los bloggers están denunciando con testigos diciendo cosas inexactas.

Pero es algo lógico si consideramos que Elmasry nunca ha sido condenado ni llevado a los tribunales por decir lo que dijo. O que el Jeque Younus Kathrada ha realizado continuos ataques insultando a los judíos y llamando a los judíos al martirio y tampoco lo ha sido. O que un sospechoso de financiar organizaciones terroristas (en este caso a los Tigres Tamiles) haya sido galardonado con un premio a la innovación empresarial:


Suresh Sriskandarajah (aka Waterloo Suresh) was arrested in August 2006 following a joint investigation between the RCMP and the FBI and was charged with providing material support and resources for the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka. In addition to allegations of fundraising and money laundering through his various charitable organizations it was alleged that Suresh along with three other Canadians had traveled to New York to buy night-vision equipment, surface-to-air missiles, missile launchers and AK-47s from an undercover agent. It is also alleged that he was trying to ship equipment overseas packed in teddy bears.

Lavado de dinero, financiación… y además se alegó (por lo que está en procedimiento de extradición) que había ido a Nueva York a comprar equipos de visión nocturna, misiles superficie-aire, lanzadores de misiles y Ak-47s como agente encubierto. También se alegó que estaba intentando mandar equipo en barcos escondido en ositos de peluche.

Podéis ver las fotos en el enlace en las que se celebraba una fiesta de los Tigres Tamiles y que él tenía en su blog… convenientemente borrado pero que todavía puede verse desde el caché del Google…

Mientras ya han sentado en el banquillo (comisión de Protección de Derechos Humanos en este caso) a Ezra Levant, por publicar en su blog las caricaturas de Mahoma. Y varios bloggers están amenazados por procesos antiracismo, y pueden acabar viendo sus blogs cerrados: Kate Shaidle or Girl on the Right, por ejemplo… No he estado de acuerdo con todo lo que han posteado. Pero la amenaza de cerrarles el blog por criticar el islamismo/terrorismo… es tannn surrealista…
En vez de “A veces veo muertos“, yo debería decir “A veces tengo que pellizcarme para saber que es cierto“.

septiembre 25, 2007

Spain: Profanations of churches not theft but attack on religious freedom

Profanations of churches not theft but attack on religious freedom

Cardinal Antonio Canizares of Toledo, Spain, broke his silence this week and spoke out against the profanations of churches in various towns throughout the archdiocese and warned that the motive behind the attacks is not thievery but rather “an attack on religious freedom at its most intimate core.”The cardinal made his comments known through a message read during Mass at the Cathedral of Toledo on Sunday. The cardinal was not present at the Mass but instead was in the town of Fuensalida re-consecrating a church there that had recently been profaned.

The cardinal denounced the recent string of “similar profanations of robbery and insult of the Blessed Sacrament,” saying there have been “too many for us to remain silent.”

According to the cardinal the motive behind the profanations is not robbery, as the objects stolen were not of much value, but rather “a clear intention to harm respect for that which is most holy in Church and in the world: Jesus Christ.”

Cardinal Canizares called them “an attack on religious freedom in its most intimate core; a crime against the fundamental and inalienable right to religious freedom.”


Resulta que están proliferando las profanaciones a iglesias católicas en la archidiócesis de Toledo. El Cardenal Cañizares ya ha dicho que, como los profanadores no se llevan cosas de mucho valor, el objeto de las profanaciones no es si no atacar el corazón de la libertad religiosa. Y que ha habido tantas que no va a permanecer callado.

Qué raro, qué poco se oye de esto en los medios de comunicación, ¿eh?

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