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marzo 14, 2007

"Catholic" Pornography

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I was not going to blog about the so-called pornographic artist-ical photos Autonomous Government of Extremadura (PSOE) has paid for. But seeing the critics that Catholic, who have protested about them, are being made, I have to write a few lines.

Yes, I was a critic of Muslims who considered normal to kill, menace and even maim to the editor and cartoonists who had insulted Islam by portraiting Mohammed in a rather not charming way. But, milords, IT WAS A PRIVATE PAPER.

The difference here is HUGE. The most insulting cartoon was one of Mohammed portraited with a bomb as a turbant, but it is true that Mohammed was a warrior who killed people with swords. So, if he would have lived now, he would have used bombs, so it’s not very insulting.

But Virgin Mary did not masturbate Jesus Christ or Christ was a pedophile, nor can it be extracted from any part of the Gospel. Anyway, much more than the obvious pornographic considerations (and of really bad taste, and can something be called art if it’s of bad taste, if art is beauty’s portrait?), this is a work who has been sponsored by a PUBLIC institution, with the MONEY OF ALL TAXPAYERS, even the ones who ARE CHRISTIAN. Because, lately it looks like as if the other Christians do not get appalled by this kind of crap, made only by the author to get attention. Well, it really has to be hard to be so old and to be doing things like this to obtain glory in pornographic art.

Here, no one is demanding to kill the artist, just not to be sponsored by public money.

If not, all pornography should be banned, and no one is asking for that [or at least not me, even if pornographic magazines/videos/…. would be totally broke if they rely on me to buy them :D]. But in a free state, people should be allowed to buy whatever they want, either it’s wrong or bad, except when it’s a crime. And I really think that pornography sex is no more that the result of a prêt-a-porter and bad-tasteful attitude that is not contributing to make this world better at all. Things that really last (valor, honor, goodness, real love, etc) are not even considered -and normal people, like any one of us, should be blamed for nor stand for them- or considered as stupid considerations or of really unmodern taste. But that is MY own thinking and I am not the only one in this world.

Oh, and by the way, if these photos were shown in a private gallery, with the sponsorship of the Generalitat de Valencia (PP), I will critic PP by the same reasoning. These days looks like the only basis to defend PSOE attitudes is to say “you did it much more times and graver“. Spanish political climate reminds me to the primary schools when little children accused the others of having done the same or even more wrong, not to be punished.

Lastly, Zapatero said, when meeting Turkish Erdogan, that people should have respect for another people’s religion, about the cartoons. Well, I hope he will say something about this, but as Christian extremists are not supported by the normal Christian believer and what is more, the doctrine of love for all people even your enemy, is the basis, I think we are going to wait sat in a very comfortable chair. Though, of course, they are trying to raise those extremists continuosly but, at least for now, with very few success (thank GOD).



Related news:

Sugiero: Filed a complaint against the photographer.

Extremadura Automous Community President, Socialist Rodríguez Ibarra, ask for forgiveness to “all the people who could have been offended by the pornographic photos of Jesus Christ and the Virgin”. But adds “Politicians do not have to like artistic expressions“… Hmm, of course, they are not paying them…. [Now, ask the author for the money and then pay him with your own purse]

He has also declared that “no one wanted to offend the Catholic Church“. Hmm, must not have read what the author-pornographic artist has said: “they are a critic to the Catholic Church with no intention of offending” (¡!) or “Other religions do not affect me, are not a part of my culture. I am not going to attack something I do not know. I have felt attacked by some things, by the double standard, and many other things that I am not going to tell you now“. In the era of Internet, of global communication, of world travels, an artist say there are things he does not know… So there are no cojones aren’t there? Ooh, I am so frightened by people who would attack me, I just do not want to even know of their existence… And he talks of double standards. Chicken. In another time, this man would have been the first going to have communion…

Juan Carlos Girauta en Libertad Digital: Ni Dios: “What is worst here, is the sponsoring“.

Also in El Blog de Martha Colmenares and Desde El Exilio.


Nota: Todos los links están en español. El resumen de lo que digo es: a mí estas fotos pseudo-artístico pornográficas me parecen un deseo de su autor de ser conocido. Y de un mal gusto espantoso. Y soy católica convencida y me encanta ir de museos y admirar obras artísticas. Ahora bien, a riesgo de que alguien se lleve las manos a la cabeza y una vez vistas a mí no me escandaliza nada: a mí simplemente me parecen soeces y que, si este hombre a su edad, ha tenido que recurrir a esto para ser conocido, tiene muchos problemas.

En cuanto a la comparación con las caricaturas de Mahoma, es clara: mientras que las caricaturas habían sido pagadas por un periódico privado (y, por tanto, podías dejar de comprarlo si no te gustaban) estas fotos han sido pagadas por un ente público, sin permiso de los ciudadanos, ciudadanos que, en una parte importante son cristianos -no sólo católicos, me da que los protestantes tampoco bailan de alegría al ver a Cristo masturbado por la Virgen [en una Piedad curiosa, porque si el Cristo en la Piedad está muerto, hmm, … me da que sentiría poco] o a un Cristo pedófilo-.

Además, mientras que Mahoma sí fue un soldado que asesinó/mató a personas con sus propias armas, esta clase de actividad sexual no viene ni puede extraerse de los Evangelios.

Así que Ibarra, menos pedir perdón, y devuelvan ustedes el dinero -póngalo de su bolsillo- y me da igual que a ustedes no les gustara esa “expresión artística: el problema es que apartaron dinero de otros fines más legítimos y necesarios -Extremadura no puede permitirse el lujo de desviar dinero de invertir en otras cuestiones básicas mucho más necesarias para su desarrollo- para pagar una obra ofensiva para buena parte de los extermeños. Que son los que les pagan a ustedes el sueldo…

Ahh, y por si no queda claro, si es cierto que el PP patrocinó una exposición de estas fotos en Valencia, me parece igual de mal.

Me da igual lo que cada uno haga en su casa: pero me gustaría que me preguntaran antes de usar mi dinero.

Aahhh, que el dinero público no es de nadie, Carmen Calvo dixit. Se me había olvidado eso…

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marzo 12, 2007

The Jihadi menace for Spain: more than ever

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An study from the prestigious Spanish think-tank Real Instituto Elcano confirms that (HT: Crónicas Bárbaras).I am going to post a summary of it translated into English, that I think covers the main aspects of the report. A report that confirms that running for danger is the WORST of all solutions. In fact Spain is now much more vulnerable to Jihadi terrorism that was three years ago.

[NOTE: Both the underlining and the bold letters are mine and also the structure of some paragraphs. My comments in blue].

There are two main reasons to suspect another major Jihadi terrorist attack in Spain in a near future.

First, on July 2006, Ayman Al Zawahiri stated, when defining Jihad, that “it has as objective, the liberation of Palestine and all the territory that was Muslim once, from Al-Andalus to Iraq“. This aggressive and atemporal statement can be considered as Al-Qaeda considering Spain as a preferential target (hmm, that’s right, ehhh? And what is the reason now? Iraq again?).

Just some days ago, on February 2007, Al-Zawahiri stated again: “I pray to Allah that he will give you strength in your feet to be strong enough to obey him and victory and glory, so as to free the Islamic Maghreb and you [could] raise the Jihadi flag to be victorious on that land and that Allah will grant you the favour of walking with your pure feet the stolen ground of Al-Andalus” (remember there were people living in Spain and Portugal BEFORE Islamic religion was even created??, just in case…)

These statements position Spain as a main target and also can be considered as the instigation or even that Al-Qaeda is easing the terrorist attacks in Spain. The reasons for this are several:

  1. these have to be combined with other hostility statements again Spain, such as the one made on Dec 2006 against the “Spanish occupation of Ceuta and Melilla” in a message shown by Al-Jazeera TV.
  2. there are also global menaces to some other Western countries, and among them Spain, for example, to the Spanish troops in Lebanon and Afghanistan.
  3. the idea of violently re-conquer Al-Andalus is in the ideology of the North-African Jihadi-terror nets and specially in the Algerian Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat’s one. Recently, this group has mergered into Al-Qaeda, re-naming itself as “AlQaeda’s Organization for theIslamic Maghreb”. This is good for both organizations: Al-Qaeda has away to introduce into Europe and specially Spain, while SGPC has a cover for their operations.

This situation is worsened because of the rate of North-African jihadis in Spanish prisons. A 79% of the people who entered in Spanish penitentiary institutions between 2001 and 2006 as suspected of belonging to Jihadi Salafism were from North Africa. In fact, 77.77% come from Maghreb: 39,7% from Morocco y 31.4% from Algeria.

Consequences in terms of national security:

  1. there is continuity of the possibility of suffering new terrorist attacks that can have grave consequences for the constitutional stability and the cohesion of an open society.
  2. they can affect severely to critical infrastructure or main strategical interests.
  3. the way to carry out the attacks can change in a drastic manner. In fact there is much more probable a suicide attack today than was 3 years ago(I wonder why…).

¿Cuál es la amenaza que el terrorismo yihadista supone actualmente para España? (ARI)

En julio del pasado año, Ayman al Zawahiri, preeminente subalterno de Osama bin Laden desde hace más de una década, emitió un comunicado en el que, al precisar el sentido de lo quedenomina “yihad por la senda de Alá”, añadió literalmente: “una yihad cuyo objetivo es liberar Palestina, toda Palestina, y todo territorio que fue musulmán, desde al-Andalus hasta Irak”. Además de intentar por enésima vez entrometerse en la cuestiónpalestina y de enfatizar la centralidad que para al-Qaeda tiene lacontienda iraquí, sus palabras implican una declaración agresiva e intemporal de España como blanco preferente, en la medida en que la práctica totalidad de su suelo ha de ser recuperado, como parte sustancial de un imaginario nuevo califato que unifique al mundo islámico, mediante actividades de guerra santa. Además, en ese mismo comunicado sostiene que los musulmanes son “hijos” de, entre otros, Yusuf Bin Tashfin, emir almorávide que aglutinó los reinos de taifas peninsulares para incorporarlos a su dominio norteafricano y en 1086 combatió victoriosamente a las tropas deAlfonso VI de Castilla.

Mucho más recientemente, en febrero de 2007,casi a un mes de cumplirse el tercer aniversario de los atentados deMadrid, Ayman Al Zawahiri reiteraba esa fijación suya con al-Andalusque implica la demarcación del territorio español como parte de los objetivos últimos de la yihad neosalafista global y señaliza a España como blanco. En esta ocasión lo hizo tras una referencia a la evolución de los grupos y organizaciones yihadistas en el espacio del Magreb, mostrar su respaldo a los “leones” que batallan en esos denominados márgenes occidentales del islam y añadir exactamente esto: “pido a Alá que os conceda que mantengáis vuestros pies firmes para obedecerle y que os conceda su ayuda y su victoria, y así liberéis elMagreb islámico e icéis el estandarte de la yihad para que ondee victorioso sobre su tierra, y que Alá os conceda el favor de pisar pronto con vuestros pies puros sobre el usurpado al-Andalus”. Aquí se indica cuál continuará siendo el principal foco de la amenaza que el terrorismo internacional supone para ciudadanos e intereses españoles, tanto dentro como fuera de nuestras fronteras, además de que posiblemente se esté instando a no demorar en exceso la comisión de atentados en suelo peninsular.

[…] Esas alusiones, que se corresponden con una señalización de blanco y la instigación o incluso posible facilitación de atentados terroristas contra España, adquieren particular significación en la actualidad por tres razones.

  • En primer lugar, porque se combinan con otras muestras específicas de hostilidad hacia nuestro país, como la que el propio Ayman al Zawahiri hizo en diciembre de 2006 sobre la “ocupación española de Ceuta y Melilla” en un mensaje emitido por el canal de televisión al-Yazira.
  • […]En segundo lugar, los señalamientos de España como blanco del terrorismo yihadista a través de las alusiones a al-Andalus tienen un especial significado porque se combinan con una serie de amenazas genéricas igualmente proferidas por los líderes del terrorismo global y que incumben a nuestro país.Como cuando al-Qaeda amenaza a los países con tropas desplegadas en Afganistán o Líbano, donde hay destacados centenares de soldadose spañoles.
  • En tercer lugar, porque la idea de recuperar violentamente al-Andalus ha permeado ya el discurso de las redes norteafricanas del terrorismo yihadista y, en concreto,del Grupo Salafista para la Predicación y el Combate (GSPC), de origen argelino, que cambió recientemente de nombre para adoptar el que corresponde a una extensión regional magrebí de al-Qaeda. En un comunicado fechado el 9 de enero de 2007, a poco de anunciar elcambio en su denominación, el GSPC se pronunciaba así: “abrazamos la yihad para cumplir con un precepto divino ineludible que se nos impuso desde la caída de al-Andalus y la venta de Palestina, y desde que se nos dividieron las fronteras que inventaron los invasores”. Apenas una semana antes, su máximo dirigente se había dirigido solemnemente a los musulmanes argelinos también como “nietos de Tarek ben Ziyad” e “hijosde Yusuf bin Tashfin”.

[…] [La situación resulta agravada porque] un 79% de cuantos individuos han ingresado en centros penitenciarios españoles entre 2001 y 2006 como sospechosos de estar implicados en actividades de terrorismo yihadista proceden del norte de África, perohasta un 77,7% lo hacen del Magreb. En concreto, el 39,7% ha nacido enMarruecos y un 31,4% es originario de Argelia. Pese a que el número de inmigrantes marroquíes en España es más de 10 veces superior al de argelinos, la sobrerrepresentación de estos últimos está relacionada con los casi tres lustros de trayectoria que el terrorismo islamista tiene en el país del que proceden y la difusión de su urdimbre en la otra orilla del Mediterráneo.
Así,no resultará extraño que las organizaciones terroristas relacionadas con al-Qaeda que han venido constituyendo un especial motivo de preocupación para la seguridad interior en España sean, precisamente,el Grupo Islámico Combatiente Marroquí (GICM) y el Grupo Salafista para la Predicación y el Combate (GSPC).
[…] Y es que el GSPC ha culminado recientemente su proceso de internacionalización, pasando de ser una entidad afiliada con al-Qaeda a fusionarse con dicha estructura terrorista para convertirse en una extensión regional de la misma e incluso cambiar de nombre y denominarse ahora, con el beneplácito expreso de Osama bin Laden, Organización de Al-Qaedaen el Magreb Islámico.
Es un arreglo de mutua conveniencia con implicaciones para la evolución del terrorismo global tanto en el Magreb como al sur, este y norte de ese ámbito. El GSPC adquiere una cobertura que seguramente favorecerá su acceso a recursos económicos y humanos,compensando así la relativa debilidad en que se encontraba tras numerosas operaciones contraterroristas desarrolladas durante losúltimos años en el norte de África y en Europa occidental. Por suparte, al-Qaeda dispone por fin de una plataforma para introducirse en el Magreb y en el Sahel, así como posiblemente una mayor ascendencia sobre redes argelinas introducidas en algunas naciones europeas, incluida España.

[…]Al incremento de la amenaza terrorista para nuestro país que se derivaría del redimensionamiento de las redes magrebíes insertas en la yihad neosalafista global hay que añadir algunos otros elementos de creciente preocupación.Por ejemplo, el que nos remite a individuos ligados a organizaciones paquistaníes afiliadas con al-Qaeda y que se han introducido en comunidades inmigrantes de su misma procedencia asentadas en España, especialmente en Cataluña.

Implicaciones de seguridad nacional
Elcreciente señalamiento de España como blanco por parte de al-Qaeda y elconcomitante redimensionamiento de las redes norteafricanasincorporadas a esa estructura terrorista, unidos a otros peligros enevolución con los que ambos se relacionan, tienen implicaciones en términos de seguridad nacional.
  • Por una parte, debido a la continuada posibilidad de que se perpetren nuevos atentados susceptibles deincidir gravemente sobre el orden constitucional o la cohesiónde una sociedad abierta que, por cierto, es crecientemente plural precisamente como consecuencia de la inmigración y en especial de la que procede de sociedades mayoritariamente musulmanas, a las cuales tienen por su población de referencia los actores del terrorismoyihadista.
  • Por otra, debido a que esos posibles actos de terrorismo internacional pueden afectar muy seriamente infraestructuras críticas o intereses estratégicos fundamentales para nuestro país.
  • Finalmente,debido a que el estilo de los atentados que traten de ser cometidos contra instituciones o ciudadanos españoles, dentro o fuera de lasfronteras nacionales, podría registrar algunas alteraciones respecto los procedimientos y modalidades hasta ahora considerados como más probables. (En concreto) […] resulta actualmente más verosímil de cuanto lo era hace dos o tres años que un nuevo acto de terrorismo internacional en España adopte la modalidad del atentado suicida.No sólo porque se acomoda a las preferencias operativas del directoriode al-Qaeda, sino también porque el GSPC ha justificado explícitamente ese tipo de actos desde febrero de 2005 y nada impide que individuos reclutados en nuestro país para llevar a cabo misiones suicidas en Irak o en otros lugares puedan cometer atentados así pero en territorio español.

Conclusiones: España es hoy más blanco de al-Qaeda que antes de los atentados del 11 demarzo de 2004 en Madrid. Incluso es probable que nuestro país sea ahoramás blanco del terrorismo internacional que nunca antes y, por lanaturaleza de los indicadores que lo ponen de manifiesto, en modoalguno se trata de una situación pasajera. Que Ayman alZawahiri insista en la violenta recuperación de al-Andalus como parte de un nuevo califato panislámico, consiguiendo que su discurso impregne la narrativa de los grupos y organizaciones norteafricanos relacionadoscon aquella estructura terrorista equivale a convertirnos en blanco permanente de los actores individuales y colectivos que forman lasredes multinacionales del movimiento de la yihad neosalafista global ensu conjunto. Esto, en sí mismo, obliga a repensar la amenaza que el terrorismo internacional supone en la actualidad para nuestro país y que conlleva señalizaciones más precisas, como las relacionadas con la presencia de soldados españoles en territorios musulmanes o la demarcación de Ceuta y Melilla como zona de conflicto.

Os dieron a elegir entre la guerra y el deshonor.
Habeis escogido el deshonor y tendreis la guerra.
Winston Churchill.

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marzo 11, 2007

Chirac’s not presenting himself again

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France’s Chirac bows out of frontline politics – Yahoo! News

Chirac has served as president since 1995 and his widely expected decision to stand aside marks the end of an era for France, clearing the way for a new generation of politicians. “I will not seek your backing for a new mandate,” the 74-year-old said in a televised address to the nation.


Chirac will perhaps be best remembered outside France for his denunciation of U.S. policy in Iraq and his determination to maintain his country’s leading role in international affairs. But on the domestic front he introduced few meaningful reforms and leaves behind a difficult legacy for his successor, with the French economy underachieving and social tensions simmering in deprived suburbs.

Well, I will remeber him for his hipocrisy. But of course, nearly no one has heard about the French-sponsored coup d’etat in Comores Islands. You know, regime change of an Islamic terror state. No UN backing. In fact, Chirac employed mercenaries…. Have any anti-war campaigner demonstrated because of this? Ehh, no. Do Comores’ citizens’s lives cost less than Iraqis? No, it’s just “la grandeur de la France“…

BBC has his profile. Interesting that, when young, he was interested in communism and pacifism. And, of course:

His years in office may also be remembered for his rude remarks about other countries, particularly the UK.

In 2005, for example, he said of the British “One cannot trust people whose cuisine is so bad”, although Finnish food, in his well-fed opinion, was Europe’s worst.

And about Spain: remember when he said that there was nothing to celebrate about the discovery and conquest of America? What happens? French people did not do it, and then you can’t feel proud of it, hein?

He has also said today: “France should state the need of a strong Europe, of a political Europe, of a Europe which can guarantee our social model. It’s our future which it’s at stake“. What social model? This? Hmm, maybe not…

Aussi en Français: Le Monde:

Jacques Chirac a également demandé à ses compatriotes de croire à la construction européenne. “La France doit affirmer l’exigence d’une Europe puissante, d’une Europe politique, d’une Europe qui garantisse notre modèle social. C’est notre avenir qui est en jeu. Portons toujours cet idéal et cette volonté”, a-t-il souligné.

Le Figaro: Approuvez vous la décision de Jacques Chirac de ne pas se présenter?.

Italiano: L’addio di Jacques Chirac all’Eliseo.

Also it has been his own doing making Ivory Coast one of the most vulnerable places in the world (the 3rd in fact).

In Spanish: El Mundo,,

Al Qaeda acusa a Hamás de "venderse" a Israel

Filed under: Al-Qaeda,Israel,Palestine,terrorismo,terroristas — Nora @ 8:58 pm Al Qaeda acusa a Hamás de “venderse” a Israel

El egipcio Ayman al Zawahiri, considerado el “número dos” de la organización Al Qaeda, ha criticado hoy el Acuerdo de La Meca, suscrito entre las facciones palestinas, y ha acusado al grupo Hamás de “venderse” por haberlo firmado. “Con la firma del Acuerdo de La Meca, Hamás no sólo agredió a la causa palestina, sino que supone una agresión a todo el pueblo musulmán“, ha dicho una voz identificada como la de Al Zawahiri en una grabación que difundió hoy el canal de televisión qatarí Al Yazira. El Acuerdo de La Meca fue suscrito en esta ciudad saudí el pasado 8 de febrero por los islamistas de Hamás y los nacionalistas de Al Fatah y, según el mismo, ambos grupos se comprometen a formar un Gobierno de unidad nacional.

¿Una guerra entre Al-Qaeda, Hamás y Al-Fatah y por el medio Israel? ¿Cómo reaccionará el pueblo musulmán ante esta acusación?

AlQaida, considering that recently Bin Laden has turned out 50, had to give him a prize. And so has decided that accusing the terrorist organisation Hamas of “hurting the Palestine cause and of agression to the whole Muslim people”, because of the sign of La Meca’s agreement, can be considered as that. The accusation has been made by a voice who sounded like Al-Zarqawi, in a recording that was released today by Al-Jazira.

So, what is going to happen now? A war between Al-Qaeda and Hamas and Al-Fatah? And Israel in the middle? How will react the Muslim people to this?

marzo 8, 2007

Zapatero: "This is the first a Government recognises that he has caved into ETA’s blakmail"

Filed under: antizp,PP,PSOE,Spain,Zapatero — Nora @ 1:21 pm
Well, even if you do not believe it, he really said that in yesterday’s session at Spanish Senate. Afterwards, he tried to mend what he had said and stated “this is the 1st time a political party accusses the Government of caving into ETA’s blackmail“.

The problem here is: Zapatero knew -as we all know now- that De Juana was not in the bad state he has told these last days. Someone who can maintain sexual relations in a shower is not in such a poor state as we have been told. Moreover, the act of exiting the ambulance on foot contradicts again that bad state.

Zapatero said that he was giving the 2nd grade (not excarcelation) because of humanitary reasons, that is, to prevent him from dying. So if it has been proofed De Juana was not dying, what is the blackmail about?

[Note: this is just a question. A worrying question. And I am not referring exclusively or mainly to March 11th bombings. There are other themes of interest here: his own talkings with the ETA terrorists before being president, or if he agreed with Carod Rovira in his meeting with ETA in Perpignan. But people should realise that if the Government is being blackmailes, we are all blackmailed. And the consequences of that blackmail are not know in the present and perhaps all them will be never considered].

But even if we consider that he thought De Juana was so frail as to die, he is totally contradicting himself his own words. In 1990, Zapatero stated about the hunger strike of ETA terrorists:

The Socialist Group shares the firm decision of the Government (Aznar) in front of an attack to democratic system as the colective hunger strike of imprisoned ETA terrorists, whose only final objective is not to fulfill the more accurate way to reinsertion policy inside the penitentiary system. This intent justifies in the political ground the firmness of the Government’s position.

This is marvellous, isn’t it? And very coherent with his present political assertions about the Aznar’s Government (that had also its flaws, as every human-made thing but nothing compared with this…) making concessions to ETA terrorist, eh?? The firmness of the Government’s position. My goodness…

El blog de las Zetapolleces has the video about yesterday’s session (in Spanish).

Thanks to Prevost I know that PP from Tres Cantos (situated near Madrid) has been receiving terrorist menaces for some time. They are calling them “Fascists“, “Hipocrytes” and are announcing “they will be taken to the same place as Franco and Miguel Ángel Blanco“. While Franco was a dictator so unwholly separated and different from any democratic ruler -as all dictators-, this is a great disrespect for Miguel ángel Blanco, murdered by ETA terrorists, when Aznar’s Government did not cave into ETA’s blackmail. A very wrong and wholly undemocratic behaviour.

Maya focuses on leftists’ reaction to these news: they simply consider these menaces made by PP.

Related posts:

Demonstration next Saturday. nacional – terrorismo – Lapsus de seductor

Desde que calificó de «accidente» el atentado de la T-4, Zapatero no había tenido un «lapsus» o error dialéctico de tal calibre. «No es la primera vez que un Gobierno cede al chantaje de ETA», dijo el presidente del Gobierno en un arranque de frase desafortunado de por sí, que, con la consiguiente interrupción de los senadores del PP, pareció una confesión en toda regla. Luego lo intentó enmendar con la misma frase, pero con el añadido de que «es la primera vez que un partido se atreve a decir que un Gobierno ha cedido al chantaje de ETA».

Zapatero en 1990 sobre la huelga de hambre y el derecho a la vida (Internet Política)

El Grupo Socialista comparte la firme decisión del Gobierno ante un método de ataque al sistema democrático como es la huelga de hambre colectiva de los reclusos cuyo fin único es desatender lo que es, a nuestro juicio, la vía más acertada para una política de reinserción dentro del sistema penitenciario. Ese intento justifica que en el terreno político la posición del Gobierno sea firme.

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Russian Ex-U.N. Official Convicted

Filed under: escándalos financieros,Naciones Unidas — Nora @ 11:06 am
Newsvine –

Former Russian diplomat who once led the United Nations’ powerful budget oversight committee was convicted Wednesday of conspiring to launder hundreds of thousands of dollars obtained from companies seeking U.N. contracts.

Vladimir Kuznetsov, 49, was convicted of conspiracy to commit money laundering. The jury in U.S. District Court deliberated for less than a day. Kuznetsov was charged in 2005 after an internal U.N. investigation of Alexander Yakovlev, a Russian who worked in the U.N. procurement office. [And one of the people who were accused of … the Oil-for-food scandal…].

Yakovlev, who testified against Kuznetsov, pleaded guilty in 2005 to soliciting a bribe, wire fraud and money laundering. He admitted accepting nearly $1 million in bribes from foreign companies seeking contracts to provide goods and services to the United Nations. Both men face up to 20 years in prison.

Prosecutors said Kuznetsov established an offshore company to hide Yakovlev’s criminal proceeds, and in 2000 established his own offshore company to hide the transfer of criminal proceeds to himself from Yakovlev’s account.

Former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan waived Kuznetsov’s diplomatic immunity at the request of U.S. authorities.

More in Boston Globe.


El diplomático ruso que estaba encargado del Presupuesto de la ONU ha sido condenado por blanquear cientos de miles de dólares obtenidos de las empresas que querían negociar con la ONU.

Vladimir Kuznetzov, según los fiscales, estableció un compañía offshore para esconder las actuaciones criminales de Alexander Yakovlev, uno de los principales implicados en el escándalo Petróleos por Alimentos. Yakovlev se autoinculpó de las acusaciones de soborno, fraude y blanqueo de dinero en 2005 y admitió haber cobrado 1 millón de dólares en sobornos.

Ambos podrían enfrentarse a 20 años de prisión.

Pero es mucho más interesante la condena de Libby ¿eh?

Barcepundit ha tratado también el tema.

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marzo 5, 2007

China update

Chinese military expenditure is going to grow nearly 18 percent in 2007, announcement that comes, as ever mixed with menaces to Taiwan. This continues the trend maintained lately by Chinese leaders, and is not very well related to the PM’s statement about focusing on pollution and poor:

He warned that illegal land confiscation had to be stopped. He praised the real estate industry as an essential part of the national economy, but he called on developers, who have built expensive projects all over China, to also focus on building affordable housing and not to threaten “primary farmland.”

In the past, Wen has used his speeches before the National People’s Congress to announce plans to repeal the agricultural tax on farmers and to extend free schooling to students in the poorest regions. This year, he said the government would stop collecting tuition and fees from all rural students. He said the government also would expand pilot projects to build a rural cooperative health care system and would begin establishing the equivalent of a welfare program for the poorest people.

Corruption, meanwhile, has become a dominant concern in recent months, as President Hu Jintao has ordered a nationwide crackdown that many political analysts consider as much about purging political enemies as cleaning up the government.

It is not either very proportionate to the actual Chinese economical growth, which reached 10.7, judged essential by experts who think it is the main cause of the survival of the Communist rule.

But Chinese rulers are much more surprised than by their economical record, by the religious surge that the country lives today. Anyway, religious people do not have it easy to live their faith.

ICC (International Christian Concern) has reported about the case of Ms Shuang Shuing, an elderly Christian woman (77 yrs old) who has been sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for asking for her son, Hua Huiqui, a detained and very active pastor. She has been charged of willfully disturbing public and private property. Also UN in Thailand has denied refugee state to a persecuted Chinese pastor.

Related links: Christian persecution in China. Human Rights Watch World Report for 2006: China and Tibet. About Catholic persecution:

State interference in Catholic affairs was evident in January when the officially-sanctioned Chinese Catholic church, rather than the Pope, ordained five new bishops. As of October, at least seven Catholic bishops remained in detention in China, many of whom had been held for years. On September 14, sixty police officers took eighty-one-year-old Bishop Zeng Jingmu into custody, together with two priests.

You can also read Cardinal Kung Foundation index of persecuted Catholics.

Lastly, former Canadian Secretary of State (Asia-Pacific), David Kilgour, and Human Rights lawyer David Matas, have issued a report about Falun Gong prisoneres who have been harvested for live organs, something which has been denounced repeatedly by Chinese dissidents and Human Rights Lawyers. Last evidence here.

UPDATE: Spanish on-line newspaper El Diario Exterior reports that the announcement of the increase in military budget has been made during the visit of US State Subsecretary John Negroponte to China, and after protesting about the US announced intention of selling missiles to Taiwan.

But China had already increased military expense by 15% (approx. US$ 36,600 millions) before Negroponte’s visit. Now Chinese Government has only announced a greater increase (approx. US$45.000 millions). They have declared that it is only to substitute old military material and that their intentions are peaceful.

Also in The Washington Post (from Kosmoblog).

Chinese authorities have also announced an increase of 41% in the educational budget.


El gasto militar chino va a ser aumentado este año en un 17,8%, casi el doble de lo que va a crecer la economía china (10,7%). A pesar de eso, el presidente chino ya ha dicho que está más interesado por la contaminación y por los pobres, al mismo tiempo que hacía un llamamiento a los especuladores inmobiliarios para que dejaran de apropiarse ilegalmente de tierras que no les pertenecen e hicieran más casas baratas.

La corrupción se ha convertido en uno de los quebraderos de cabeza del Gobierno chino, porque la especulación en prácticamente todos los sectores, pero principalmente en el inmobiliario, ha hecho que muchos den lo que aquí se conoce como pelotazo financiero. Los críticos del Presidente Hu Jintao creen que las purgas para reducir la corrupción, tienen como verdadero objetivo purgar a los disidentes que existan dentro del Partido Comunista.

Ahora bien, lo que más les sorprende a los dirigentes chinos es el florecimiento religioso que está teniendo lugar en el país. Pero, claro, su sorpresa no trae buenas consecuencias para los que osan no cumplir con la “ortodoxia religiosa china. Tanto budistas como cristianos o musulmanes están siendo perseguidos.

Como ya sabreis, los católicos en China están divididos en dos grupos: aquellos que no reconocen la soberanía de Roma y se integran en la Iglesia Católica Patriota China y los que siguen fieles a Roma. Estos últimos son los que se llevan la peor parte, llevando algunos obispos -que son investidos de forma totalmente privada- varios años en la cárcel. Algunos de ellos como el obispo Zeng Jingmu, que hoy tiene 81 años, han estado en prisión más de 30 años entre rejas por no apostatar. Zeng Jingmu fue detenido junto con otros dos sacerdotes el pasado septiembre.

Pero los que sin duda están siendo peor tratados y torturados de la peor manera posible son los seguidores del Falun Gong. El movimiento, pues no puede ser considerado religión, constituye una disciplina para mantener la salud en cuerpo y mente. Sin embargo, el Partido Comunista chino los ha venido persiguiendo y sometiendo a torturas de forma regular y son considerados como disidentes peligrosos. 3013 ya han sido asesinados y más de 100.000 enviados a campos de trabajo forzados.

Y ahora un informe independiente, encabezado por el ex-Secretario de Estado Canadiense para Asia-Pacífico, David Kilgour, y el abogado de Derechos Humanos, David Matas, ha confirmado lo que muchos activistas de Derechos Humanos ya habían denunciado: los prisioneros disidentes del Falun Gong estaban siendo literalmente cosechados para producir órganos humanos destinados a trasplantes, que en un gran porcentaje se hacen fuera de China.


Related posts:

About Chinese military expenditure: Technology disputes and weapons sales, Beijing feeds the hype, Chinese new arsenal.

About the organs’ market: The organs’ market appears to be thriving in China.

About Human Rights’ violations: They are firing at them like dogs, China, still on the podium of torture, Death Penalty buses in China, Chinese mother forced to have an abortion because she was not married, China: Internet cos must obey its laws, Tiananmen.

Others: Chinese prisoner’s sons, Tibertans murdered and Chinese geopolitical importance.

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marzo 4, 2007

Report of the International Narcotics Control Board for 2006

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One of my preferred South-American blogs is Argentinian Blogbis (in Spanish) because of their innate irony and realistic approach. I really read it nearly everyday.

So yesterday I found this:

Today was released a report from the State Department that assures that the Bolivarian Venezuela has been transformed into the main country for the transport of drugs to Western countries, and adds that the main cause for this is that there is a “frail justice” and a “corrupt atmosphere”.

Bolivia, at the same time, confirms its position as 3rd world producer of cocaine, raising its production, as they have lowered the goals of elimination of producer fields.

Even if you do not believe the State Department, UN decentralised body International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), has released its annual report (English, Español), in which they state their worries about Bolivian intention to raise the “legal” production of coca and confirms the Venezuelan role as the distributor and logistical expert.

And guess what?:

In Colombia, despite eradication efforts, the total area under illicit coca bush cultivation in 2005 increased by 6,000 hectares to 86,000 hectares. That represents a decline of 47 per cent compared with the peak annual estimate of 163,300 hectares in 2000. Illicit coca bush cultivation in Colombia spread rapidly to areas where it had not been detected before. The most significant increase was noted in two areas bordering Ecuador and Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of). A total of 170,070 hectares of coca bush were eradicated in Colombia in 2005, mainly through aerial spraying. The intensive eradication efforts in Colombia continued also in 2006. By mid-September 2006, 150,600 hectares of illicitly cultivated coca bush had been eradicated in that country.

Now search for Venezuela and:

In the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, following the use of a satellite monitoring system for the detection of illicit crop cultivation, 80 hectares of coca bush were eradicated at the country’s northwestern border with Colombia during Operation Sierra, conducted in November 2005.

Yes, I know, Colombia has huge drug plantation but Venezuela only has 80 hectares?

But let get on with it:

According to the European Police Office (Europol), every year almost 250 tons of cocaine enter the European Union, the second largest market for cocaine after the United States. Most of the cocaine is transported by sea from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Suriname and Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) to the main European seaports. Sizeable amounts of cocaine are also smuggled into Europe by air courier.

[…] 407. In the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the total volume of cocaine seizures increased in 2005 by 87 per cent, to 58.4 tons; a further 23 tons of cocaine were seized in the first nine months of 2006. Most of the intercepted cocaine shipments were destined for Spain and the United Kingdom.


Heroin seizures have been reported in recent years in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of). The most significant increase in the volume of heroin seizures has been recorded in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela: in that country, heroin seizures rose steadily from 196 kg in 2000 to a record 658 kg in 2004.

What they are not saying is an estimated number of the drug that actually they could not seize. Normally, for what I know -I am not an expert ;)-, if the captures rise so severely is not only because police is more effective, but just because there is much more drug quantity passing through.

The cocaine smuggled into the United States is derived from coca produced mainly in Colombia but also in Bolivia and Peru. Mexico continues to be used as the principal trans-shipment country for cocaine entering the United States. Cocaine abuse is increasing in Mexico.

So this morning I was searching on the Internet and I discover this (HT Castro Death Watch):

Venezuela does not plan to sign an anti-drug accord with the United States, local media quoted Venezuela’s top anti-drug official as saying on Saturday, days after Washington criticized Caracas for failing to crack down on drug traffickers.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, a close ally of Cuba who has promised to fight U.S. “imperialism,” cut off cooperation with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in 2005, accusing the group of spying on him.

The South American nation had promised to renew the accord on different terms but repeatedly postponed signing it.

What timing, eh? Venezuela is considered the logistic center for drug distribution and about the same time they declare they are not interested in signing an anti-drug agreement… Curious, isn’t it?

Continuing with the report. About Bolivia:

The situation in Bolivia, which for many years has not been in conformity with that State’s obligations under the international drug control treaties, continues to be a matter of particular concern to the Board. Bolivia is a major producer of coca leaf, and national legislation allows the cultivation of coca bush and the consumption of coca leaf for non-medical purposes, which are not in line with the provisions of the 1961 Convention.

172. In addition, some of the coca leaf produced in accordance with national legislation in Bolivia is diverted and used for the illicit manufacture of cocaine. There is also information indicating increase in the illicit manufacture of and trafficking in cocaine base and cocaine hydrochloride in recent years, as well as an increase in trafficking in precursor chemicals used in cocaine manufacture.

173. The Government of Bolivia has indicated its intention to review existing national drug control legislation, with a view to using coca leaf for a wide range of products, some of which might be exported. The Board has followed closely the developments in Bolivia and has communicated to the Government its concern that some of the measures that the Government is about to take are not in line with the provisions of the international drug control treaties, particularly the 1961 Convention. The Board is also concerned that policy developments in Bolivia could have repercussions in other countries in South America.

Attention, Spanish colleagues:

African countries are being targeted for transshipment of cocaine. The smuggling of cocaine from South America into Europe through Africa continues unabated, with countries in Western and Central Africa being used as transit and storage areas for cocaine destined for Europe. Cocaine is trafficked from South America in large shipments along maritime routes leading predominantly to the countries surrounding the Gulf of Guinea, where it is re-packaged and smuggled by air by couriers into Europe or dispatched via parcel post. The most affected countries are Benin, Cape Verde, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Nigeria and Togo, while Ghana is serving as a major trans-shipment area and logistics base. Increasingly, Guinea-Bissau is being used by criminal groups from Latin America for the trans-shipment of cocaine. In September 2006, police in Guinea-Bissau seized 674 kg of cocaine and arrested two suspected smugglers, together with arms and radio and other equipment. Senegal has also become a transit country. Another matter of concern is that criminal organizations from South America involved in cocaine trafficking are reportedly linking with criminal groups involved in cannabis trafficking in Morocco and Spain.

Does it have something to do with the huge illegal immigration Spain had last year, especially from Senegal? In the report it is said that they are not only using the ships to transport the drugs but also people. I am not saying this is the only cause, though. But are drug mafias using this poor immigrants to transport the drugs and help them to pay for the trip in the cayuco?

Also: relationship of Turkey, Russian Federation, Afghanistan and Iran in world production and distribution of heroin:

Most of the heroin found in Europe comes from Afghanistan. According to the World Drug Report 2006, in Europe seizures of opiates rose by 49 per cent in 2004 to 29 tons, the highest figure ever recorded. The increase in seizures of opiates in Europe was mainly attributable to the fact that such seizures doubled in South-Eastern Europe, especially in Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey. Record seizures of opiates were also made in the Russian Federation. Most of the heroin continues to be smuggled in trucks. The heroin on the illicit market in Europe is mainly smuggled from Turkey along the Balkan route, via Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. In addition, a southern branch of the Balkan route has developed: heroin and other opiates from Turkey are smuggled via Bulgaria and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia into Albania, Italy, Austria and Germany. There have been reports of shipments of opiates from Afghanistan to the Islamic Republic of Iran being smuggled through the Caucasus into Ukraine and then into Romania before reaching their final destinations in Western Europe. The northern route through Central Asia is increasingly being used to transport heroin to other major illicit markets for heroin, such as the Russian Federation and countries in Eastern Europe. A new route for smuggling heroin from East Asia into the United Kingdom was recently uncovered, resulting in the interception of heroin consignments at ports in the United Kingdom.

Has someone from the Euroweenies (he, he, I love this term) reflected about the enlargement of EU, the freedom of circulation of goods and people and the easier it is to transport this kind of goods? No control of frontiers, huge number of illegal immigrants of whom we do not know even their real names, no real cohesion… and lots of mafias controlling huge profitable and illicit products…


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marzo 3, 2007

Stupid quote of the day

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About climate change:

A former Canadian defense minister is demanding governments worldwide disclose and use secret alien technologies obtained in alleged UFO crashes to stem climate change, a local paper said Wednesday

“I would like to see what (alien) technology there might be that could eliminate the burning of fossil fuels within a generation … that could be a way to save our planet,” Paul Hellyer, 83, told the Ottawa Citizen.

Alien spacecrafts would have traveled vast distances to reach Earth, and so must be equipped with advanced propulsion systems or used exceptional fuels, he told the newspaper.

Such alien technologies could offer humanity alternatives to fossil fuels, he said, pointing to the enigmatic 1947 incident in Roswell, New Mexico — which has become a shrine for UFO believers — as an example of alien contact.

Yes, if there are no other people in this Universe, there would be a lot of unused space. And I am sure there are other inhabitants. BUT I am also sure that, by now, we do not have scientific proof of them being in the Earth, whatever some fool people as this Minister have said.


Un antiguo ministro de Defensa canadiense (a día de hoy tiene 83 años) ha declarado que “querría ver lo que los extraterrestres tienen para eliminar la utilización de combustibles fósiles en una generación, como una forma de salvar nuestro planeta. Como sus naves han viajado mucho hasta llegar a la Tierra, deben estar equipadas con sistemas avanzados de propulsión o deben usar combustibles excepcionales.

Hace años vio un OVNI.

pero no ha dicho cuántas se ha visto Independence Day… hmmmm,

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marzo 1, 2007

De Juana will be freed for humanitarian reasons

After the concentration of last Saturday (which was really a success, see videos here and photos here), De Juana was found in his hospital bed having “an intimate communication” with his girlfriend -photo, below- on Saturday at 23.00. When they were reprimanded by policemen and asked to stop, they did not even consider paying attention so they were separated and the girlfriend was taking out of the room.

The Batasuna-ETA’s propaganda said that De Juana, in a virile and brave act, had retired his way to be fed from his nose, because he was protesting as freedom had not been granted to him … yet. The real cause was that he was separated in the middle of the “intimate communication”.

Afterwards, on Sunday they were again “caught in the act” at 16:30, but this time they obeyed the policemen.

Spanish Interior Minister has maintained after this that De Juana does not have any privileges. [Of course not, comparing with the rest of the imprisoned guys who have to ask for a permission for having sexual encounters and can only do it in places specially set for that purposes…]

Anyway, De Juana is going to be on the streets again before next Tuesday. The only reason for this is that Zapatero wants to minimise the effect the excarcelation of the bloody ETA terrorist could have in the Local and Autonomous Community elections which will be held on May 27th.

If you want to help decent Spanish people, please sign the petition Hazte has made. The text says that the bloody terrorist has not ask for forgiveness, has not repented from his crimes and, nevertheless, he has had a lot of privileges in prison. The letter finishes asking that the terrorist should finish his punishment till the last day.

Thanks to Elentir (1 y 2).

And a lot of leftists are happy about this…. What a shame!

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