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febrero 17, 2008

Spanish Elections Watch: Zapatero (II), the tension and the drama

I wrote before about Zapatero and the economical problems and also about the relationship with the Catholic Church.

But the elections draw near (March 9th) and the situation is not eased at all.

Last week Popular Party representative in the Basque Country, courageous María San Gil, was going to be the main speaker in a conference at Santiago de Compostela University. There about fifty Galician far-rightist independentists, insulted and tried to beat her. One of them walk to Ms. San Gil, placed his finger as it was a revolver in his temple and shout: “Hope ETA kills you”. A bodyguard and two policemen were hurt in the attack. The images are very telling: someone, who lives with bodyguards’ protection 24/7 because ETA has really menaced a lot of times to kill them, now is called “fascist”.

A lot of people in the blogosphere asked for measures to be taken against the agressors: for example, Hurssel, AntiPSOE. Well, they were detained but set loose in hours, although accused of the crimes of affront, public disorder, menaces and attack.

So the Socialist said they condemned the agression but they rejected to pass a resolution from Galician Autonomous Parliament, condemning it, the reason being: “we should not engage the Parliament in this conflict”. But the position of Antisemite BNG is even worse: they have accused the Popular Party of wanting to win a political advantage of “anecdotical” incidents. The problem is that extreme independentists have beaten or menaced both Socialists and Populars at least in 4 ocassions in less than a month, apart from this one.

Some days ago, some electoral posters appeared in San Martín de la Vega with a shot in the forehead and most of the posters were burned. The agression towards María San Gil is one step further in the scale of violence during these elections. Violence which has not been absent from any of the electoral campaign since at least 2004’s elections (read here, here). Or even without any elections.

All of the responsibles of the agressions belong to a single group, AGIR, a far-extremist-leftist independentist organization, has being menacing and practicing violence for some time. Seven years ago, a group from the same association, walled in the door of one of the Professors of the same University, Roberto Blanco Valdés, because he was using Castillian/Spanish to give his classes. Other Professors and teachers received similar menaces.

The association immediately boasted about the menaces in their webpage.

The Socialist youths justified the agression, stating that: “these are the fruits of the high level of tension and political radicalization the PP has brought throughout the term“. But of course, this is normal if someone has killed/abused you, it’s your fault. Typical of Zapatero’s rantings.

El Cerrajero wrote:

The result can be a new civil war, but the socialits are now taking measures not to arrive to something they are used to lose, that is why they are just preparing everything, there is no war but a bloody repression.

This is truly related with the coward spirit of the left and no one has to be a great analyst to discover where are pointing the movements of the colleagues of Zapatero: they have destroyed the Army, reforced and made bigger the Moncloa’s bunker [Moncloa is the official residence of the Spanish Prime Minister], divided the security forces -even they have built confrontations between the policial corps with “convenient” rivalries-, have destroyed the hierarchy’s ruling with loyal servants -just take a look to the chiefs of the security forces after the March 11th bombings and consider who have been promoted or given medals to-. They have also raised the quantities in the reserved funds’ budget [those are the ones who are secret or clasified, related to national security], have controlled most of the MSM, have eliminated the popular action, have the control over the Judges and the Prosecutors [the first ones using the Judicial Power’s General Council, who must be named by Parliament; the second, because the Prosecutor’s office depends from the Minister of Justice, both organically and economically] and have built a powerful machinery to control the opposition.

So, what does Zapatero think about this?

In the middle of this event, Zapatero had an interview with leftist and Zapatero’s supporter, Iñaki Gabilondo, a Spanish Keith Obermann, just for international readers to understand his “level”. Partial, absolutely boring because of his partiality for Zapatero, the interview was the derision of nearly all the blogosphere.
But the worst was yet to come: the video from the interview distributed to the Spanish media had a very interesting part about what Zapatero wanted to do during the campaign. It should have been erased before the distribution but it wasn’t. It runs:

– How are the polls going?
– Well, without any problems. But tension is convenient for us in the campaign.
– Yes, yes, you need tension clearly.
– So I’m beginning to play some drama this week-end.

Zapatero and Socialists in general have been accusing the right of promoting tension (what here is called crispación) throughout since they won in 2004.

So what is the tension Zapatero wants to create so Socialists can win the elections again? Aquiles asks if it consists in another March 11th bombings (you have to consider that the judicial process over it did not resolve any doubt about what happened… and that the detention of the Islamists arrested less than a fortnight ago in Barcelona was a little rare…).

Of course, Zapatero’s words were considered by most of the conservative Spanish blogosphere. Some examples:

  1. La tensión de Zapatero @ Agnetem: My opinion is that the President’s words are extremely grave: he is instructing the news chief of a private (leftist) MSM to create tension between Spanish people, after presenting himself as the champion of peace, happiness…. Hipocrisy, cowardice: nothing of this is lacking in the President’s attitude that answers a lot of questions about his “use” of the tension 4 years ago:
  2. El Optimista tonto @ Prevost: throughout all these four years, every critic from Socialists was that everything bad was the responsibility of PP.
  3. Tensión @ Luis. The voter should continue to be sedated, but he must vote. And the “tension” is the best way to wake up the monkey leaving the homo sapiens resting. Verbal violence, to identify the enemy. They need a finger and someone to single as the enemy. When Socialists’ voters are occupied denouncing the dab guy, the one who pretends to throw them out from their comfortable state to the emptyness of uncertainty, they do not have time -and of course, no neurone- to consider the unnrealities in which they are sleeping in their happy ignorance.

Of course, after that, Socialists have begun to tell us how we must consider the word tension, as if we were all illiterate. Zapatero for example has said that “the tension is achieved making the people go to vote and explaining the ones who want a Socialist Governemnt what is at stake?“. Really? Without condemning the agressions made to other parties’ representatives (not only Popular Party’s members are attacked, others from little parties such as UPyD or Ciutadans have also being attacked. Even Socialists have been attacked by minor parties’s supporters without any condemnation from Zapatero).

So, the great mask of talante (something like character, but of course, character can be good or bad), exhibited once and again by socialists, has fallen.

Anyway, Zapatero has continued to exhibit those same (bad) manners, we are used to see by now, and has blamed the tension on the Popular Party again. He has stated that “PP swindles, lies, produces tension (after saying that, you see), produces confrontation and anger and makes undecent boycotts“.

Portuguese blog O blogue Atlantico writes:

We have percieved that since March 11. By the way, this is the inheritance European leftists have left.

With a commenter, saying: “who wants this man as an ally”, because Portuguese President of the Republic, the curriculum vitae forger, Sócrates, is also a Socialist.

Bad prospect indeed.

Venezuelan blogger Martha Colmenares compares Zapatero with Chávez, as both of them need tension to maintain themselves in power.

But Zapatero wants not to show that very widely, because he can lose more votes. So he has gone to have a “little soap” with the Holy See’s Ambassador in Spain, Monseñor Manuel Monteiro de Castro, the Nuncio of the Holy See. He wants to show that there are no tensions with the Catholic Church, something which is really difficult in the present moment after the insults, the blames and the disrespect bordering the menace that some of the members of the Socialist party (and supporters) have directed to Catholics during these past four years.

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